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Tilahun Regassa of Ethiopia wins 35th annual Boilermaker Road Race

  July 8, 2012, UTICA (uticaod)—Tilahun Regassa of Ethiopia cruised to victory in the 35th annual Boilermaker Road Race in an unofficial time of 43 minutes.

Manitu Daska of Ethiopia won the women’s division in 49: 28. She won the women’s division of the recent Peachtree Road Race.

Regassa finished sixth in the Peachtree.

Regassa took the lead early in the race and outdistanced the field for most of the run. He finished about 30 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher.

Regassa is a half marathon specialist who stepped up to the marathon distance last past fall. Read more…

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Maid rental, smuggling becomes rampant in Saudi Arabia

July 8, 2012 (Abused Maids) – Restrictions on foreign labor recruitment have driven many Saudi families to resort to the illegal practice of maid rental in order to cover the shortage.

According to Saudi law, a maid has to only work for her sponsor, who is responsible for her legal and financial status as long as she stays in the kingdom. Violators of this law are fined 30,000 riyals and banned from recruiting maids for five years.

However, the latest shortage has boosted the maid rental market run by a group of brokers who make each maid work in more than one house.

In addition to the laws that govern that recruitment of foreigners, the cost of recruitment has become excessively high, amounting to 18,000 riyals.

This has made it easier for many families to resort to maid rental brokers especially with their domestic needs increasing as the holy month of Ramadan draws near. Read more…

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African land owners beware: The new ‘scramble for Africa’ is here

International investors are being primed up for land opportunities and vast swaths of Africa are being bought up by oligarchs, sheikhs and agribusiness corporations. The result? Displaced African farmers, destroyed ecosystems and up-rooted communities struggling to survive a new scramble for Africa on a massive scale.

Did you know that last month (June 2012) pension fund managers and hedge funds in the UK gathered in London for a summit to discuss the next big investment opportunity: buying up swaths of African farmland?

The Agriculture Investment Summit promises guidance through the “complexities of investing in agriculture as an asset class” to benefit from “one of the greatest investments in the world”.

An estimated 70m hectares of agricultural land – or 5% of Africa – has been sold or leased to western investors since 2000, according to a public database of international land deals. British companies have bought the rights to more than 3m hectares of land in poor countries – the equivalent of almost two-thirds of the UK’s total farmland, according to the International Land Coalition. Read more…

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