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DR Congo rebels ‘aim to take Goma’

BBC, July 26, 2012. Fighting has continued for a third day between rebel forces and the Congolese Army.

The two sides have been involved in fierce battles about 50 km (31 miles) north of the provincial capital, Goma.

The latest unrest began in April, with the UN and DR Congo government accusing neighbouring Rwanda of backing the rebels – a charge it denies.

More than 200,000 people in the region have been displaced by the conflict.

Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo are moving ever closer to the city of Goma.

They’ve already taken over several towns in the region, and the Congolese army has been unable to stop them.

Now, thousands of United Nations troops are shoring up the city of Goma to try to keep the M23 rebels at bay

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Waamicha Walga’ii WWDO

Nagaa keenya obbolummaa dargaggoota Oromoo DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland fi Varginia) jirrattan maraaf dabarsina.

Akkuma beekamu walga’iin WWDO (Waldaa Walgargaarsa Dargaggoota Oromo) kan ji’aa Dilbata Hagayya 05, 2012 geggeeffama. Sagantaa guyyaa kanaatti qophilee bashannansiisoo fi barsiisoo dhiyaatanitti dabalee waa’een aadaa fi seenaa Oromoos tartiiba qabatee jira.

Kanaaf, guyyaa kanatti dargaggooti Oromoo naannoo DC, MD fi VA jirattan marti dhuftanii sagantaa kantti akka hirmaattan akkasumas tokkummaa keenya akka ibsinu WWDOn isin hafeera.

Guyyaan: Hagayya 05, 2012

Bakka walga’ii: Waajjira Jaarmiyaa Hawaasa Oromoo

6212 3rd St, NW

Washington, DC 20011

Sa’atii: 6:00w.b.


Koree Gidduu WWDO

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Urgent Call for Oromo National Unity to Defeat the TPLF | July 31, 2012

Speculations about Meles Zenawis health have exposed the instability of the brutal Ethiopian regime. It will not be far fetched to expect their tradition of power struggle when a leader is displaced to consume and emasculate the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). Assisted by its external supporters, the TPLF may reorganize its capacities and survive for a little while. Be that as it may, Oromo freedom fighters and the entire Oromo nation must push the struggle forward with a renewed vigor and determination. The urgency the situation poses calls for the mobilization of our forces, and requires the consolidation of our resources in a common front. Read more…

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Images of Ethiopian Forces in Western Media: War-makers as Peacemakers and Containers of Ethnic Clashes in Moyale

July 31, 2012 (Oromo Press) – Reading news about Western media reports of the ethnic clashes in Moyale, a border area between southern Oromia-Ethiopia and Kenya, one cannot avoid noticing the conspicuous wrong framing of the “Ethiopian National Defense Forces” as ‘containers and peacemakers.’ These kinds of  narrative projections of a strong Ethiopia  plays and replays the age-old predominant, but flawed Western views of the Ethiopian state and ruling elites as dependable champions of stability, counter-terrorism and so forth in Ethiopia and the Horn.

Media outlets such as the BBC, CBS, and the VOA have rushed to  giving all sorts of dangerous credits to the ENDF as a stabilizing force. This is problematic not only for ignoring the composition of the ENDF, as a military force dominated by ethnic Tigire officers and commanders, but also because it makes it difficult for groups suffering massive human rights violations under the current ethno-apartheid regime such as the Oromo and  Ogaden to tell their stories. It makes it an uphill battle for us to prove our just causes for freedom, self-rule, democracy and all other basic human needs.  Our Ethiopianist friends opposed to the regime will be happy to see such international headlines on ethnic clashes since they affirm their “one-Ethiopia” narrative that the current ethnic federalism is not working. Yes, federalism is not working currently. But, the reason clashes happen is not inherently because of ethnic federalism,  but because the regime follows an outdated colonial policy of divide and conquer in Ethiopia–this has nothing to do with federalism or  the sacred article 39 and why they are not working. Read more…

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by DJ | July 31, 2012

It was 30 plus years ago that I arrived in Minnesota as young man and some what ambitious student to study at the university of Minnesota. I can say with out hesitation that it was a glorious journey.  During those years, I have met and made great Oromo and American friends among whom Ms. Lois Swanson was the first American I met and admired for her generosity and commitment to assist Oromo immigrants in Minnesota.

Lois Swanson was murdered early June 2012 by some demonic individual(s) in her own home that shared for the past several decades with countless Oromo immigrants who needed a place to stay until they set-up their own lives. Read more…

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ESAT Radio confirms the death of Meles Zenawi citing International Crisis Group

July 30, 2012 (ESAT) –  just reported in its tonight news that Ethiopian Prime Minsiter Meles Zenawi has died at 57. The Radio cited its sources from an international organisation  and the diplomatic community. reported on July 22, 2012 under the title The dead body of Meles Zenawi will be aired by the regime in the coming days, that Meles was gone long time ago, but the Ethiopian government still maintains his existence.
Meles’ puppet Ambassador to USA, Ato Girma Birru, in his interview on Sunday tried to convince his audience that Meles would be returned to his office as soon as possible, but the news coming from general public in Ethiopia indicates that Meles is governing the country from his coffin as his predecessor, Emperor Menilik. Ato Birru said that he personally paid a visit to Meles Zenawi at his hospital with members of the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels last week. They did not say whether he was alive or dead.

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30,000 Enter Kenya to Escape Ethiopian Ethnic Clash

By Mohammed Yusuf

July 30, 2012, NAIROBI (VOA News) — The Kenyan Red Cross says more than 30,000 refugees have entered the country from Ethiopia in the past few days to escape fighting in their own country, though the ethnic battles now seem to have been contained and the exodus has turned to a trickle.

The Kenyan Red Cross says the fighting was triggered by a dispute over land between the Garri and Borana ethnic communities in southern Ethiopia, about 1.5 kilometers from the Kenyan border.The clashes, which started four days ago, have killed dozens and displaced tens of thousands to temporary camps in the town of Moyale on the Kenyan side of the border.

Nelly Muluka, Kenya Red Cross communication manager in Moyale, said the flow of refugees has slowed.

“We are not really receiving many people at the moment, but according to the Kenya Red Cross registration in the two camps, we have a figure of 33,000 people who have crossed from Ethiopia following the conflict,” said Muluka. Read more…

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Ethiopian Government is Behind Ethnic clashes that kill 18 Ethiopians, displace thousands

By Katy Migiro

Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies workers and displaced people at the Kenya’s border with Ethiopia.

NAIROBI, July 30 (Reuters) – At least 18 people have been killed in fierce fighting between two communities over land in southern Ethiopia and 20,000 refugees have fled to Kenya, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) said on Monday.

Fighting broke out last Thursday because of a dispute over the Ethiopian government’s decision to settle the Garri community on land which the Borana claim to own, KRCS said in a statement on its website.

Thousands of refugees, segregated by ethnicity, are camped out in schools and a mosque around the Kenyan town of Moyale. Others are being given refuge by local Kenyan residents.

“Most of the families are in the open cold with their children for lack of shelter,” KRCS said. Read more…

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The Oromo Struggle in Ethiopia: causes of the conundrum and towards a covenant

By Firew Kebede Tiba, PhD

July 30, 2012 (Opride) – This Op-Ed is an outgrowth of my brief response, on a social media, to Magarsa Muhktar’s “Ethiopia’s Beleaguered Opposition: Fighting Goliath”, which appeared on on 28 July 2012. Magarsa makes an apt observation of the state of resistance to political repression.

I salute Magarsa for his thoughtful opinion and for kick-starting this very important discussion. The tenet of this opinion is to add to this discussion by highlighting the causes of the conundrum and to put forward a concrete suggestion on how to forge alliance or at least understanding between Oromo groups. Other oppositions representing different interests could replicate the same.

One might ask, why Oromos while Magarsa’s opinion is about Ethiopia’s beleaguered opposition? This is for the simple reason that one cannot generalise about the whole without understanding the state of its discrete parts, in particular when that part happens to be a critical piece in the jigsaw puzzle. It is imperative that no democratic Ethiopia could ever be built without the full participation of Oromos. Needless to say, had Oromo political parties been strong enough and played their leadership role in the opposition camp, TPLF’s dictatorship would not have lasted this long. Read more…

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Ethiopian forces contain deadly tribal clash; 2 dozen people said killed since Wednesday

By Associated Press, July 29, 2012

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia’s government says that federal security forces have stopped a clash between two tribes in the country’s south after fighting killed nearly two dozen people.

Mesfin Assefa, an official in the Oromia region, said Sunday that federal and local forces restored order and that fighting has stopped. Fighting between the Borana and Garri tribes has broken out over the last week.

Local authorities say about two dozen people were killed, including two police, after fighting started Wednesday. More people were injured when thousands fled to Kenya. Armed men also set ablaze a number of houses.

Tribal clashes over land disputes are common in the region.

–Washington Post


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Meles Zenawi, Corruption, Blood Money, and USAID

We ask you as Ethiopians and Americans please stop supporting tyranny in Ethiopia and corruption in America by Ethiopians.

July 29, 2012 (Brown Condor) – September 11th did not occur on September 11th 2001.  Rather, the day of monumental mourning and the death of thousands of Americans was decades in the making.  September 11th occurred the moment America decided to coddle a supposed “freedom fighter” by the name of Osama bin Laden and armed him to the teeth with weapons and knowledge.  September 11th was a blowback, a result of unexpected yet foreseen set of events that led ultimately to the Twin Towers being reduced to rubble and the Pentagon morphed into a hollowed out testament to US foreign policy.  I am not a conspiracy theorist; I put all blame for September 11th on Osama bin Laden and his band of blood thirsty terrorists.  However, it would be ludicrous if we as Americans do not realize that the Clinton and Bush administration—and prior administrations —do not bear the responsibility for creating a monster who would eventually murder over 3,500 innocent Americans. Read more…

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ETHIOPIA: Rights-Related Demands Risking Terrorism

Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA)

PRESS RELEASE, July 28, 2012.

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) would like to express its deep concern regarding how the TPLF/EPRDF Government of Ethiopia is handling the country-wide peaceful protests by Ethiopian Muslims that have been going on for months, both prior to and following the allegedly hijacked elections of the Supreme Counsel of the Islamic Affairs of Ethiopia. Religious freedoms were among the fundamental rights enshrined in the current Ethiopian Constitution, Chapter three (fundamental rights and freedoms, Article 27(1) Freedom of Religion, Belief and Opinion), which states: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include the freedom to hold or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and the freedom, either individually or in community with others, and in public or private, to manifests his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching” Read more…

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Ethiopia: 20,000 flee Moyale clashes – Red Cross

Ethnic clashes in southern Ethiopia are reported to have left at least 18 people dead and 12 others injured.

Conflicts over land and water rights have caused clashes between local communities in the past

July 28, 2012 (BBC News) – More than 20,000 people have crossed into Kenya to escape the fighting, the Kenyan Red Cross says.

A spokesman told the BBC that people were continuing to cross the border although Ethiopian government forces had intervened to stop the fighting.

The clashes, in the Moyale area, are thought to have been sparked by a simmering dispute over land rights.

Fighting involving the Borana and Garri communities is said to have started mid-week, and to have continued until Friday. Read more…

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Will Ethiopian crackdown stir Islamist backlash?

Peaceful protests continue in Addis Ababa this week among Muslims angry over what they see as Ethiopian government interference. The government sees foreign extremist threat.

By William Davison, Correspondent / July 27, 2012
(CSMonitor) – With arms raised and wrists crossed, silent Muslim worshippers surrounding the largest mosque in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, again today peacefully protested what they call a violent government response to legitimate demands.

The act of civil disobedience from Muslims, who constitute at least one-third of the population, is a rare sign of instability in a country seen by US policymakers as a bulwark against radical Islam in the volatile Horn of Africa region.

Last month, members of a committee mediating the dispute over perceived unconstitutional state interference in Islamic affairs were taken into custody, while unrest broke out on two occasions around separate mosques in the city of around 5 million people. Read more…

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Doowwii Haasaa Adddaa ROP Hololoota Araaraa Afarfamaa Jiranirratti Ummata Hubachiisuuf

Oromo Press | July 27, 2012

Raadiyoon Oromo Press (ROP), doowwii haasaa addaa isiniif qabaattee dhiyattee jirti. Doowwiin haasaa kuni yeroo ammaatti araara Pirofeessar Efireem Isaaqiin geggeeffamuuf jira jedhamee daayaasporaa Kaaba Ameerikaa keessatti hololamaa jirurratti xiinxala gadifagoofi walabaa dhiyeessa. Read more…

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“The Right to Speak Loudly”

Essays on Law and Human Rights

By W. J. Basil Fernando

July 27, 2012 ( “We desperately need cross-cultural discussions on the rule of law and human rights. Much of the discourse is dominated by the West, as is the language of justice, which is associated with several centuries of struggle there. As a result, many of the problems faced by people in Asia are beyond the comprehension of those who are used to this discourse. Persons from the Western tradition struggle to understand how a police may so readily resort to torture as his means for routine criminal investigation, or how he may spend more time making a living on the side than dealing with his official duties. They cannot easily accept that a prosecutor may belong to a powerless agency, or that a complete buffoon may sit as Chief Justice and make a mockery of the very institution he represents. An enlightened discourse on the rule of law and human rights will develop only when we break down the language barriers involved to understand the actual daily experiences of people throughout Asia.”

Strengthening Advocacy Work by Training Activists

The Oromo people have a nice saying : “Harreen wal dhiitti malee ilkaan wal hin cabsitu.” Mr. Seye Abraha may still want to replace Meles and continue Revolutionary Democracy. Thanks to the International Crisis Group (ICG) they have broken the language barriers on their popular report of September 4, 2009. Now, the TPLF elites can no more deceive the international community by speaking the jargons of liberal democracy. Revolutionary democracy is clearly designed by the TPLF for Tigrayan hegemony and domination. Can they sustain it any more? It depends on our commitment and dedication to dismantle this brutal fascist regime. Read more…

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