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Ethiopian Rebel Group ONLF attack convey in Ogaden Region.

 May 12, Ogaden Region- ( Ogadentoday Press)-Ogaden National Liberation Front ( ONLF) , the Ethiopian Rebel group active In Ogaden Region attacked a military trucks convey on Saturday, according to a reliable source in Bali Zone.

The clash took place in Ogaden Region near to Oromiya Regional Zone in Ethiopia, a source said, Bali Zone and Nogob Zone in both Ogaden and Oromiya Regions.

Dozens wounded the fighting’s between ONLF and Ethiopian Ruling Party TPLF troops and were taken to Gindir military Hospital, the source added.

There is no any telecommunication in Fiq Zone District of Laga-Hida where the fighting’s took place and TPLF; a ruling party In Ethiopia accused the area as strong hold of Ogaden National Liberation Front ONLF. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Protest in Addis Ababa Mosques

May 12, (Sahel blog) – Reuters reports on a “protest” movement in Ethiopian mosques, with protests taking the form of sermons that accuse the government of playing favorites within the country’s Muslim community, and expressions of support for these sermons from Muslim congregations. Specifically, the sermons and other protest statements say that the country’s Islamic Affairs Supreme Council is attempting to impose the values and beliefs of a group called Al Ahbash (read the Wikipedia entry on them here) on the rest of the country’s Muslims. Reuters describes one such “protest”:

On the outskirts of Addis Ababa, a muezzin* leads a solemn sermon at a mosque before thousands of worshippers stamp their feet to protest against what they say is the Ethiopian government’s interference in religious affairs.


The protesters accuse [the] government of interfering by seeking to impose the beliefs of a little-known sect as doctrine. They say the government is promoting the Al Ahbash, an Islamic movement that opposes ultra-conservative ideology and rejects violence.

The protesters broadly say they adhere to moderate Sufi-inspired values and not the ultra-conservative Salafist interpretation of Islam. Read more…

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Canada to cut aid to Ethiopia

Ethiopians from the township of Feji Goba pick up bags of maize they receive through an emergency food assistance program in Shashemene, Ethiopia, after prolonged droughts affected their crops, February 3, 2012. The relief program is funded by CIDA and run by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its partners.

May 12, 2012, OTTAWA (Ottawa Citizen) — The Conservative government will reduce aid to Ethiopia as part of its effort to slash $377 million in foreign aid over the next three years.

“Ethiopia has been identified as one of the countries where CIDA will reduce its bilateral programming,” the office of International Cooperation Minister Bev Oda said in an email statement. Oda’s office would not disclose the amount of the cuts.

In 2010-11, Canada spent more than $176 million in Ethiopia, making it our third-largest aid recipient after Haiti and Afghanistan. This year’s cut will be the second in a row and comes as the country continues to face food shortages following a devastating drought last year that saw more than one in 10 citizens receive some level of food assistance.

Cuts are also coming to 12 of the world’s poorest countries, Postmedia News reported last month. Benin, Niger, Cambodia, China, Nepal, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are expected to lose virtually all Canadian aid funding. Read more…

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