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Blasts rocks Ethiopian troops in central Somalia

March 8, 2012, Mogadishu (Sh. M. Network)- Ethiopian forces in Beledweyne district of Hiran region have been targeted dawn landmine blasts on Thursday morning as they were passing inside Howlwadag village for water supply, eyewitnesses said.

Residents confirmed to Shabelle Media that the blasts damaged personnel carriers with Ethiopian forces but could not verify the exact number of casualties to the Ethiopian military. So far, no military spokesman has briefed the media on the incident. Read more…

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ETHIOPIA: Finding space for people with disabilities on HIV agenda

HIV messages and services need accessible to people with disabilities (file photo)

ADDIS ABABA, 8 March 2012 (PlusNews) – Ethiopians with disabilities say they have been largely excluded from the government’s national HIV programmes and are unable to access services.

“What comes first is the lack of awareness among persons with disabilities. This is mainly due to the fact that… most modes of communications the campaigners have chosen are not accessible to them and primarily target persons without disabilities,” said Liya Solomon, inclusive family planning/reproductive health services project coordinator at the Ethiopian Centre for Disability and Development (ECDD). “The other challenge is inaccessibility of HIV-related services for the group.

“For those small numbers that the messages reach and who do come seeking HIV-related services, they face all sorts of challenges, starting from physical barriers in health centres that make it impossible for them to use services like VCT [voluntary HIV counselling and testing],” she added. Read more…

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Civil Resistance in the Middle East and its Aftermath

By Maria J. Stephan

March 8, 2012 (The Middle East Institute) – Three years ago, when I began the project that culminated in an edited book, Civilian Jihad: Nonviolent Struggle, Democratization and Governance in the Middle East,[1] my intent was to shine a klieg on a remarkable, albeit underappreciated, tradition of civil resistance in the Middle East. It seemed like a strange topic for an edited volume, given the prevailing scholarly view that this region is structurally, culturally, and historically disposed towards violence and sociopolitical stagnation. The Middle East has definitely endured its fair share of wars, terrorism, foreign occupation, and dictatorship. But this complex part of the world has also witnessed striking campaigns of popular nonviolent resistance that have successfully ousted authoritarians, pushed back foreign occupiers, and led to important political reforms. The popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt and the ongoing nonviolent struggles in Syria and Bahrain should be seen as the latest manifestations of a significant tradition of people power in the Middle East. Read more…

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