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Oromo Sports Federation in North America (OSFNA) 2012 Soccer Championship in Toronto, Canada

by Girma Gemeda of Lagatafo Studio | July 10, 2012

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Eritrea: One survivor, 54 die at sea attempting the voyage to Italy from Libya

July 10, 2012 (Trust) – It is with great sadness that UNHCR received the news that 54 people perished attempting the sea journey from Libya to Italy. According to the sole survivor, an Eritrean man, 55 people boarded the boat in Libya in late June. He reported that all the other passengers died of dehydration during a 15 day ordeal.

“This is a tragedy,” said T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees. “Fifty four people have lost their lives.”

Fishermen found the survivor off the Tunisian coast last night. They alerted the Tunisian Coast Guard who rescued the man. He was immediately taken to Zarzis hospital where he is being treated for dehydration and exposure.

UNHCR staff interviewed the survivor. He said that the boat left from Tripoli in Libya in late June and a day later the boat reached the Italian coast, but high winds forced the boat back to sea. Within a few days the inflatable boat was punctured and air started to leak out.

According to the survivor, there was no water on board and people started to die of dehydration within days. Many drank sea water, including the man who survived. He was rescued floating on the remains of the boat and a jerry can. According to the survivor over half of the deceased were from Eritrea, including three of his relatives. Read more…

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An Ethiopian Woman being kidnapped, abused and dragged into a car in S. Arabia

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Ethiopia: TPLF’s anti-Muslim campaign analysis – in Amharic

July 10, 2012

Former TPLF regime official Abdellah Adem Teki provides an in-depth analysis on why dictator Meles Zenawi has launched an anti-Muslim campaign in Ethiopia. Read more…

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CrossTalk: AFRICOM – Africa is being colonized once again

July 10, 2012

Has Africa made it to the list of US geopolitical priorities? Why is the US military expanding its secret intelligence operations in Africa? What is behind the growth of AFRICOM? Read more…

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U.N. mulls sanctions against Eritrean officials

July 10, 2012 (Reuters) – Eritrea said on Monday the United Nations was considering imposing sanctions on two Eritrean military officials over allegations they had helped Islamist militants in Somalia, and accused Washington of being behind the plan.

The United States Treasury included the two Eritreans on a list of six people placed under sanctions last week for their role in the Somali conflict, which U.S. officials see as a growing threat to stability across east Africa.

“On July 3, the U.N. Sanctions Committee included the personal details of two Eritrean military officials in its list of persons allegedly ‘associated with terrorist activities’ in Somalia,” the Eritrean foreign ministry said in a statement.

It accused the committee of failing to validate the charges, and said the plan was part of a “sinister ploy” by the United States, which it accuses of conspiring with its arch-foe Ethiopia to topple its government. Read more…

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Gumaacha Walaloo

Adoolessa 10, 2012

‘Seexana Gurraacha!’
Maaliif nutti faarsuu
Maa nutti leellisu
Nutuu hin irraanfannee
Maal nu yaadachiisuu!
Akkamiin dagannaa
Akkam irraanfannaa
Gonkumaa gonkumaa
Gaaris ta’ee yaraa
Seenaan seenadhuma
Kunoo bara sana
Bara hireen jal’atte Read more…

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Ethiopians deny interests in Marsabit politics

By Moses Njagih

Kenya: Borana Women

Kenya: Borana cattle

July 10, 2012, Kenya (Standard) – Ethiopian officials have denied claims they are meddling in Marsabit County politics.

It dismissed allegations it is bent on ensuring a local MP does not clinch a top county position for allegedly being sympathetic to the Oromo Liberation Front rebel movement.

Ethiopia has been sucked into the murky politics of the county where two warring Borana community camps have been strategising to clinch the governor’s position, heightening political temperatures in the volatile region. Read more…

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Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa | Adoolessa 10, 2012

Qoppheessitoota mandheewwan Oromoo, jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, mee dursee nagaa fi nageenyi qeyee hunda keessanii irraa hin dhabamini! Hardha xalayaa banaa tana baneetoo gara keessanitti dabarsuuf, waan onnee tiyya tuqee, qalbii fi sammuu kiyya qirqirseetoo na kakaasetu jira. Kunis dubbii kaleessa mandhee teenya mandhee Oromoota maraa: “” irratti baafame, waayee aaddee kadijjaa Abdullaahii ti. Isa kaleessa baafame san irratti, Oromoonni tokko tokko yaada ofii dhiyeessaniiti jiru. Kunoo, hardha immoo waayeen dubbii tanaa, mandhee Oromiyaa hundaa: “” irratti dhiyaatee argama. Kan nama gammachiisu, “” yaada ofii, dubbii sonaan cimtuu gabaabinaan dhiyeessuun, “mee baldhinaan:, tuqaatii ilaalaa!” nuun jechuu isaati!

Waayee dubartii Oromoo, haadha ijoollee sadiyii ishii karaa irratti, daandii Shaggar walakkaatti hoofkaltee (deessee) san, yaadawwan Oromootaan kaleessa mandhee: “ayyaantuu” irratti dhiyeeffaman keessaan, kan dubbiin amma ka’eef kanaa, akka seensaatti na gargaaru, kan obboo Jabeessaa Gadaa isiniif dhiyeessa. Innis mee kunooti! Read more…

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