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Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa | Ebla 17, 2012


Dubbiftoota barreeffata kanaa, mee waan hundaa dura nagaa fi nageenye isin biraa hin dhabamini! Barreeffata kana kutaalee dabran mara akka argattanitoo dubbiftan abdachuun, kunoo harra immoo kutaa 11-ffaa isiniif dhiyeesseen jiraa, mee yoo yeroo argattan duukkaa bu’uuf yaalaa!

Kanatti dabalees kanan isin hubachiisu waan tokkotu jira. Qorannoon afaan keenyaa reefu ganaa jalqabama jechuutu mala. Waan hedduutu afaan baneetoo nu warra handhuuraa uummata keenyatiin waa baratee as gaye eeggata. Innin amma mataduree tana jalatti isiniif dhiyeessaa jiru, kan jalqabaa ti. Ani nama jechoota Afaan Oromoo kan moggoyyaalee walii tahan irratti qarannoo wayii dhiyeesse matumaa hin agarre. Abalutu jalaqaba jedhaniitoo eeggachuu otoo hin taane, ofumaa jalqabuutu irra wayya jedheetani. Kun kan jalqaba waan taheef, dogoggorris keessaa waan dhabamu natti hin fakkaatu. Ammoo, akkuma uummanni keenya, Oromoon jedhu san: “kan hin dogoggorre Waaqa qofa“. Inni kun qorannoo akka aannan mijuutti guute, otoo hin taane, warri biraa isa kana irraa ka’uun guutuu, mijuu taasisaniitoo nuuf dhiyeessu jedheen abdii cimaa qaba. Haatahu malee, amma isin warri barreeffata kana dubbiftanii dogoggora wayii argitan, yookaan itti-dabalamaa wayii qabdan karuma mandhee tanaatiin mee naaf erguu yaalaa! Read more…

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Feeding Death Squads; UN’s World Food Program in Ethiopia

"Interrogation starts with beating, they would tie your hands and feet with iron and hang you upside down. They immerse you in water, they would use electric shocks. They stuffed your mouth so no one can hear you scream", says Daniel, who used to be a captain in the Ethiopian army, until he was arrested, held for 2 months in a local jail, then transferred to the country’s notorious police investigation centre at Maikelawi. Picture from File

By Thomas Mountain

April 17, 2012 (Indepth Africa) – While southern Ethiopia and the Ogaden continues to suffer from the worst drought and famine in 60 years the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) has been turning over all its food aid for the region to the Ethiopian military which uses it to feed the paramilitary death squads conducting a counterinsurgency in the region.

The crimes committed by the UN in the Horn of Africa are legion and the WFP is not new to using its aid as a weapon against the people of our region (see WFP; Angel of Mercy or Angel of Death).

Over the past decade this writer has interviewed several UN workers who described how the UN through the WFP has been secretly turning over thousands of tons of food aid directly to the Ethiopian military instead of distributing it to the millions of starving Ethiopians and Ogadenis it was meant for.

The Ethiopian generals in turn use it as payment for the para-militaries, the “Liyu-police” they use as cover to do their dirty work, carrying out ethnic cleansing, mass murder and an ongoing scorched earth program in southern Ethiopia and in the south east in the Ogaden against the population in areas where the insurgency is raging against the Ethiopian regime. What food is left over is sold by the Ethiopian generals on the black market with the proceeds pocketed, all the while millions are left to starve.

And what is the UN doing about this crime? Their motto seems to be “silence is golden” and silent they remain since they last sent teams to investigate the region in 2007, the reports of which have remained under lock and key in UN headquarters in Addis Ababa.

With the Red Cross (ICRC) and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) both expelled from southern Ethiopia and the Ogaden since 2007 there is no one other than the resistance movement to protest these crimes. Two Swedish journalist who attempted to enter the region in 2011 paid dearly, almost murdered by the Ethiopian death squads and now rotting in an Ethiopian dungeon convicted as “terrorists”. Read more…

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Rebels burned down TPLF businesses in northern Ethiopia

April 17, 2012 (Ethiopian Review) Fighters from the Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) have burned down 1 hotel and over 20 stores in the northern Ethiopian border town of Metemma last week, according the group’s spokesperson. The report has been independently verified from local witnesses.

The attack, which occurred last Wednesday night, primarily targeted Khartoum Hotel, a gathering place for Woyanne security personnel and businessmen in the area. The owner of Khartoum Hotel, Wzr. Tsehai, herself is a longtime member of TPLF.

A large merchandise store next to Kharthoum Hotel was also burned to the ground. The store was owned by another TPLF member named Haddish Berhane who is currently TPLF head of security in the “Amhara Kilil.” Read more…

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