Oromo TV:Oromo TV: Risala International 2nd Anual Conference Feb 20, 2015

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Bulbulaa Tufaa | February 26, 2015

Finfinnee Master Plan is in reality designed to mass exterminate Oromo farmers and partition Oromia into two segments.

Finfinnee Master Plan is in reality designed to mass exterminate Oromo farmers and partition Oromia Region into two segments.

In the first half of the 20th century on the continent of Europe, Fascism in Italy and Nazism (national Sozialismus) in Germany had erupted and claimed to lead socialist governments. The leaders of Nazism and Fascism pretended to dictate themselves to their peoples’ national interest, national cause, national wellbeing, national purpose and all in all to   their peoples national goal. Read more…

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Sirkanan Ahmed | Guraandhala 26, 2015

mqdefaultAmala Bineensaa
Nyaatee quufee yuusuun.
Olfuudhee bookisee
Boonee aananatee
Boonee uftuulee
Nama sodaachisuun.
Irraa achi siqee
Afaan arraabatuun.
Kanumaaf atillee
Olfuutee iyyite.
Yaada akkas hamaa
Nutti bulgaafatte
Gadi qabaa malee
Nu akeekkachiiste.
Yaada garaa keetii
Ka akkas hadhaawu
Ka fooliin hin tolle
Akka malee ajaawu.
Kan biyya qaxxaamuree
Addunyaa walagayu
Isa bara dheeraaf
Dhoksaan bukeessite Read more…

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What is the remedy to rise above tribalism/localism?

By Gurraachaa Akka-Waaq | February 26, 2015

For many years, I pleaded to the diaspora Oromo to fight localism (Gandummaa) and the religious culture that condemns the Oromo identity. I did this because localism destroys the Oromo universal value and doesn’t benefit even those who practice it.

We all know that rift had grown between the Oromo since Islam and Christianity came to our region. Christians and Muslims do not eat together, they do not worship at the same place, they do not speak the same language to the God they were taught. Those Oromos who never accepted Islam or Christianity were insulted, demeaned and heartbroken when they were name called as Gallaa, Pagan or Kafir. As long as these ideologies convince black man to act like an Arab or like a European, he will remain enemy to his own African identity and heritage.

In addition to these borrowed world views, localism and tribalism have strained and broken our relationships. We blame the Habashas for introducing the cancer of localist malice that now canker our minds and hearts. But the truth is that localism and tribalism has done more damage to our souls by allowing envy and hatred that has affected our aspiration to re-build our Oromummaa. These destructive feeling slowly gave birth to contention and resentment and every Oromo locality has been equally affected by this cancer. Though we feel hurt when someone does it, we do not know each of us are practicing tribalism/localism in so many ways. For example, it is quite easy for us to judge others and even get angry at them, but we all assign dark motives to others actions in order to justify our own feelings of resentment. Read more…

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A Constitution for a Multinational Democratic State-Nation: The Case of Ethiopia

National Endowment for Democracy, Washington, DC | February 25, 2015

Presenter – Dr. Negaasoo Gidaadaa

Ever since the formation of the modern state of Ethiopia, the country’s diversity, represented by its roughly eighty ethnic groups, has defied common formulas for unity and democratic development. Regimes have come and gone, but the central question—whether to forge a nation-state, a multinational federation, or something else—has dominated Ethiopia’s political agenda for decades. Looking ahead to the upcoming 2015 elections and the country’s longer-term stability and development, Dr. Negaso Solan will focus on the need for a constitution that mirrors Ethiopia’s ethnic diversity and that lends itself to developing a truly democratic multinational state. As former president of Ethiopia, he will reflect on his experiences drafting the country’s 1995 constitution and offer recommendations for public confidence-building around future amendments. His presentation will be followed by comments from Dr. John Harbeson

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Ifaa Gammachuu: “Siin Barbaacha” – Wallee Haaraa.

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UORA-EGYPTGuraandhala 25, 2015
Caayaan Tokkummaa Baqattoota Oromoo Biyya Masrii (CTBOBM) eega maqaa kanaan hundeeffamtee eegalee maqaan Oromoo UNHCR fi mootummaa Masrii biratti akka dhagahamu qooda ol’aanaa taphatte. Himatni baqattummaa (case) ilmaan Oromoo biyya Masrii jiraniidhaa hundee dhugaa irratti akka jajjabaatu gochuu fi gurgurtaa jalaa akka baraaramu taasisuun danda’ameera. Ammas taanaan Habashoota case Oromoo butachuuf yaalanii fi warra Oromoo keessaa Habashootatti gurgurachuuf yaalu saaxiluun jabaatee itti fufee jira.

Read more…

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Obb. Araarsoo Boruu Sagantaa Guyyaa Yaadannoo kutaa 2ffaa

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Shira Lukkeelee fi Gooftoota isaani

Gaomee dhugaa | Guaandhala 25, 2015

Yeroo keessa jirru kana keessatti Wayyaaneen Kittilayootaa/Lukkeelee biyya alatti bobbaasuu fi tuffii Ummata Oromoo irraa qabdu ifaan ifatti garsiisaa jirti. Tuffii fi shayni duguuggii Wayyaaneen saganteefatte itti jirtu waan haaraa fi kan yeroo ammaa qofatti shallagamu waan hin tahiniif dhimma kana laalchisee barruu itti aanu irratti bal’inaan waa jachuuf yaala. Amma garuu Baoobbaa eergamtoota Wayyaanee irratti xiiyyeefadha.

Dhimma kana laalchisee Sabboontoonni Oromoo Magaaloota adda addaa keessatti mogolee ergamtootaa cabsuun waan deemaniin irratti fashalsiisuu otuun hordofaa jiru TV Ethiopia irratti waan ergamtoonni Wayyaanee totolfatani dubatan dhagayee, galmee sirreessuu ykn saaxiluuf qalama kiyya kaasuu dirqame – na hofkalchaa.

Akkuma beekkamutti bobbaanan ergamtoota Wayyaane kan Australia, Kaaba Ameericaa, Saudi Arabia, Scandenavia keessatti bobbahe ture. Amma ammo Biyyoota Africa tokko tokko keessatti akkuma bobbaa waliigalatti saganteefatan gaggeesuuf qophiirra jiru. Qophii Biyyota Afrikaa keessaa naannoo Kenyatti gageefachuuf yaalan akka maletti irraa fashaluun isaa nu hundi dhageenyee jira. Kuniis qaama Sabboonoonni bobbaa tana fashalsuuf godha keessaa akka isa tokkotti fudhatama. Read more…

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Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa Guraandhala 23, 2015

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Gootonni Dargaggoonni Oromoo Jimmaa Warraaqasa Bilisummaa Finiinsuun Diddaa Kaasan,Poolisoonni Oromiyaas FDG Tumsan

Guraandhala 24, 2015 (Qeerroo) — Guraandhala 23,2015 Waldorgommii Ispoortii Akka Oromiyaatti Magaalaa Jimmaa irratti gaggeeffamaa jiruun wal qabatee Guyyaa hardhaa Magaalaan Jimmaa Wallee Warraaqsaa FDGf uummata qopheessuun dhuunfatamte .Poolisootni Oromiyaas sochii Qeerrootti makamuun Wallee Warraqa wallisaa turan. Goototni Dargaggootni barattootni Oromoo Yuunibarsiitii Jimmaa, Koolleejjii barsiisota Jimmaa fi dargaggootni Oromoo jirattootni magaalaa Jimmaa bakka waldorgommiin Ispoortii Shaampiyoonaa Oromiyaa gaggeeffama jirutti walitti qabuun Walleelee Warraaqsaa qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo leellisuu fi FDGf uummata qopheessuu qabsiisuun magaalaa Jimmaa keessa naannaa’uun eenyummaa, Oromummaa fi gootummaa isanii ibsachuun uummata haalaan dammaqsan. Read more…

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The Sidama Owned Small Businesses on Fire in Hawassa

10916334_452797211534615_2511694378825380357_oPress Statement by United Sidama Parties for Freedom and Justice

February 24, 2015

It’s with deepest sadness that the United Sidama Parities for Freedom and Justice (USPFJ) express its hear felt condolences for the Sidama small scale business owners in Hawassa city New market place ‘ Addis Gebeya’ for loss of lives and property. The source of the fire has not yet been confirmed.

The incident took place on 21 February 2015 at 7 pm local time. The Fire has been left on to burn for over 2 hours. The Sidama business community who have set up these new businesses in this particular place over a decade ago had registered their plots of lands as they have been pushed away far from the city centre to give room for investors from other parts of the country.

We also condemn the slow response from the fire brigade in the region. The response of the fire brigade was awfully inadequate. The inept Fire Brigade only arrived 105 minutes after the fire has engulfed the entire shopping areas, shops and residential homes attached to these. The Fire Brigade has been delayed for a lengthy period of time to arrive at a place less than 4 kilometres away. Moreover, peoples from the neighbouring villages and neighbourhoods have been denied access to the area by police officers who have been seen blocking the entrances from all corners until all shops and attached houses have been totally burned down to ashes. Read more…

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Benchmark of Elections

Some years back, Jeane Kirkpatrick, scholar and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, offered this definition:

Benchmark of Elections


Elections are the central institution of democratic representative governments. Why? Because, in a democracy, the authority of the government derives solely from the consent of the governed. The principal mechanism for translating that consent into governmental authority is the holding of free and fair elections.
All modern democracies hold elections, but not all elections are democratic. Right-wing dictatorships, Marxist regimes, and single-party governments also stage elections to give their rule the aura of legitimacy. In such elections, there may be only one candidate or a list of candidates, with no alternative choices. Such elections may offer several candidates for each office, but ensure through intimidation or rigging that only the government-approved candidate is chosen. Other elections may offer genuine choices–but only within the incumbent party. These are not democratic elections. Read more…

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Konyaan ABO Victoria, Australia Haala yeroo irratti marii gaggeeffate, Murannoo fi Ibsa ejjennoo dabarse;

Guraandhala 24, 2015

aust1Miseensonni ABO Konyaa Victoria guyyaa 22/2/15 walghii hatattamaa godhateen, haala yeroo ammaa mpayera Ethiopia keessatti sirni gita bittuu Wayyaanee/TPLF Ummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessaa jiru, aala qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo ABOn durfamu fi haala bobbaa diinaa biyya alaa ilaalchisee marii bal’aa eega aggeeffatee booda murannoo fi ibsa ejjennoo dabarfachuun milkiin xumurate. Read more…

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Eenyudharee Goonni??

Jiituu Lammii |Guraandhala 24, 2015

Hayyoonni seenaa warra dhiyaa “Tamerlane.”  Jechuun yaadatu. “Timur the Lame” Isa jedhu gabaabsanii yoo waaman. Miilli isaa inni mirgaa waraanarratti miidhameetu naafatti fayye. Kannaf akkasiin moggaafame.  Maqaan dhugaa ‘Timur’ jedhama. Bara 1336 – 1405tti jiraate. Timur Impaayera “Mongol Empire” jedhamu erga dhaalee booda weerara babal’aa geggeessun handhuura Eezyiyaa kessatti  bulchinsa ‘Timurid dynasty’ jedhamu hundeessuu danda’eera.

Waa’een hammeenyaa fi gara jabinaa yoo ka’e “… kan isatti akeeku addunyaa kanarratti takkata.” Jedhu warrii seenaa isaa himan.  Uzbeekistaan har’aa dabalatee biyyoota akka  Parshaa,  Mesoppotaamiyaa, Raashaa, Gorgiyaa, Indiyaa, Sooriyaa fi Tarkii weerareera. Lammilee biyyota sanaa miliyoonaan  lakkaa’aman ajaja isaan qalamaniiru.  Jiraa awwaalamaniiru. Taaksii ykn. gabbara naa kennuu diddan sababa jedhuun  Iraanitti waraana ergee magaala tokko keessatti qofa   daa’imaa fi dubartii dabalatee namoota 70,000 ta’an guyyoota lama keessatti akka qalaman taasiseera. Wanti lubbuu qabu dachee sanarratti akka hin mul’anne jecha shimbirroo samii keessaa fi antuunni  bool’a keessaa otoo hin hafne adamsuun ajjeefamaniiru. Lafee mataa namaatiin  gamoo guddaa ijaarsiseera. Read more…

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Ethiopia: TPLF’s Leaders Arrogance and Contempt: Inviting Further Bloodshed and Loss of Lives

HRLHA FineHRLHA Statement

February 23, 2015

Since the downfall of the military government of Ethiopia in 1991, the political and socioeconomic lives of the country have totally been controlled by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front/TPLF leaders and business institutions. As soon as the TPLF controlled Addis Ababa, the capital city, in 1991, the first step it took was to create People’s Democratic Organizations (PDOs) in the name of different nations and nationalities   in the country.   With the help of these PDOs, the TPLF managed to control the whole country in a short period of time from corner to corner. The next step that the TPLF took was to weaken and/or eliminate all independent opposition political organizations existing in the country, including those with whom it formed the Ethiopian Transitional Government in 1991. Just to pretend that it was democratizing the country, the TPLF signed seven international human rights documents from 1991 to 2014. These include the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment”. Despite this, it is known that the TPLF has tortured many of its own citizens ever since it assumed power, and has continued to the present day. Read more…

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