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Four regular police officers defected to the popular uprising in Shambu, Wollega; while nine federal police were killed in sabotage of Haroo Limmu area

Qeerroo, Finfinnee (July 16, 2012)

Four police officers from Shambu area have joined the local popular uprising by pointing their gun at the occupying force of the Woyane government in a continued political tension that is gripping the whole region. The police officers were reported to be the local Ex-prison guards and they decided to join the popular uprising after witnessing the unspeakable atrocities being committed in the prison against innocent Oromo civilians. Due to the security gap, some inmates have also made their way while the government responded by deploying extra security personnel.

In a similar news, nine federal police officers were reported to have been killed as a result of sabotage by local residents. The residents have destroyed the main route to their village and caused an immediate accident, death and injury on the merciless convoy heading to destyoy them. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Edris and Doroba Secure 5000m Gold At Junior Champs

He dedicated it to the people of his native Ethiopia.

By Chris Lotsbom

Muktar Edris leads the pack in the 5000m at the IAAF Junior Championships. Photo: Getty Images

16-July (Competitor) — Ethiopia’s Muktar Edris won the men’s 5000m this evening on the penultimate day of the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona, giving the East African nation a clean sweep of the gold medals in this discipline. Edris joins compatriot Buze Diriba, who won the women’s 5000m on Wednesday, at the top of the podium.

“I dedicate my gold to the people of Ethiopia,” Edris told the IAAF shortly after his victory. Running in the front through one and two kilometers, Edris seemed poised and in position to take the title.

Between the third and fourth kilometer (3000m was hit in 8:19.38), Edris regained the lead from Eritrea’s Abrar Osman Adem. Fending off a number of competitors, the 18-year-old won in 13:38.95.

Edris said his idol is the great Haile Gebrselassie, someone he hopes to emulate as his career goes on. Read more…

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Ethiopia’s dictator in a coma and his wife, Azeb Mesfin, banned from Leaving the country

Ethiopian Review, July 16, 2012.  

The Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit has learned that Meles Zenaw’s daughter Semhal Meles, who was in Washington DC during the Summer, has gone back to Ethiopia yesterday. According to our source, many of Meles Zenawi’s close relatives and friends have been informed on Sunday afternoon that the dictator’s illness is terminal.

We also have been informed that Meles Zenawi’s deteriorating health could be as a result of poisoning, and not just cancer.

Meanwhile, Woyanne security chief Getachew Assefa has reportedly banned Meles Zenawi’s wife Azeb Mesfin — also known as mother of corruption — from leaving Ethiopia today. Azeb has amassed enormous wealth and political influence, which has garnered her a number of enemies. Her fate is very much intertwined with that of Meles. Read more…

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