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Tarkaanfiilee ummataa fi humna addaa WBOn fudhataman

Madda Oduu ABO/MOA/Caamsaa 15,2012

Caasaalee mootummaa nageenya ummataa tiksuuf dirqamni irra jiru keessaa tokko raayyaa poolisaa ti. Haa tahu malee motummootni Itophiyaa hundi humna kana akka sirna isaanii tiksuu fi tajaajilutti ijaarratuun dirqamni polisaa nageenya ummataa tiksuu irra kan ummata hiraarsuu fi dararu taasifamaa yoona gahe. Mootummaan Wayyaanee caasaalee mootummaa aangoo isaa ittiin tikfataa jiru keessaa tokko humna polisaa akka tahes ni beekama. Read more…

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Trials of Politicians, Journalists Test Ethiopia’s Anti-Terrorism Law

May 17, ADDIS ABABA (VOA News) – In Ethiopia, a series of high-profile trials is being closely watched as a test of recently-enacted anti-terrorism legislation. A three-judge federal panel is hearing the trials of as many as 150 people arrested on terrorism-related charges last year, including prominent politicians and journalists.

Almost every week for the past few months, a small group of journalists and diplomats has  gathered at Addis Ababa’s Lideta federal court complex to attend terrorism trials.

The most high-profile is the case of journalist Eskinder Nega, recent winner of the PEN America “Freedom to Write” Award, and Andualem Arage, who had been one of the rising stars in Ethiopia’s political opposition.  They are accused of collaborating with the outlawed Ginbot Seven (May 15th) political party to carry out terrorist attacks.

U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Donald Booth was in the courtroom last week when a verdict in the case was due, but the judges postponed the announcement till mid-June, saying they needed more time.

Among the other trials before the court was the case of two Swedish journalists captured in the restive Ogaden region in the company of members of the outlawed Ogaden National Liberation Front, or ONLF.  The journalists were convicted of supporting terrorism, and given 11-year prison terms. Read more…

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Ethiopia, Sudan extradition agreement condemned

May 17 (The Africa Report) – Ethiopia and Sudan on Wednesday signed an extradition agreement in Addis Ababa but there are fears that this may be a ploy to persecute Ethiopian opposition exiles in the neighbouring country.

The agreement is a follow up to another one between the two countries in December 2011 in which it was agreed not to host opposition figures from their respective countries.

Thousands of Ethiopian opposition members sought refuge in Sudan following the 2005 election, which was characterised by violence, which claimed almost 200 lives.

At the beginning of 2012, the international community criticised Sudan after it deported hundreds of Ethiopian opposition figures.

The Berlin-based Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners (SOCEPP) alleged in March 2012 that Sudanese police had raided houses and rounded up Ethiopians in Omdurman and many parts of the capital, Khartoum, for forcible deportation. Read more…

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Ethiopia to export half a million maids annually to Saudi Arabia

May 16, 2012 (Durame) — Ethiopia commenced sending 45,000 Ethiopian housemaids per month to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), an Ethiopian official said by phone today.

The controversial recruitment strategy will send 500,000 Ethiopian women annually to a country long known for abusing housemaids and foreign nationals in the strict Sharia-governed Kingdom.

Amid tougher restrictions for housemaids working in KSA by the Philippines, Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Kenyan governments, Ethiopian housemaids have been in high demand by families in Saudi Arabia.

With little to no support from the Government of Ethiopia, many Ethiopian women are often exploited by Saudi families, working grueling 16-hour days and having their passports and earnings withheld to prevent them from running away. Read more…

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Another Indian horticulture farm to sprout in Ethiopia this year

Addis Ababa, May 17 (NY Daily News) — A second Indian company, Esimo Flower & Agro Industries Plc, is investing $100 million in Ethiopia to produce flowers, fruits, and vegetables for the European, Russian and Middle Eastern markets.

The company has acquired a 71-hectare farm in Debre Brehan, northeast of capital Addis Ababa. It will start planting flowers in July and has constructed a pack house, where harvested flowers are to be processed for export in 2012, according to Sanjaye Bangali, owner and general manager of Esimo.

Debre Berhan Mayor Getaneh Zeke also confirmed this. Esimo is set to become the second flower farm in Debre Brehan after ASK Flowers and Greens Plc, run by another Indian, Shahab Khan.

Producing flowers is a high-risk but high-profit business and Bengali thinks his company has a good opportunity to succeed within a few years. Read more…

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