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Deadly, Religiously Outrageous, and Socially Destructive Consequences of Land Grab in Western Ethiopia

HRLHA – Press Release
June 7, 2012

Apart from displacements and dispossessions without consents and compensations, more and more negative consequences of land grab in the name of development are surfacing from time to time in different parts of Ethiopia; all outcries, criticisms and demands for corrective measures falling on deaf ears.

According to information obtained by HRLHA from Wixate locality in Yayyo District of Ilubabbor Zone in western Oromia, a teenager called Zerihun Girma has died after being buried alive in a man-made landslide created from a mountain of soil dumped along a small river in a residential area. The soil was coming from the digging into the ground for a coal mine project underway in the area. Read more…

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Ethiopia Introduces Deep Packet Inspection

June 7, 2012 (TOR Project) – The Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation, which is the sole telecommunication service provider in Ethiopia, has deployed or begun testing Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of all Internet traffic. We have previously analyzed the same kind of censorship in China, Iran, and Kazakhstan.

Reports show that Tor stopped working a week ago — even with bridges configured. Websites such as gmail, facebook, twitter, and even tor project, continue to work. The graphs below show the effects of this deployment of censorship based on Deep Packet Inspection: Read more…

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Safuu fi Safeeffannaan Gurmuu Oromoo fi Dhaaba Oromoo Diiguuu Irraa of Qusachuudhaan Dhugooma

Infoo Deeskii ABO | Waxabajjii 7, 2012

Waaée safuu fi safeeffannaa Oromoo dubbachuu fi wal yaadachiisuun hammeenya hin qabu. Safuu fi safeeffannaa dhugoomsuun akka dhala Oromootti mata mataa keenya hunda irraa eegala. Afaaniin waan safuuf quuqamne fakkaachaa dalagaadhaan safuu Oromoo dhiitnee dachiitti makna yoo taheef safuu baanamu sanayyuu kan beeknu hin fakkaatu, ykn akka gaariitti osoo beeknuu beekaa lafatti rirriitnee dhidhiitna. Safuu fi seera ittiin irbuu seenan osoo beekanii irra eejjatuun ammoo hammina hammina hunda caaluu dha. Aadaan hawaasa Oromoo keessatti ‘safuu’jechuun hubatamu sirna dhaaba siyaasaa sabichaa keessattis qooda jaaraa gumaacha. Safuun ummanni Oromoo aadaadhaan qabuu fi seeraa fi heerri sirna jaarmayummaa dhaaba Oromoo wal tumsu malee wal hin faallessani. Safuu fi sirni jaarmayaa Oromoo wal utubu malee wal hin diigani. Kana irraa kaúun egaa, namas tahee murni safuuf quuqamu tokko seeraa fi heera siyaasaa dhaaba isaaf ni amanama malee hin ganu. Kan safuuf kabajaa qabu seeraa fi heera dhaaba isaa kaleessa itti kakateef san hin salphisu. Kan safuu Oromoo beeku waan kaleessa akka qabsaayaa Oromootti irbuu seene tokko hin cabsu. Kan safuu safeeffatu dhaaba kaleessa dhaaba koo ittiin jechaa bahe hará itti ejjetee hin diigu. Safuu beekuun badii fi yakkoota akkasii kana mara irraa nama oolcha waan taheef. Read more…

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Human rights violations intensify in Afar region of Ethiopia

Afar Human Rights Organization (AHRO) | June 7, 2012

The conflict between Afars the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) led government has been intensified during the last few months. The core issue of this disagreement is related to forced eviction of the pastoralists and the aggressive land grabbing investment policy.

The regime has continued its military repression, harassment and intimidation of the civilians as they refuse to submit and leave their homes to sugarcane plantation project owned by an Indian company. Hence, in many part of the Afar region a well-orchestrated and systematic human rights abuse has become a daily pattern. The recent strategy used by the regime is to instigate internal and external conflict in the Afar region and thereby use its military to silence the civilian resistance against the illegal land grabbing policy. Read more…

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Teddy Afro’s Tikur Sew Menelik – Official Video of Victims of Menelik’s Genocide in Aanole, Calanqo

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Africa: Israel to Deport Thousands of Ethiopians, South Sudanese

Israel Continues Crackdown on African Migrants

Relations between Israel and its modest population of African migrants have reached a new level of hostility and intolerance this week. Arsonists attacked a house where 10 Eritreans lived, leaving four injured, and President Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the deportation of 25,000 migrants, many of whom fled their home countries fearing persecution.

June 7, 2012, Addis Ababa (All Africa) — The Israeli government is reportedly set to deport thousands of African migrants including most Ethiopians and South Sudanese.

According to Israeli news outlets, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has ordered an urgent expulsion to some 25,000 immigrants from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

Netanyahu made the orders during a recent cabinet meeting following demonstrations targeting immigrants in Tel Aviv.

However, the premier said the deportation measure excludes political refugees from Sudan and Eritrea.

Recently, the country has seen violent racially-motivated attacks against African nationals.

On Monday a deadly Arson attack at an apartment targeting Eritrean migrants was reported. Attackers sprayed a note on a wall which read “get out of the neighborhood”. Read more…

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