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Demystifying Abysinia, the fake nation

The Abuse of Music by Abyssinian Azmari: the case of Tedy Afro

June 20, 2012 (Shaggar Index) – There are people who thrive on the fame of the dead. Indeed there are people who thrive on the noxious fumes of dead zombies. One such person is Tedy Afro who continued living on the dead spirit of Abyssinian worst dictators. This article is in response to Teddy Afro’s latest Album, the album which Tedy wrongly labeled Tikur Sew.  My intention is not to educate Tedy or any other Habesha musician. The objective of this article is to indicate how Tedy abused music and also how he wronged the late Emperor Menelik II by mislabelling the Caucasian Emperor as a black man.

Purpose of music

Humanity employed music for several purposes, positive as well as negative. Music has been part of human experience in every culture and society since time immemorial. From the earliest cultures of humankind until now music has been used to express a wide range of human emotions; love, joy, celebration, sadness, anger and fear. Music has been used to inspire patriotism, incite wars and promote peace. Music played an exceedingly great role in communicating ideas to the masses with minimum resistance and it played great roles in bringing different cultures together. In this respect, music is rightly called the universal language. Ancient and modern society also employed the healing ability of music to threat patients. Music can also heal a racially, religiously, and culturally divided society. Read more…

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Ethiopia Shows That Congress Is Right to Be Worried About UN Control of the Internet

Steve DelBianco June 20, 2012 (Circle ID) – Today a key committee in the US Congress approved a resolution opposing United Nations “control over the Internet.” While some in the Internet community have dismissed the bipartisan effort as mere political grandstanding, recent actions by some UN Member States show that lawmakers have good reason to be worried.Last month, UN voting member Ethiopia made it a crime — punishable by 15 years in prison — to make calls over the Internet. The Ethiopian government cited national security concerns, but also made it clear that it wants to protect the revenues of the state-owned telecom monopoly. (those guys really hate it when people use free Internet calling services like Skype and Google Talk)

The news out of Ethiopia is just the latest indication that many UN members don’t think too highly of the free and open Internet, or of its multi-stakeholder governance model. Aside from the Ethiopian law, we’ve heard a drumbeat of news about governments seeking to regulate and tax the Internet through the upcoming World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai. Read more…

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Kenya Ethiopian elders pick Borana candidate for Marsabit governor

By Ali Abdi

June 20, 2012, Kenya (Standard Media) – The nomination of a top NGO official as the Borana candidate for the seat of Marsabit County governor by Ethiopian elders has generated a storm.

Chachu Tadicha, the Ethiopia Save the Children country director, was picked as the flag-bearer of the community in a meeting in Moyale, Ethiopia, after three days of deliberations.
The meeting was attended by Abba Gadha (the Borana traditional ruler) Guyo Gobba and Ethiopia’s Borana Zone administrator, Guyo Kanu Jillo, among others.

But the verdict had been dismissed as an ‘agenda’ by Ethiopian Government to impose a candidate on Kenyan voters by supporters of Moyale MP Mohamud Ali, who was running against Tadicha. Read more…

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Tiny brave Eritrea under unremitting US siege

June 20, 2012 (Pravda) – Last May 24 marked Eritrea’s 21st birthday as an independent nation. It was on May 24 of 1991 that Eritrea finally became a free country after 30 years of protracted war of independence against Ethiopia. On that day, Eritrea’s liberation army marched into Asmara, after defeating Col Mengistu Hailemariam’s army of occupation and forcing its remnants to surrender en mass.

As is the customary practice each year, this important occasion was celebrated with tremendous pomp by Eritreans all over the world. Eritrea’s independence-day is an occasion that all Eritreans hold very dear to their hearts and await, each year, with great excitement and anticipation. The countdown to the big day always starts early, as do the celebrations and festivities. And when May 24 arrives there is rupture of joy and a spontaneous flow of genuine brotherhood and camaraderie among all Eritreans, as they celebrate the momentous occasion with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Read more…

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