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Oromia: Seife Nebelbal Radio Program, May 11, 2012

Afaan Oromo Amharic

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UN adopts historic ‘land grab’ guidelines

In recent years large-scale acquisitions of farmland in developing countries have caused concern

May 11, 2012 (BBC News) –The United Nations has adopted global guidelines for rich countries buying land in developing nations.

The voluntary rules call on governments to protect the rights of indigenous peoples who use the land.

It is estimated that 200m hectares, an area eight times the size of Britain, has been bought or leased over the past decade, much of it in Africa and Asia.

But aid agencies warn it will be very difficult to ensure the guidelines are implemented everywhere.

AFP quoted Clara Jamart from Oxfam as saying this was just a first step and urging caution.

“Governments have no obligation to apply these measures,” she said. Read more…

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America’s voice to the voiceless – the role of VOA at the time when Meles silenced every media

by Mohammed Adamo

VOA Afaan Oromo on the air Photo Credit: Mohammed Ademo / Global Newsroom

May 11, 2012 ( Global News Room) – In Ethiopia, the government controls all domestic media and blocks websites critical of those in power. One tactic for keeping media in line is imprisonment; the Committee to Protect Journalists calls Ethiopia one of the leading jailers of reporters on the continent. Threats and intimidation have forced more than 70 Ethiopian journalists into exile, where some write political blogs – whose words can’t be read in Ethiopia.

That leaves Ethiopia’s 82 million people almost entirely cut off from independently reported news.

“Besides what the government provides,” said Seeye Abraha, a former Ethiopian defense minister and current fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School, “the Voice of America is one of only two sources of information in the country.” The other is Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio. Unlike VOA, which broadcasts in three Ethiopian languages, Deutsche Welle only has a one-hour daily news program in Amharic, Ethiopia’s official language. Read more…

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Kibba Baha Shawaa,Waliisoo Keessaa Sabboontonni Oromoo 67 Hidhaman

Odeessa Qeerroo Caamsaa 11,2012 Finfinnee

Mootummaan Wayyaanee diddaa ummataa sirna isaa irratti ka’ee jiru dura dhaabbachuu fi gaaffii ummatootaaf deebii gahaa kennuu haqachuu irraan kan ke’e rakkoolee amantii fakkeessee ummata gooluu fi hidhuu itti bobba’ee jira. Haala kanaan Jidduu galeessa Oromiyaa keessaan sabboontota Oromoo armaa gadiitti maqaan isaanii ta’e kanneen mana hidhaatti darbee jira.

Ammatti kanneen godina Showaa bahaa keessaa gara malee qabamanii ragaa mana hidhaatti darbamanii fi eenyummaa isaanii kan ibsu kanumatti qabsiifnee maxxansinee jirra.
Kanneen kunis:-

1,  Mohammad Nuur
2,  Saafii Kadir
3, Sayid
4, Makiyaa Muzee
5, Fooziyaa Huseen
6,  Jaayifar Jamaal
7, Ibraahim kadir
8, Xohaa Abarraa
9, Badiruu Adam
10, Hasen Aimad Read more…

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AFRICAN UNION: Instrument of Imperialist Rule

by Thomas C. Mountain

May 10, 2012 (Global Research) – The African Union has mutated into a particularly corrupt and brutal enforcer of western rule in Africa. When it comes to the interests of Pax Americana, you must start with the crimes committed in the AU’s “War on Terror” in Somalia, a.k.a., the War on the Somali people.

In 2006, the Somalis themselves under the umbrella of the Union of Islamic Courts brought about a miracle in many observers’ eyes and established a functioning government in the former capital of Mogadishu, bringing peace and security to the region for the first time in 15 years. Read more…

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Ethiopia’s Meles Blames African Corruption on Foreign Investors

May 11, 2012 (VOA News) – What is the poison that corrupts many African leaders, no matter how honorable their intentions when they take office? That was the question put to a panel of that included heads of state and government at the World Economic Forum on Africa on Thursday. The question received a surprisingly candid answer.

It was promoted as a conversation on Africa’s leadership. Among those on stage were the leaders of Africa’s two most populous nations – Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan and Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

The conversation was routine until the floor was opened to questions from youth leaders. A young South African woman stood up to ask the question that many had pondered, but few dared to pose. Read more…

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