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Invitation to Human Rights Forum on June 2, 2012 at OCO

Claire Beston, from Amnesty International U.K., will be speaking at a human rights forum organized by the DMV OCO on June 2, 2012 (Event details in 3rd paragraph.) Claire Beston is one of the AI researchers behind the most famous report titled, “Dismantling Dissent..”, a well articulated and researched report on the state’s crackdown on free speech in Oromia and Ethiopia. Ms. Beston is a courageous and non-partisan human rights worker who had the balls to defy the Ethiopian government’s surveillance and decided to meet with the two leading Oromo national opposition leaders, Bekele Gerba and Olbana Lelisa. Bekele Gerba is the Deputy Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Democratic Movement (OFDM), and Olbana Lelisa was the leader of the Oromo People’s Congress (ONC).

The arrest and detention of these top OFDM and ONC leaders and over a 100 other Oromos were documented in Dismantling Dissent. Read more…

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Oromo society views women as the dominant creators and assimilators of cultural symbols

(Oromocentre, Melbourne, 3 June 2012) Research shows that Oromo women have developed a clear, cultivated fashion sense that connects them to peoples and places beyond their region.

As increasingly active agents, Oromo women and girls are creating new looks that draw from and resonate with historically relevant body art practices and which link them to a wider global world.

According to researches, the contemporary dress is a symbolic means through which Oromo “women come to understand and make sense of their socio-political and economic experiences and their identity as Oromo within the Ethiopian state today.”

“Women’s bodies and their personal arts are instrumental in the production, albeit subtle and symbolic, of Oromo identity and Oromo consciousness,” says the research conducted by Dr. Peri Klemm, an African art historian at California State University, Northridge. Read more…

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Tirunesh Dibaba wins 10,000m and will also race 3000m

Tirunesh Dibaba wins the 10,000m in Eugene.

June 2, 2012, Eugene, USA (IAAF) – A torrential downpour might have affected some of the events on the first night of the 2012 Prefontaine Classic – Samsung Diamond League meeting but in the aftermath the temperature cooled and spectators were treated to a pair of terrific 10,000m races (1 June).

Ethiopian superstar Tirunesh Dibaba won a thrilling women’s 10,000m after taking over the pace at 5000 (15:05.79) and pushing through the second half of the race. But it was a close finish. Kenya’s Florence Kiplagat went in front the final kilometre and helped turn the race into a three person affair.

Dibaba won in 30:24.39 a world leading time with Kiplagat second in 30:24.85 and 21 year old Beleynesh Oljira, also of Ethiopia, claiming third in a personal best of 30:26.70.

“The race was very good,” Dibaba said shyly, “It was not hard. I had a little bit of a pain in my stomach during the race. I am very happy to go to the Olympics now.” Read more…

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“Ginbot 20″, TPLF Holiday in Ethiopia Greeted by Resistance

June 2, 2012 ( – Ginbot 20, 1983 E.C, which officially marked the TPLF control of power in Ethiopia was a day of celebration for the very few from Adwa political elites and party cadre members who enjoy the leftover of the big fishes. This year, it is 21thanniversary. For the majority of Ethiopians, specially the Oromos, it is the day of humiliation, renewed looting, different and intensified form of dictatorship. Under the current government of Meles zenawi, who ruled Ethiopia for the last 21 years, the Oromos have suffered the most and more than 35,000 remained political prisoners. These include Lelisa Olbana and Beqele Garba, Leaders of the officially registered OFDM and OPC parties. Read more…

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Ethiopia’s Analysis of Somalia’s Political Situation: “A Web of Obstruction”

By: Dr. Michael A. Weinstein

June 2, 2012 (Garowe Online) – On May 11, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a position paper, “Ethiopia’s policy towards Somalia,” which defines where Addis Ababa stands in the current conflicts in the territories of post-independence Somalia. The tightly structured document provides an account of what the Ethiopian government judges to be a change in Somalia’s threats to Ethiopia (from a Greater Somalia agenda to Islamic terrorism); a vision of a best-case scenario for Ethiopia’s relation to Somalia (focused on access to Somali ports and cooperation on water sharing); a reading of the present political situation in Somalia; and guidelines for Ethiopia’s response to that situation.

For the purposes of the present analysis, the important part of the document is its reading of the present political situation in Somalia; that reading is straightforward and realistic. It should serve as a touchstone for any discussion of the political dynamics of Somalia today. Read more…

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