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Ethiopian police clash with Muslim protesters, several arrested

By Aaron Maasho

July 21, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian police clashed on Saturday with scores of Muslims protesters complaining that the state is interfering in their religion, witnesses and officials said.

The protesters, some wearing masks, blocked the entrance of the Anwar Mosque in the west of the capital Addis Ababa and hurled stones at riot police who had surrounded the compound after noon prayers. Read more…

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Gaafa – Walaloo

Makiyaa Abdullahi irraa | Adoolessa 21, 2012

Gaafa gaafni keetii
Kan moosinni keetii
       Gaafaan na dirteetii
       Na fonqolchiteeti
Abbaa gaafa doobbaa
Teeysee ana gubbaa
       Gaafni kee dheeratee
       Miidhaan babaay’atee
Qabsooniin gabaabsaa
Gaafa kee dabeysaa
       Wahiin fitti si dhiisaa?
       Hundeen si buqqisa!
Bakka irraa dhuftettii
Galta Tigrayittii!

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Why are Ethiopian eyes on Brussels?

By Ben Rawlence

July 21, 2012 (european voice) -The EU should be paying more attention to the abusive policies being pursued by Ethiopia’s ailing president.

 The cancellation of a scheduled press conference this week, to discuss the health of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi – currently in Belgium for treatment – started rumours flying. Belgians might be interested to know why Ethiopians are watching events in Brussels so keenly.

Claiming to follow the Chinese model of development – economic growth first, rights later – is a tempting fig-leaf for despots around the world eager to justify their suppression of dissent at home. Ethiopia has praised the Chinese approach while insisting that it conforms to human-rights principles in its own constitution and respects the rule of law. Donors, keen to support Ethiopia’s growth and attempts at reducing poverty, have been willing to tolerate its rights abuses in exchange for security partnerships and healthy statistics showing progress on the Millennium Development Goals. Read more…

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Kenya: High stakes in contest for governor seat in Borana


Daily Nation | July 21 2012

In Summary

  • Coveted post, the power, finances and resources the Gabra and Borana believe the holder will control are likely reasons for conflict

Even before campaigns for next year’s elections start officially, the war for political power between two rival communities in Marsabit County has started.

Today, there is an uneasy truce following fierce battles earlier in the year between the Borana and Gabra that drew in their cousins from across the Ethiopian border.

At stake, many observers say, is the coveted seat of governor and the power, finances and resources the two believe the holder will control.

Indeed, Marsabit is one of the 27 counties the National Security Intelligence Service has identified as a potential hotspot during the elections and voting period. Read more…

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East Africa: Rising Tensions Amid New Opportunities for Engagement

By Jason Mosley


July 21, 2012 (All Africa) – The latest report from the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea has stirred tensions between Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Eritrea has seized on a selective reading of the report to call for the lifting of UN imposed sanctions, a call already rebuffed by the Monitoring Group’s Coordinator. The diplomatic fallout is likely to continue as Ethiopia and its allies push for continued (or tightened) sanctions on Eritrea.

It is a sensitive time in the Horn of Africa. Tensions are rising along the region’s main political and security fault-line between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia’s government has taken an increasingly bellicose tone towards its former province, perhaps signaling an increased willingness to push more actively for regime change in Eritrea. This would have major but uncertain security consequences across the region. Read more…

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