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Response to Emily Wax of The Washington Post on Oromo Community of the Washington DC Metro Area

April 8, 2012

Ms. Emily Wax
Washington Post Staff Writer

Dear Ms.Wax:

I am writing this email message to you on behalf of the Oromo Community Organization(OCO) of the Washington DC metropolitan area in response to your article posted on Washington Post dated April 2, 2012 under the title “As separatists in Ethiopia disarm, a new chapter for D.C’s Oromo community…it will change Ethiopia and it will change Washington”.

OCO is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established by Oromo Community of Washington D.C metropolitan area. OCO’s mission is to help community members to smoothly transition, integrate, and become productive citizens in their adopted land of great opportunity.  In addition, its goal is to promote the preservation, continuity and development of the Oromo language, culture and historical heritage. The specific objectives of the Oromo Community Organization include providing basic social services such as cultural orientation, English language classes, job networking services, immigration support, health awareness and education, and other social services. It is also the voice of the community representing its members. Read more…

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What Emily Wax Didn’t Tell You

April 8, 2012 ( Oromo Human Rights Advocates have participated on a briefing led by an African studies lecturer at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies about the current state of the Ethiopian dictatorial regime. The briefing was given to lawyers, social workers, interns and Human Rights advocates of the Horn of Africa on March 31, 2012 at the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition (TASSC)- International.

He was a lecturer at Haile Selassie I University in the late 1960s and during the early years of the Dergue regime. He kept on studying and doing research on Ethiopia. He recently went back to Ethiopia to study the democratization process and he concluded that there are no democratic institutions and civil society institutions and the democratization process has already been aborted. He said, “The Ethiopian regime is a dictatorial regime.”

He also said, “I talked to leaders of the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) and they openly say it is time for the Oromos.”

He travelled to many parts of the country and he said, “Despite the repression, Ambo has become the center of the Oromo Liberation Front.” Read more…

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The Core of Human Rights violation Areas in Afar Region of Ethiopia

Press Release

Afar Human Rights

Afar Human Rights organization (AHRO) repeatedly discloses about human rights violations in Afar region, which is blocked for internal and external media. Many atrocities and human rights abuses have been committed against the Afar civilians in the Region, where most cases remain unrevealed and unreported.

Although the recent killing and abduction of foreign tourists near Erta Ale, put the Afar Region in focus for international media, the government retaliation and harassment on local civilian population in Zone 2 has gain little attention. There is an ongoing mass imprisonment in Zone 2 and many who are allegedly accused to sympathize with Afar oppositions have lost theirjobs.

The huge sugarcane plantations along the Awash Valley supported by two huge Dams (Kassam-Kabana and Tandaho) continue to displace the pastoralist community en mass from their homes. These huge multinational investments are guarded by TPLF-led government army army. Displacement for plantation left thousands of innocent civilians without pasture land, water spots and curtailed livestock movement. Read more…

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Ethiopia’s Solomon Deksisa captures Crescent City Classic race

Solomon Deksisa makes his way to the finish line after a late burst heading into City Park as he won the annual Crescent City Classic 10K race on Saturday in 28 minutes, 14 seconds.

April 8, 2012 (nola) – When it comes to intense sports rivalries, Kenya vs. Ethiopia ranks right up there with Red Sox-Yankees or ’Bama-Auburn.

Well, maybe a little beyond.

“We are friends when we travel, but when we see each other in a race, we are like two lions,” said Kenya’s Genoveva Kigen. “We want to kill each other.”

As usual, a couple of dozen runners from Kenya and Ethiopia started the 34th annual Crescent City Classic on Saturday, and when it was over, each had a scored a kill.

Ethiopian Solomon Deksisa got the best of Kenyan Alan Kiprono as they entered City Park side-by-side and sprinted away to finish in 28 minutes, 14 seconds, 5.1 seconds faster than the Kenyan.

Kigen, meanwhile, knocked off her chief rival, Ethiopian Teyba Erkesso, and the rest of the women’s field, leaving them almost 40 seconds behind while taking her second CCC women’s title in 32:14. Read more…

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Stolen Childhoods: Child Prostitution And Trafficking In Ethiopia

by Graham Peebles

Ethiopian children at FSCE. Photo credit Graham Peebles

April 8, 2012 (Eurasia review) – Prostitution, perhaps the most distressingform of child abuse, is an epidemic throughout Ethiopia. The innocence of a childhood shattered, causing a deep feeling of shame, poisoning the sense of self and excluding the child from education,

friends and the broader society. A society, which stands idly by whilst children suffer, speaking not in the face of extreme exploitation, denying the truth of extensive child exploitation and acts not, is a society in collusion. (This article is part of a series; Click the following links for the first and second and third installments).

In the capital, prostitution abounds, “It is difficult to give an exact figure for the prevalence of child prostitution in Addis Ababa but observation reveals that the numbers are increasing at an alarming rate in the city”1 The joint Save the Children Denmark and Addis Ababa City administration (SCD) study states “Interviewing children revealed that over 50% started engaging in prostitution below 16 years of age. The majority work more than six hours per day” Read more…

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