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Defection hits brand new Ethiopia Games squad

July 11, 2012, Kenya (Daily Nation) – All seems not to be well in the Ethiopia camp with one of the squad members reportedly having taken up Swedish citizenship.

The Ethiopian Athletics Federation included rising 1,500 metres star Abeba Aregawi when it named its squad for London on Sunday but it has since emerged that the authorities in Stockholm have appealed to the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) to have her struck off the Ethiopian roster.

Abeba is currently training alongside the Ethiopian squad although Ethiopia’s The Reporter claimed that Aregawi was granted the European country’s citizenship last month.

“Following her remarkable achievement in the Diamond League, the Swedish government granted her the citizenship on June 8, 2012 after reviewing the application she submitted back in 2009,” the Addis Ababa paper said. “The Swedish government, moreover, wrote a letter to IAAF saying that she would represent Sweden at the London Olympics.” Read more…

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Ethiopia: Supporting Stability, Abetting Repression

Published: July 11, 2012

BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA (The New York Times) — Next time I travel to Ethiopia, I may be arrested as a terrorist. Why? Because I have published articles about Ethiopian politics.

I wrote a policy report on Ethiopia’s difficulties with federalism. I gave a talk in which I questioned Ethiopia’s May 2010 elections, in which the ruling EPRDF party (Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front) won 545 out of 547 seats in the Parliament. As part of my ongoing research on mass violence in the Somali territories, I interviewed members of the Ogaden National Liberation Front, a separatist rebel group in eastern Ethiopia that the government has designated as a terrorist organization. Read more…

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Calaqqisa Aadaa Oromoo: Mil’ata Shaggooyyee

Doorii Abbaa Fugug irraa | Adoolessa 11, 2012

Calaqisa eenyummaa hawaasa tokkoo keessaa aadaan isa tokko fi guddaa dha. Aadaa keessaa ammo sirbaa fi ragadni kan waltajji (ifatti) bahee balinaan hawaasa sana calaqisu(ibsu). Hawaasni tokko gammachuu, gadda, aarii, dambooba, jaalala, jibbanna, injifannoo fi milkii akka itti simatuu fi ibsatu qaba. Oromoonni isaan kana hundaahuu bifa ittiin geggeefatan qabdu. Sirbaa-ragadni; geerarsaa fi mirrigni; darasaa/shaa-shoobdoon; weeyduu-Helleen; faaruu-eeybi meeshaalee isaan kana ittiin geggeefatan keessaa mullatoo guddoodha.

Yo bu’ura sirboota oromoo laalle jaalalli akki itti ibsamu boona, damboobaa fi gootmmaa irratti hundaaweeti. Yo kan olla keenya Habashootaa laalle ammo booyaa fi kadhaa irratti kan hundaawe fakkaata. Siif du’e. Siif caphe. Siif gaggabe. Siif maraadhe. Na dhaqqabi. Yeroo dhihoo as sirbitoonni Oromoo garii gara staahila habashaa kana cillaayfachuu kan barbaadan fakkaatu. Read more…

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