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Radiyoo Marii Biyyaa: Leenco Lataa Balleessaa isa odeeffamaa ture amane

Note: Lenco lata, earlier, refused to interview on Seife Nebelbal Radio Program led by Eyob Bayssa.

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Ethiopian Edao Weily wins Oxford’s Town and Gown Race

May 13 (BBC) – A road race in Oxford has been won by an Ethiopian runner involved in a scheme to train East African athletes.

Edao Weily, who won the annual Town and Gown Race, had trained with Running Across Borders which was established by an Oxford University graduate.

Mr Weily, 25, said he was “really happy to have won” his first competitive race in the UK.

About 3,000 runners took part in the event, raising up to £120,000 for Muscular Dystrophy research.

Malcolm Anderson set up a Running Across Borders training camp in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to provide economic opportunities for young runners from the region. Read more…

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Racialized Geography of Food Insecurity in Ethiopia, and G8 Summit

Oromo Press | May 13, 2012

From an insider’s point of view, two patterns are  most salient about the unfolding threat of food insecurity in Ethiopia:

• That the geography of life-threatening food insecurity canvasses the peripheral southern regional states such as, the Southern Nations and Nationalities, Oromia, Ogaden-Somali. Ironically these south Ethiopia’s regions are the greenest and the most fertile. They are simultaneously the scenes of ongoing low-intensity armed conflicts between Meles Zenawi’s government of Ethiopia and the Oromo Liberation Front in Oromia, the Sidama Liberation Front in the SNNP, the Ogaden Liberation Front in Ogaden and the Afar Liberation Front in Afar. We see clearly that the maps of famine follow the maps of conflict and instability. Showing that famine is used as a weapon of collectively punishing ethnic groups in the non-ruling geographic areas, whereas the same levels of food insecurity are not observable in Tigray region ( the homeland of the Prime Minster of Ethiopia).

• The second pattern is that benevolent Western aid organizations involved in helping systematic famine victims and Western reporters blame (frame) the cause of this large-scale famine in the south exclusively on the shortage of rainfall and population growth. No Western media cites war as a primary cause of food insecurity in Ethiopia. Resettling and urbanization are erroneously suggested as solutions for those superficial causative factors. Read more…

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Deressa Chimsa of Oromia-Ethiopia wins the Prague International Marathon

Deressa Chimsa wins the 2012 Volkswagen Prague Marathon

Sunday, May 13, 2012, Prague, Czech Republic (IAAF) – Deressa Chimsa ran to form to win the men’s title in 2:06:25, the second fastest performance ever in Prague. He took command from shortly before 25k and beat the Kenyan duo of Stephen Tum and marathon debutant Philemon Limo.

Deressa Chimsa carries a considerable amount of muscle on his upper body for a distance runner and he showed a prize fighter’s swagger in breaking away from a leading group of eleven shortly before 25k. The Ethiopian was the fastest man in the field on lifetime performances, having brought his best down to 2:05:42 for eighth place in Dubai on January 27. The group had gone through halfway in 1:02:54, right on cue for a performance which might threaten the course record of 2:05:39, set by the Kenyan Eliud Kiptanui two years ago.

Chimsa’s second surge broke the group down to five and then he assumed the role of solo runner par excellence, yet with a good 15k still to run. It was an all-Kenyan chasing pack of marathon debutant Philemon Limo, Stephen Tum, winner of Marrakech on his debut in January, Julius Arile Lomerinyang and Nephat Kinyanui.

The front runner continued to look strong as he went through 30k in 1:29:36 with the lead now eleven seconds and growing. A contest of attrition was developing for the podium places behind Chimsa, as Stephen Tum dealt Philemon Limo a lesson in coping with the latter stages. Read more…

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Expel the AU from Ethiopia

By George Ayittey

George Ayittey, a native of Ghana, is a Distinguished Economist at American University and President of the Free Africa Foundation. He is the author of Africa Unchained (Palgrave/MacMillan, 2005) and Indigenous African Institutions (Transnational Publishers, 2006).

May 13, 2012 – Ethiopia is a police state, where journalists are branded as “terrorists” and jailed – over 200 so far. It has only ONE national radio station, ONE national television station, ONE national daily for 83m people, ONE internet server. Private broadcasts are JAMMED.

PM Meles Zenawi turned out to be worse than the brutal dictator, Col Mengistu he ousted back in 1991. Zenawi practices ethnic (Tigrayan) apartheid. #Ethiopia

He rigged the 2005 elections. When people protested, security forces killed over 500, injured 800+ and arrested over 40,000. Read more…

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Eritrea forecasted to be fastest growing economy in Horn of Africa

May 12 (The Reporter) – The annual publication of the IMF, World Economic Outlook, has forecasted the Eritrea economy to be the fastest growing in the Horn of Africa in 2012, registering a real GDP growth of 7.5 percent in the period. Released on April 17 the report indicates that Eritrea’s growth would be driven by strong mineral export, agricultural output and infrastructural development.

The forecast also shows that the GDP growth of the neighbouring Ethiopia would be 5 percent for the period in question, a decline from the 7.5 percent of 2011.

The report further anticipates the consumer price index in Eritrea to go down to 12.3 percent in the year from 13 percent from in 2011. The data also shows that the real GDP growth for the year 2013 will continue at 3.4 percent but forecasts the country to actually experience negative real GDP growth of 3.2 percent for the year 2017. At the same time the forecast puts the figures for Ethiopia at 5.5 and 6.5 percent, respectively for 2012 and 2017.

According to the data of the Central Statistical Authority (CSA), the headline inflation for the month of April has gone down from its mid-thirties figure of the past couple of months to 29.8. According to CSA, the decline is marked by the major price change in the food basket of the consumer price index due to high agricultural harvest recorded in the year. Read more…

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