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Ginbot 7 and Dr. Berhanu Nega’s hostility toward Oromo cause

By Geresu Tufa | February 8, 2012 |

The naked hostility of Ginbot 7 and significant sections of the Amhara elite against the Oromo national liberation struggle came to the surface over the last month.

Their radio stations, television broadcasters, writers, paltalk rooms, bloggers, websites and social media pages opened a war of attrition on the Oromo Liberation Front, Oromo activists and the Oromo people at large. All in unison took the offensive on laughable grounds. The intensity was deafening; the repetition was monotonous; the relay was wide and the substance was empty.

As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”. Certainly, such malicious coverage was carried out in accordance with their old racist adage: “minim atamentu ye-Gallan goffere inkuan be-wejigira yisheshal be-weree”. Consumed within such racist obsession, they entertained their own illusion; celebrated a non-existent victory; propagated a non-convened congress; applauded an unfounded change of program. An article, titled “the Integrity of Public Writing” authored by Ephrem Madebo signifies the epitome of such hasty mania.

The recent land mark program change decision by one of the OLF factions has created a political wave that rocked political actors, civic society leaders and everyday Ethiopians from San Francesco to London, from Norway to Down Under and in all localities of Ethiopia. Read more…

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Urgent Request for Help Regarding the Return Agreement Made Between Norway and Dictator Regime of Ethiopia

(It has more than four consecutive videos, please check it all)
February 8, 2012 (Norway) – I am writing this letter being one of paperless asylum seekers from Ethiopia that live in Norway. The government of Norway had made a return agreement with the authoritarian regime of Ethiopia in the past week after 20 years of continuous discussion with the regime in Ethiopia ( For me it’s better to call it ‘trade between states on human beings with a negative value’ or cooperation between states, one trying to drive out all immigrants as much as possible, the other hunting its opponents and critics at any cost, a mutual benefit! Right now, we from Ethiopia are confronted with a life threatening situation that put our life in to persecution in the hands of our enemy following the return agreement made between the two states. Read more…

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Scramble for Ethiopia’s Land

By Gilles van Kote
February 7, 2012

(Translated from French. The original article in French is available here)

Omman Oyiré, Village Chief, Ilya, Gambela (photo: Jiro Ose)

Rich soil, a tropical climate, and an abundance of water: the region of Gambela in the west of the country is fertile. Foreign investors are renting thousands of hectares of it to develop intensive agriculture without regard for the environment and the population.

A few kilometers before the village of Ilya, in western Ethiopia, the forest abruptly gives way to a tortured landscape where knocked down stumps and grassy islands emerge in the middle of broad savage cuts to the rich black soil stripped by clearing operations. “Welcome to the 100,000 hectare Karuturi farm,” says the sign planted along the trail.

In 2010, the global market leader in cut roses, the Indian group, Karuturi Global, signed an agreement with Ethiopia to lease 100,000 hectares of land in Gambela, with an option for an additional 200,000 hectares. The nine page document, available on the Internet, fixes the rent Karuturi paiys at 20 Ethiopian Birrs (0,90 Euro) per hectare, per year for fifty years. That’s standard for this kind of contract. Read more…

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Oromia-Ethiopia: Is Meles Zenawi courageous enough to find the ‘black box’ of good character?

By Urgessa Tura*

Meles Zenawi declared ostentatiously that he had found the ‘black box of development’ in a recent chapter he authored (States and Markets: Neoliberal Limitations and the Case for a Developmental State – available online at his buddies’ website in a book edited by Joseph Stiglitz critiquing the neoliberal economic philosophy of a weaker and smaller government as a path to prosperity. If his declaration stands to be true, I recommend nothing less than Kumbaya dance for a grateful nation whose meticulous leader unlocked the mystery of winning the battle against dehumanizing poverty. However, there are hungry people in shanty towns and remote rural areas across Ethiopia that seemingly make Meles’s finding of the development ‘black box’ like the proverbial cow in the heaven causing grievance to her owner because tapping her milk is hardly possible.

Being this as it may, I want to make clear at the outset that I am not interested in the substance of Meles’s argument why an ‘activist state’ makes a better institution than a noninterventionist ‘night watchman’ state to bring about the desired level of economic prosperity. Rather, I was ruthlessly attracted by Meles’s characterization of the developmentalist state. Read more…

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HRCo reveals human rights violation

Finote Netsanet – Amharic weekly (Feb. 7) Human Rights Council (HRCo) revealed rights violation.  In its 35th regular report HRCo says killing, unlawful detention, torture, displacement of people from their land, restrictions on freedom of expression occurred in different regions.  According to the report, police shot and killed Worke Arusa resident of Konse Arke Kebele in Sidama zone, SNNP region.  Local officials forced Endalkachew Werenu resident of Filakit Kebele, Meket Wereda, North Wollo zone, Amhara region to leave from the area. The report said that officials intimidated Dagne Abera Lema, resident of Gulele sub city in Addis Ababa.  Former member of national defense force told HRCo that he was beaten and intimidated.  According to the report, AEUP members in Amhara region Tadesse Meles, Eskindir Melaku, Meles Setegne, Ashenafi Ayele, Mandefro Akelenew, and Tewodros Ayalew are illegally arrested.  The report revealed illegal detention of Desalegn Debel, Tesfa Moter, Samson Alemu, Belay Korme, Itana Senbeto, Negash Kush and Nura Bedru residents of Oromia region. Read more…

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