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Land Grab in Oromia

Saaminsa Dachii Oromiyaa, by Qeerroo 2012

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Ethiopia: Local weekly news in Finfinne

April 2, 2012

Mugher cement enterprise prevents Forum to conduct public meeting in its hall

Reporter – Amharic weekly (April 1) Forum cancelled public meeting scheduled for March 31, 2012 at Mugher cement enterprise hall to discuss about land lease proclamation and inflation.  Forum said the government owned enterprise cancelled the agreement signed to rent the meeting hall paying birr 2,000.  Addis Ababa city administration Lease and Social Affairs office permitted Forum to conduct the meeting.  The party has also announced to the public about the meeting.  Ketema Demise, Mugher cement enterprise human resources department head says the enterprise rents the hall for wedding but not for meetings.  He said the Enterprise employee social security company made mistake in renting the hall.  Gebru Asrat, Forum executive member blamed EPRDF saying it instructed the enterprise to cancel the agreement.   Read more…

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Ethiopia’s universities: Educational institutes or places of training for the oppressive TPLF?

Million Feyyisa Lenjiso | April 2, 2012

Million Feyyisa Lenjiso

Upon seizing government power, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front’s promised policy was, among others, to improve the education of Ethiopia. If it was to be done so, education was meant to help the country step one leap forward, show economic progress, and feed its people. However, the Nation’s educational institutions are hardly made places of academy, rather are mainly used as entities for propaganda and recruiting loyal servants for the government.

The father of South Africans’ freedom, Nelson Mandela, said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It is clear that there is no civilized state wherein its population has freedom without education. The European colonizers and many African dictators were cautious about advancement of education due to consequence it has in that regard as they knew that an educated population could solve any of its social problems. They knew that education is a very strong weapon to get rid of oppressive rules ¬– stronger even more than guns. Ethnic and/or religious diversity is not the only factor behind unrest and chaos in the world. We have experienced many diversified while democratic nations and alternatively, there are countries where people of the same ethnicity, religion, and same historical make-up have lived with no harmony for a long time. Somalia and India are good examples of the two extremes in this regard. Read more…

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Ethiopians in Lebanon protest their consulate’s apathy, callousness

Ethiopian demonstrators wave their country's flag as they chant slogans outside their consulate in Badaro bemoaning its neglect of Ethiopians in Lebanon, April 1, 2012. (Justin Salhani/The Daily Star)

April 2, 2012, BEIRUT (Daily Star) : A crowd of Ethiopians gathered outside the Ethiopian Consulate in  Badaro Sunday afternoon to protest its neglect of their community in  Lebanon.

Following a Sunday church service nearby, a few dozen women and one man  walked to the consulate and demonstrated outside.

The assembled expressed their frustration with consular officials’ perceived  callousness, saying that when Ethiopians contact their consulate in Lebanon via  telephone they are often ignored or hung up on.

“We are living here,” said a woman named Berti, adding that “the [consulate]  should help us, but they only want money.”

Another woman, named Sarah, told The Daily Star that many Ethiopians travel  to Lebanon illegally through Sudan. She said that if such an Ethiopian  encounters trouble in Lebanon, the consulate will absolve itself of  responsibility and refuse assistance, but if the same person should want to  renew her passport, the consulate would help in the interest of making a  profit. Read more…

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