Walii gallee hojjachuun irraa baranaa laata?

EU Human Rights Committee hearing on Andargachew Tsege’s illegal capture and detention

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Man opens fire during Ethiopian Embassy protest in Washington

September 29, 2014 (Reuters) – A gunman opened fire during a protest on the Ethiopian Embassy grounds on Monday, according to a video of the incident, but no injuries were reported.

A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service said it had detained a possible shooter after a report at about 12:15 p.m. EDT that shots were fired near the embassy in northwest Washington, D.C.

Witnesses said the gunfire took place inside the embassy compound during a protest against the Horn of Africa nation’s government.

“About half a block from the embassy, I heard at least four shots, and I thought there were people killed,” demonstrator Tesfa Simagne told Reuters Television.

A video taken inside the embassy gates and carried by the website of Ethiopian Satellite Television shows a man wearing a dark suit and brandishing a silver handgun. Read more…

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Crimes Against Womanity: Marriage by Abduction in Ethiopia

September 29, 2014


14-year-old Aberash was walking home from school when a group of horsemen thundered across the plain and kidnapped her. They beat her up, forced her over the back of a horse and took her to a hut where she was raped by a 28-year-old farmer. Only afterwards did she realise that the man who had taken her virginity by force now considered himself to be her husband.

In Ethiopia’s Wild South, when a man wants a bride he goes out and kidnaps one. It’s common practice for him to keep her hidden, raping her repeatedly till she’s pregnant. Then he can approach her family and arrange the marriage contract. Marriage by abduction has been going on so long that no-one can remember how it all began. Read more…

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Tesfaye G/Aab, becomes Gadaa Gebreab

By Rundassa Asheetee | September 29, 2014

10705012_372746786216163_2090887046_n 10350448_10152698850304356_1604235575277038992_n

Yesterday September 28, 2014, Tesfaye Gebreab changed his name to Gadaa Gebreab before thousands of people in Washington Dc, USA. Of course, Tesfaye never considered himself stranger but an Oromo. He (Gadaa) has written books on Oromo more than most Oromos and he has attended many conference sessions related to the Oromo political matters. Further, there is absolutely nothing in this world that Tesfaye hasn’t done to bring comfort and happiness to his people, the Oromo, as much as his power permitted him. Tesfaye Gebreab has depth of knowledge of the Oromo history and culture and he has already achieved a lot when it comes to telling the Oromo story. Read more…

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Irreechaa 2014 (Vidoes)

Melbourne Australia

Read more…

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Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa | Fulbaana 29, 2014
Dubbiftoota barreeffata kanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, amma kutaa isa xumura kana keessatti walaloo: “Somaan Gotaa Urgaayee” jedhamu sanituu isiniif dhiyaata.Walaloon kanaa gadatti isiniif dhiyaate kun: “Walaloota Uummata Oromoo” kanneen kanaan dura Oromiyaa Watajjii irraa walitti qabeeyyu keessaa kan fuudhame. Barreeffama kana kutaalee dabran lamaan keessatti waan massaanii (babnii) fi ka’umsi walaloo kanaa isiniif dhiyaatee tureef, amma as irratti irra hin deebiyamu.

Read more…

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A Note on Interpretations of the Scottish Referendum in Oromo Media

By Mekuria Bulcha | September 28, 2014

oromiascotlandAn interesting discussion is going on among Oromos about the relevance of the Scottish referendum of September 18, 2014 to the Oromo question. On one side there are those who say that the Scottish referendum has little relevance to the Oromo situation.  These point out great differences in the historical relations that the two nations have with the states from which they would separate. On the other side are those who argue that the referendum has relevance. While these paint exaggerated similarities between the Oromo and Scottish experiences under colonialism, they ultimately dismiss the Oromo struggle for independence and advice Oromo nationalists to work for democracy within Ethiopia. Read more…

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Catalonia signs decree for independence vote

President calls for referendum on November 9, in defiance of Spain’s insistence it would be unconstitutional.

The decree comes as momentum for independence gathers pace in the northeastern region [EPA]

The decree comes as momentum for independence gathers pace in the northeastern region [EPA]

September 27, 2014 (Aljazeera) — The president of Spain’s Catalonia region has signed a decree calling an independence referendum on November 9, a vote the central government has vowed to block, saying it would violate the constitution. Read more…

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Massacre in Ogaden; Event in London

Massacre in Ogaden Shirka Jaliyadaha Aduunka Ogaden- London

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Irreecha Irree Tokkummaa Keenyaa Taasisuu Irratti Of-eeggannoo Godhamuu Qabu

Boruu Barraaqaa irraa | Fulbaana 26, 2014

Akkuma beekamu yeroon isaa yeroo Irreechaa ti. Ayyaana kana yeroo kabajnu hundumaa dhugaa dagachuu hin qabne jabaa tokkotu jira. Irreecha ayyaana lammii Oromoo maraa taasisuu irratti hanga ammaatti hojii hangamtu hojjetame, hangamtu hoo nu hafe kan jedhu wal gaafachuu feesisa. Akka hubannaa abbaa barruu kanaatti, Irreecha ayyaana lammiilee Oromoo maraa taasisuu irratti hojii danuutu nu hafa. Hayyuulee seenaa fi aadaa Oromoo, akkasuma beektota baranee (scholars) irraa qoodni hanga ammaa gumaachame xiqqaa miti tahuyyuu, quufsaa dha jechuuf nama rakkisa. Irreechaaf ilaalchi Oromoon qabu gabbataa deemee har’a ayyaana miliyoonota hirmaachisu kan tahuu danda’e hojiin gadi fagoon irratti hojjetameef miti. Dheebuu Oromummaa ilmaan Oromoo qabantu ayyaana kana dagaagsee sadarkaa kanaan gahe. Jibba Habashoonni nuuf qaban irraa ka’uun xiiqeffannee eenyummaa keenyaan boonuutu ayyaana kana guddisee irree jabaa kana itti hore. Oromoon amantii fedheyyuu haa  hordofuutii Irreechi irree kiyya jedhee ayyaana kana akka mallattoo eenyummaa saba isaatti ilaaluutu jabina kana fakkaatu nutti hore. Read more…

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Seife Nebelbal Radio; Simbirtuu Raadiyoo

Seife Nebelbal Radio, September 26, 2014 Simbirtuu 25 09 2014


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Hanisha Solomon’s Concert

at “Stop Africa Land Grab Concert” on September 21, 2014 in Washington DC Hanisha Solomon Live in Frankfurt Germany Oromo Music New 2014


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Sagalee Qeerroo Bilisummaa; OVR

ቄሮ/Qeerroo የኦሮሞ፡ ወጣቶች፡ ለነፃነት፡ ንቅናቄ፡ ድምፅ፡ የሳምንቱ፡ ዜና: September 24, 2014 Oromo Voice Radio (OVR) Broadcast, September 24, 2014

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Will There be Free and Fair Election in Ethiopia?

By Alemu Hurissa | September 25, 2014

Cartoonist depiction of the election in Ethiopia.

Cartoonist depiction of the election in Ethiopia.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. If not all, most of the people in every country have heard of what human right is about. According to the Universal declaration of human rights, no one or a group shall be subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading conditions, regardless of race, colour, sex, religion, political opinions or language, which means

  • all are equal before the law and have equal protection of the law.
  • everyone has the right to have his/her case considered by an impartial tribunal.
  • citizens have the right to express their opinion freely, the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association are inalienable basic human rights.

Read more…

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2014 Ireechaa Celebration in Adelaide, South Austalia

September 25, 2014 | Adelaide, Australia

On September 20, 2014, members of the Oromo community residing in the city of Adelaide, South Australia celebrated Irrechaa, Oromo Thanksgiving Day, at Bonython Park by Torrens River. Members of the Oromo community came together in unison and celebrated the historic and iconic Oromo Thanksgiving day in the spirit of unity and Oromummaa.

The celebration ceremony was commenced as per Oromo culture and tradition by Oromo elder blessing. In his blessing speech an Oromo elder Obbo Ahmed Qumbi noted that, “Irreechaa was, is and will be Oromo’s Thanksgiving Day and will remain so”. Irreechaa is for Oromos and Oromos are for Irreechaa. It is not affiliated to Muslims, Christians or Waaqeefata.  It is Oromo’s celebration and will remain so. Read more…

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“A Criminal State: The Blackmailing of the Oromo Liberation Struggle for Freedom and Democracy”, the futile attempt of successive regimes of Ethiopia

By Dr. Shigut Geleta | Posted: September 24, 204


Full Speech of Dr. Shigut at the 4th New World Summit of Stateless States

Your Excellency Mr. Chairman,

Dear Honorable guest speakers,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is a great privilege and honor for me to be among you today representing the Oromo Liberation Front. First of all, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the organizing committee for inviting OLF and having organized the 4th New World Summit that brought together the representatives of stateless states to discuss and share experiences about the potentials or obstacles that states are embroiling some genuine political causes today. Read more…

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