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Oromia: Professor Asmerom Legesse, Gadaa System Exprert, in Borana 50 years later

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Oromia: The Role of National Identity in Nation Re-building

Barii Ayano | March 17, 2012

The aim of raising the protection of shared Oromo ancestral values and culture is not to court controversy but to advance an honest discussion, be it a debate, based on honest desire to see our nation re-emerging solidly united on shared values of our ancestors-the very center of being an Oromo itself. Equally, Oromos political culture of “see no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil” has not even saved the OLF. Burying their heads in the sand, like the proverbial ostrich, until things went out of control did not change or weaken the brewing problems in the OLF. Honest national discussions do not create unnecessary divisions. Problems do not also blow away to the thin air by merely denying their very existence. Solving problems need acting against them when the problems are manageable. Moreover, in open forums like ONA the playing field is open (equal) for all sides to articulate issues as they see fit.

National pride, national identity and national resolve are tightly intertwined issues. It’s nationalists pride in their true national identity that creates lasting nationalist resolve to defend one’s nation. This is even truer for nations like Oromo nation, which are on the brink of destruction due to enduring political, economic, social, and cultural wars waged on by internal (Oromos) and external enemies against the survival of the Oromo nation. Read more…

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Another Ethiopian government journalist defects

EMF – (March 17) HaileyesusWorku, a journalist at the ruling EPRDF-controlled national broadcaster Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) defected last week to seek asylum abroad. He was released last year after 15 months of jail from the notorious kality prison apparently on vague allegations.
HaileyesusWorku is the 52 government journalists who fled the country due to persistent repression. “Government journalists, who refuse to obey the ruling party’s membership quest would face every castigator measure ranging from harassment to imprisonment,” says TsegayeTiku, another government journalist who fled last year. Read more…

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