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Squeezing Africa dry: behind every land grab is a water grab

Anuak water

June 14, 2012 (Grain) – Food cannot be grown without water. In Africa, one in three people endure water scarcity and climate change will make things worse. Building on Africa’s highly sophisticated indigenous water management systems could help resolve this growing crisis, but these very systems are being destroyed by large-scale land grabs amidst claims that Africa’s water is abundant, under-utilised and ready to be harnessed for export-oriented agriculture. GRAIN looks behind the current scramble for land in Africa to reveal a global struggle for what is increasingly seen as a commodity more precious than gold or oil – water.

The Alwero river in Ethiopia’s Gambela region provides both sustenance and identity for the indigenous Anuak people who have fished its waters and farmed its banks and surrounding lands for centuries. Some Anuak are pastoralists, but most are farmers who move to drier areas in the rainy season before returning to the river banks. This seasonal agricultural cycle helps nurture and maintain soil fertility. It also helps structure the culture around the collective repetition of traditional cultivation practices related to rainfall and rising rivers as each community looks after its own territory and the waters and farmlands within it. Read more…

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Ogaden Region: UN and ACF Local Staff attacked – Villages burned down

June 14, 2012, Thursday (Ogadentoday Press) – the UN-WFP local staff and a French Action Contrela faim(ACF) in Ogaden region was attacked by the Ethiopian security intelligence, a source based in Kenya said to Ogadentoday Press. The staff has been attacked by their house, some of relatives are arrested while others escaped, the WFP local staff is detained in Kebridahar Town in Ogaden, the source added.

ACF conducts nutritional and water sanitation projects in Qorahay Zone, WFP distributes food to the local people but aid organizations in Ogaden Region do not deliver the food and aid to the vulnerable population as right groups said in report. With the Red Cross (ICRC) and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) both expelled from southern Ethiopia and the Ogaden since 2007. Read more…

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IMF raises Ethiopia 2012/2013 growth forecast

By Aaron Maasho

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s economy is expected to maintain a growth rate of 7 percent in 2012/2013, the International Monetary Fund said, raising its earlier forecast of 5.5 percent owing to slowing inflation.

The Washington-based body’s growth projection is below official estimates of 11.4 percent.

A visiting IMF team said tight monetary and fiscal policies have contributed to declining inflation, through the termination of central bank financing of the budget and significant sales of foreign exchange. Read more…

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U.S. Asked To Join Assault On Kismayo

Kismayo City

June 14, 2012 (Strategy Page): In the last week Ethiopia has been withdrawing its troops from recently captured towns in Central Somalia. At least two of the towns were then reoccupied by al Shabaab gunmen and in at least one case, two locals accused of cooperating with the Ethiopians were beheaded. The Ethiopians were supposed to turn several towns over to AU (African Union) peacekeepers, who began moving outside Mogadishu two months ago. Apparently the AU forces did not show up on schedule and the Ethiopians just left.

One of the most striking changes in Mogadishu (in addition to much less violence) is the massive quantities of building materials being unloaded at the port. Many homes and businesses are being repaired, or built from scratch. Read more…

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“Wise-Up” Program Helps Former Ethiopian Sex Workers Find New Vocations

June 14, 2012, SHASHEMENE, Ethiopia (Huffington Post) — Three years ago, Munayie, 25 , made her living as a commercial sex worker here in Shashemene, a city of over 100,000 in the lake resort area of southern Ethiopia, about 240 kilometers south of Addis Ababa. She wanted to do something else but sex work was the only thing she knew that brought in the money she needed to provide for herself and her 8-year-old son.

Eventually, she and other sex workers found their calling as café owners with support from “Wise-Up,” a condom promotion program of the non-profit organization DKT Ethiopia that targets sex workers, their clients and gatekeepers, and other “most at-risk populations.” Wise-Up is grounded in the belief that promoting condoms to these groups will reduce prevalence of HIV and other sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) because 1) prevalence is generally higher among these groups and 2) they act as “bridging” populations that spread HIV and STIs to the general population. Read more…

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Ethiopia: The Leeches of Tigray

Dawit Fanta | June 15, 2012

Don’t you ever be surprised how and why the Tigrian minorities rise to economic dominance in Ethiopia in this short period of time??? How these Leeches connived to fasten themselves on our body to suck our blood to death?

Let’s see below some of their racketeering tactics:

1. Insider Trading: In Ethiopia all key governmental positions are occupied by the Tigrians; which means any policy or information particularly related to business reaches to the Tigrian racketeers before the crowd gets it so they adjust everything in advance to suit to the new condition. For example, two years ago when the government devaluated the currency the racketeers had a prior knowledge then they netted millions from insider trading. In every government auction they have foreknowledge as against the rest who would get it on newspaper which is too late. After all, inside information equals “money” in a modern market economy and it is a great power in the hands of people who are the most cohesive and organized criminal group like the Tigrian racketeers. Eventually insider information is illegal both from moral and law perspective. Read more…

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