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The empire strikes back: an Ethiopian opposition finds old enemy

By Buri Waddesso

June 10, 2012 (opride) – After convening in the Canadian town of Ottawa, a new diaspora-based Ethiopian opposition outfit, Ethiopian National Transitional Council (Hizbawi Shengo), issued a Draft Transitional Constitution. The gist of the document can be gleaned from the first item in the preamble: “Determined to live in unity and freedom, and to erase the effects of ethnic division and tribalist policies and practices.”

Two things are notable. One, that the erasure of “ethnic division” is more paramount than guaranteeing freedom. Two, that Ethiopia’s primary political enemy is ethnicity, not dictatorship.

The draft charter goes on to detail exactly how the constitution’s supreme objective, erasing ethnic divisions, is to be achieved. Two instruments are chosen to do the herculean job. One, the restructuring of governance. Gone will be the regional states as we know them; Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, South, Somali, Afar, Beni-Shangul-Gumuz, and Gambella, etc, and in comes the old regional structure that reminds the Teklay Gizat. “The federal system shall be based upon geographic and historical realities and the separation of powers, and not upon ethnicity, nationality, or religion (article 4). Two, language policy. Amharic would be the only “official” medium of communication displacing other vernaculars from the halls of the National Assembly, public schools, the courts, and official conferences (article 9). Read more…

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Meetni Nama Harka Jiru Dhagaa Fakkaata

Malkaa Caffee irraa | Waxabajjii 2012

Qabsoon Bilisummaa Oromoo kan dhiigaa-lafee fi lubbuu gootota Oromoo kumootaan utubame bu’uurri isaa akka jabaa gadi dhaabbatee jira. Bu’uura kana jabeessanii tikfachuudhaan achi irratti waan hafe ijaaruu qofaatu guyyaa bilisummaa ummata keenyaa dhiheessa. Waan akka Sabaatti dhabne sana argachuuf mala/daandii haaraya barbaaduunis hammeenya hin qabu. Waan haaraya tokko gadi dhaabuuf bu’ura amma jiru kana diiguu barbaachisa yaadni jedhu yoo jiraate garuu, dogoggora seenaa guddaa dha. “Isa Mukaan Fuudhaatti, Isa Ukaa Buufti.” inni jedhamu (mammaaksi abbootii keenyaa) sun nu mudachuu waan danda’uuf. Maaliifin kana kaase? Read more…

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Ethiopia: Meles in Brussels for Brain Tumour

June 10, 2012

According to trusted embassy information, Meles Zenawi suffers from a brain tumor which requires a frequent medical checkup. He visits Brussels at least once every three months for medical reasons.

Moreover, Meles is epileptic since he was a child. His classmates at the then General Wingate High School, witness that Meles suffered from epilepsy as they personally helped him to wake up.

According to Wikileaks from American Embassy some years ago, the US Department of State’s documents (a lot of which are classified, secret or nonfor) contain merciless accounts of Meles Zenawi’s behavior and rule and the deteriorating condition of his health. There are at least 1395 cables originating from Addis Ababa in the release. Read more…

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