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Gumaacha Artistii Kabajamaa fi Jaallatamaa Hirphaa Gaanfuree: “Ka’i, Oromoo!!”

(Qeerroo, Finfinnee,  Bitootessa 3, 2012) Wallisaa Oromoo, beekamaa fi jaalatamaa kan ta’e, Hirphaa Gaanfuree wallee haaraa Warraaqsa Bilisummaa fi Dimokiraasii Darggaggoota Oromoo, (Qeerroo), jajjabeessuu fi leellisu qopheessuun gumaata godhee jira.   Wallisaa Hirphaan walluu kana keessatti jabinaa fi murannoo qabsoof qabu kan mirkaneesse caalayyuu, ilmaan Oromoo sababa roorroo fi qabsootiin addaan faffaca’an otuu abdii hin kutatiin  jabaatanii qabsaa’uun gara injifannootti ce’uu akka danda’an dhaamee jira.   Wallee haarawaa kana keessattis qabsoon obsaa fi kutannoo kan barbaadu ta’uu kan hubachiise Wallisaa Hirphaa Gaanfuree, “Obsa gaafataa, hin ariifatiin qabsooni,” jechuun gorsa guddaa nuuf dabarse jira!  
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Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi to stay in power beyond 2015 election

March 3, 2012

In a secret meeting of TPLF’s big wigs last week, the question of Meles’ fate after 2015 was a topic of discussion. The group was divided into two camps- one advocating for Meles to stay in power until 2020 and others were pushing the idea of term limit and the importance of rotating the office of the Prime Minster to other personalities from different ethnic groups.

Meles’ group led by Tedros, Seyum and of course Azeb Gola were trying to make the point for their proposal that Meles cannot leave power until the millennium dam is finalized and also bring the Eritrean issue to conclusion. Seyum Mesfin who participated via secured video conference also sided with Meles. Seyum was noted saying that Meles’ clout in international arena is irreplaceable and all the credit channels will close if Meles stepped down. Seyum passionately argued that TPLF as a party cannot afford to change the horse in the middle of the stream. Seyum also spilled the beans saying that the much touted five years goal is not achievable by 2015, the party will need more time if it is going to see any of these lofty ideas implemented on the ground. Read more…

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Kenya: Lamu port project launched for South Sudan and Ethiopia

Construction has begun on a $23bn (£14.5bn) port project and oil refinery in south-eastern Kenya’s coastal Lamu region near war-torn Somalia’s border.

March 3, 2012 (BBC News) – An oil pipeline, railway and motorway will also be built linking Lamu to South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Newly independent South Sudan plans to use Lamu as its main oil export outlet.

A BBC reporter says security concerns for the project may explain the presence of Ethiopian and Kenyan troops in Somalia aiming to pacify the region.

‘Biggest African project’

Kenya’s leader Mwai Kibaki launched the project along with his South Sudanese and Ethiopian counterparts, Salva Kiir and Meles Zenawi respectively.

“I have no doubt that this day will go down in history as one of the defining moments – when we made a major stride to connect our people to the many socio-economic opportunities that lie ahead,” AFP news agency quotes Mr Kibaki as saying at the inauguration ceremony.

Known as Lamu Port South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor (Lapsset), it is expected to be completed within four years with initial costs coming from the three governments and plans to attract international investment. Read more…

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Ethiopia Not Ready to Join Free Trade Area after Decade

Local industrial competitiveness remains weak, according to COMESA study

March 3, 2012 (Addis Fortune) – The Ethiopian manufacturing industry is neither internationally competitive nor shows improvement, a recent study conducted for the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) revealed.

Paid for by the secretariat of COMESA and commissioned by the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development (MoFED), the study was undertaken by a team of experts lead by Daniel Endelila, a representative from Zim Consult, an independent economic and planning consultant based in Zimbabwe, while Bekri Yesuf (PhD), from Bactec Consulting Firm; Tadele Ferede (PhD), economics lecturer at Addis Abeba University (AAU); and Werko Gebeyehu (PhD) also took part in the research.

The findings came at a time when the federal government is keen to steer the industrial sector, whose share of the GDP lags behind at 13.4pc, to take the lead from the agricultural sector as a growth stimulator for the national economy. Although there has been marginal improvement in recent years from 11pc, it, nonetheless, remains one of the least competitive in the world, considering its total factor productivity, technical efficiency, and unit cost indicators. Read more…

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Ethiopia as a waste disposal

By Yilma Bekele | March 3, 2012

The embattled former tyrant president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh is going to settle in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will be his home in exile. Ethiopia was not his first choice. He wanted to settle in Oman his neighbor on the West. The Sultan of Oman was not receptive to the idea. His attempt to go to the UAR was politely rebuffed. Ethiopia is a refuge of last resort. We are being used as a dump. I am certainly familiar with that practice of getting rid of waste. Upon finishing a project we always have left over debris. We normally haul it to a public dump where they charge by the pound. The City makes extra effort to recycle our garbage.

That is what came to mind when I heard about good old Saleh being run out of Sanna, Yemen. They are dumping their debris and I was wondering how much The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia was charging for this waste. It is a container full I am told. Considering all the wives and the children and the nephews and the cousins and fellow partners in crime it is quiet a heavy load. It is raining dollars for EFFORT and junior associates. Read more…

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