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Waamicha – Ummata Oromoo Magaalaa Melbourne fi naannawa isaa jiraattan maraaf

Waxabajjii, 5, 2012

Yeroo ammaa kana dargaggoonni Oromoo maqaa ‘Qeerroo Bilisummaa Oromoo’ jedhuun wal ijaaranii, dhaamsa birmatnaa ‘Ka’i Qeerroo!’ jedhu waliif dhaamuun qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo dhaalmaan isaan dhaqqabe galmaan gahuuf Ummata Oromoo haamlessanii abdii guddaa itti horaa, diina Ummata Oromoos qabbana dhorkaa jiru. Qabsoo hadhaaftuu Qeerroon Oromoo gaggeessaa jiru hawaasni Oromoo biyya alaa jirru akka quba qabaannuu dhaamsaa fi gaaffii qabanis akkana jedhanii dhaamaa jiran Read more…

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Ethiopia’s Konso cling to tradition, earning UN recognition

By Jenny Vaughan (AFP)

Ethiopia's Konso tribe are celebrating their hometown joining the UN's list of World Heritage Sites

June 5, 2012, KONSO, Ethiopia — The booming drums and lusty singing of Ethiopia’s Konso tribe, celebrating their hometown joining the UN’s list of World Heritage Sites, echoed down the road that winds through lush green hills.

When the revellers came into sight, there was an explosion of colour — women in bright orange skirts and men in striped neon yellow and red shorts, heads topped with decorative feathers and cowhide masks.

Under the blazing midday sun, Konso residents brandishing animal skin shields chanted as they streamed through the streets, followed by a full marching band.

Hundreds of Konso people turned out in their famed town, 600 kilometres (375 miles) southwest of Addis Ababa, for the recent formal inauguration of their inclusion in UNESCO’s heritage list. Read more…

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On the way to Eritrea

The refugees make the long journey from Eritrea to Israel, barefoot; the Netanyahu government makes the opposite trip, making Israel bare of liberal democracy, turning it into an Eritrea of sorts.

By Sefi Rachlevsky | Jun.05, 2012 

Living in dread in south Tel Aviv, Young African migrants feel the hate

(Haaretz) – Why is it, anyway, that Israel can possess hundreds of nuclear bombs – according to foreign sources, of course – while Iran cannot have any?

There are only two possible answers to this crucial question. One: A Latin phrase that, loosely translated, means “Gods may do what cattle may not” – in other words, that superpowers allow themselves what other nations cannot. The problem is that Israel is not a superpower, but a small country. That leaves the only other possible response: Iran is ruled by a religious extremist, expansionist regime that suppresses democracy; Israel is the polar opposite. The Netanyahu government has now rendered this argument, of strategic necessity, a lie. Read more…

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Any Form of Negotiation Forum with TPLF is for Division and Disunity among Oromoo People!

By Odaakoo | June 5, 2012

Oromoo says in its proverb: ‘Wise learn from the past mistakes and make better effort to correct it; while foolish repeat the same mistakes they have already committed.’

These days there are confusing rumors are channeling among the concerned Oromoo People and supporters of Oromoo struggle. As friends and enemies of liberation struggle well aware Oromoo People have been colonized for more than 130 years under Ethiopia. Oromoo is well known by Mammaksa (proverb): ‘Namni akkam bultee beeka, akka itti bule abbaatuu beeka’ literally translated, one who says good morning doesn’t actually concern how the person passed through the gloomy night. Only Oromoo People know the bitterness and agony of colonization for more than one century. In the middle of 19th century due to colonization by Menilik II Oromoo lost its five million populations due to mass massacre where the bones of our ancestors laid at Chalanko and Anolee as witness today in our fathers’ land Oromia. Read more…

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