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Ethiopia: USA already looks to post- Meles

February 18, 2012 (The Indian Ocean Newsletter N°1326) ”Some Ethiopian opponents are convinced that the United States may have already begun to discuss the succession of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The United States has already reportedly begun to check two options for what could follow after Prime Minister Meles Zenawi: he could either rapidly designate his own successor to prepare him for his role or he could establish government of national unity before the end of his term. Such is the belief of Ethiopian opponents who have had contacts with American diplomats in Addis Ababa or in Washington. These diplomats have had talks with the faction of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) headed by Kemal Gelchu, with the Ginbot 7 group led by Berhanu Nega and with Daoud Ibsa, the leader of another faction of the OLF who was discreetly invited to Washington at the end of last year. Read more…

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“The noble-minded man will be active and effective, and will sacrifice himself for his people”

Note:  Dr. Alemayehu Kumsa wants to share this important speech with you

By Johann Gottlieb Fichte: Address to The German Nation, 1807

February 18, 2012

Love that is truly love, and not a mere transitory lust, never clings to what is transient; only in the eternal does it awaken and become kindled, and there alone does it rest. Man is not able to love even himself unless he conceives himself as eternal; apart from that he cannot even respect, much less approve, of himself. Still less can he love anything outside himself without taking it up into the eternity of his faith and of his soul and binding it thereto. He who does not first regard himself as eternal has in him no love of any kind, and, moreover, cannot love a fatherland, a thing which for him does not exist. He who regards his invisible life as eternal, but not his visible life as similarly eternal, may perhaps have a heaven and therein a fatherland, but here below he has no fatherland, for this, too, is regarded only in the image of eternity—eternity visible and made sensuous, and for this reason also he is unable to love his fatherland. If none has been handed down to such a man, he is to be pitied. But he to whom a fatherland has been handed down, and in whose soul heaven and earth, visible and invisible meet and mingle, and thus, and only thus, create a true and enduring heaven—such a man fights to the last drop of his blood to hand on the precious possession unimpaired to his posterity. Read more…

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Lebanon Joined Eritrea to Condemn Ethiopia’s Jamming Practice

February 18, 2012 (ghezana) – The Ethiopian government, in its desperate attempt to jam the increasingly popular Eritrean Television from being viewed in Ethiopia and the region, has instead knocked a number of other satellite TV operators out from the service of Arabsat and Nilesat networks.

Lebanon, the latest victim country, is now openly condemning the jamming practice of the Ethiopian government after it puts several of its TV channels out of the Arabsat network.

The country’s telecommunications Minister, Mr. Nicolas Sehnaoui, yesterday thrown his accusations at the increasingly totalitarian government of Ethiopia after results from the preliminary investigations into the jamming of Arabsat satellite transmission confirms Ethiopia as the source of the jamming signal. Read more…

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VOA Afaan Oromo Interviews Oromo Community Washington DC Leader

Febrauay 18, 2012

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