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Qeerroo:It is the time to finish out the TPLF dictatorship and proclaim freedom for the oppressed Nations.

Qeerroo – National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD)

July 19, 2012  

Press Release: QEERROO National Youth Movement for Freedom and Democracy (NYMFD)

July 2012, Finfinne, Ethiopia: Since the EPRDF government come to power, neither the Ethiopian people, nor the Oromos in particular have lived in peace and tranquility. The last 21 years on power, the regime has boosted itself as a guarantor of the right of nations and nationalities while it brutally imprisoned, tortured and killed these who have demanded for their legitimate right. Hunger, poverty, land grabbing, imprisonment and killings remains to be the visible face of the current dying regime. Despite the hugely hostile situation and unspeakable political tragedies meant to drag dissidents to submission, the people have remained at odds with dictatorial regime in its struggle. The sacrifices were also immense. In Oromiya the fear and animosity of the regime towards the people has resulted in massive and limitless imprisonment and displacement programs; even if that has in fact strengthened the people towards its struggle for freedom and self-determination. In these years of struggles, the merciless Woyane prisons have claimed the precious lives of thousands of Oromos. When the option for a peaceful struggle literally disappeared, the people were dragged in to an armed struggle. The responses to the resistance of the people for the last two decades were imprisonment, killing and planned impoverishing programs. Read full statment.

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Ethiopia: Tragedy We Can Prevent

By Hudda Ibrahim


July 19, 2012 (TrustLaw) – In Segag, a small village in the Somali Zone of Ethiopia’s Federal Republic, people live in mud huts. This village has about 3000 residents; almost all their livelihoods depend on livestock and seasonal farming. People farm in the rainy season and herd camels and goats. They drink milk and sell animals in exchange for sorghum and maize. The infrastructure is almost nonexistent: A truck that comes once a month is the only means of transportation, and there is no electricity or telephone service. Besides, there are no schools, clinics, or even skilled medical professionals. We fled to this village after the war in Somalia. Life was difficult and dreadful. In 1998, my mother died in this village. Her death could have been prevented. Read more…

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Kitaaba Haaraa

Abdurashiid Abdurahmaan irraa | Adooleessa 19, 2012

Raammisoon kitaaba asoosamaa kan seenaa-rratti hundaawe. Nama Oromiyaa Bahaa keessatti sirna garbummaa Habashaa jalatti dhalate irratti bu’ureeffamee, amna jiruu abbaa seenaa hordofuun, haala jireenya isaa keessatti mudate asoosamaan odeeysa. San keessa, akkaataa hawaasni Oromiyaa, keesaa huu kan Bahaa, gabrummaa Habashaa jalatti itti kufe hima. Haala caphiinsaa keessatti, gadadoo hawaasa Walloo fii Tuulamaa irraan gayamee fii yakka Harma muraa Aanolee tuttuqee, galaafannaa Calii Calanqoo bal’inaan ibsa. San malees, umrii bulchiinsa isaa dheereeffachuuf ijibbaata godhuun, dhibdee diinni hawaasa Oromiyaa irraan gaye odeessa. Namoota yaroo adda addaatti mootummaa fii nafxanyoota isaa tiin galaafataman maqaa dhadhawa. Read more…

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Ethiopia begins looking for a replacement to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Berhane Gebre-Christos

July 19, 2012, Paris (rfi) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zinawi was hospitalized in serious condition Wednesday, July 18 in Brussels, according to diplomatic sources. The spokesman for the government, Shimeles Kemal, denied the report, but it is now almost ten days since Meles Zenawi has not been seen at a public event. He was notably absent from the summit of Heads of State of the African Union in Addis Ababa last weekend.

For over 20 years Meles Zenawi heads Ethiopia with an iron hand, since the fall of the communist Derg military junta in 1991. His absence could jeopardize the entire balance of the scheme.
Under the Constitution, in the absence of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister takes over. And indeed, for 15 days, Hailemariam Desalegn plays the game.
  Read more…

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Injifannoolee Qabsoon Gonfataman Tikfachaa Kanneen Hafan Galmeeffachuuf Soch’uun Dirqama Lammummaa Oromooti!

Adoolessa 17, 2012

Ibsa Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo

Ummanni Oromoo qabsoo bilisummaa hogganummaa ABOtiin kurnoota dabran baayéef geggeessaa tureen injifannoolee hin tuffatamne galmeeffachuun hin haalamu. Haa tahu malee ammayyuu taanaan Oromoon guutummaa guutuutti mirga abbaa biyyummaa biyya isaa Oromiyaa irratti qabu deebifachuuf qabsoon isa hafe guddaa dha. Mirga hanqate guddaa kana guuttachuuf jechas qabsoon hogganummaa ABOtiin geggeeffamu osoo wal irraa hin citin jabaatee itti fufee jira. Wayta ammaa kanatti tarkaanfiileen waraanaa balínaan WBOdhaan fudhatamaa jiranii fi diddaan ummataafi sochii Qeerrootiin wal qabatee Oromiyaa mara waliin gahaa jirus ittuma fufa qabsoo deemaa dhufee yoona gahee ti. Mootummaan Wayyaanee diddaa ummataa fi tarkaanfiilee WBO Oromiyaa waliin gahaa jiru gad baasee irraa dubbachuu irraa of haa qusatu malee, tarkaanfiilee kanaan heddu laalatee muddamaa jiraachuu isaa haaluu hin dandaú. Duris taanaan sirnoonni Itoophiyaa dhufaa dabraan diddaa ummata Oromoo irraa isaan mudatu ukkaamsuu fi akka rakkoon homaatuu hin jirretti dhiheessuun aadaa isaanii waan taheef Wayyaaneenis as dhihoo kana sanuma jabeeffataa jira. Ibsaa guutuu


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Harassments and Intimidations of Activists Continued Unabated in Ethiopia

Ethiopia: Harassments and Intimidations of Activists Continued Unabated in Ethiopia


HRLHA Press Release

Calls for Reversal of Politically Motivated Sentences

The Ethiopian TPLF/EPRDF Government has given the local and international community another huge shock by imposing long term imprisonments on 24 human rights activists, journalists, and opposition members including the prominent press freedom advocate Iskinder Nega.

An Ethiopian court on Friday 13th of July, 2012  jailed  journalist Iskinder Nega for 18 years for “terrorism” while five other exiled journalists and a blogger were sentenced in absentia to between 15 years and life in prison simply because of attempting to exercise some of the fundamental rights such as that of freedom of expression and association granted by the Constitution of the country; and the court was said to have referred to the recently legislated and controversial “anti-terrorism” law to hand down the penalties.

Read more…

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