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Ester Alvarenga of El Salvador Admired the Strong Testimonies of Oromos at New York

July 24, 2012 ( — Ester Alvarenga of El Salvador admired the strong testimonies of Oromos during a panel discussion in the presence of a U.N. Special Rapporteur, Professor Juan Mensez at the Catholic University of America. She said, “I have heard many testimonies but that of two Africans (Oromos), Hussien Ahmed and Fayera Nagaraa, was the most powerful of all testimonies I have ever heard.”

A delegation of survivors visited the United Nations, hosted by Franciscans International and other faith-based NGOs with observer status at the UN. Out of six delegates, two of them, Hussien Ahmed and Fayera Nagaraa, were from Africa (Oromia).

Hussein Ahmed is a survivor of torture from Oromia, currently living in Norway. He spoke of the real danger that 400 survivors of torture may be deported back to Ethiopia.

He was joined by Ester Alvarenga, from Pro-Busqueda in El Salvador, an organization that reunites children kidnapped by the Salvadoran military in the 1980s with their parents. Read more…

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Mallas’s Poor Health

By Ibsaa Guutama | July 23, 2012

Ibsaa Guutama

It is said “History repeats itself.” The demise of Minilik was announced seven years after it had happened (1906), as told. All those years Shawaan elites had been grilling each other behind the curtain as to who to promote and who to demote. In that way, they had brought forward Iyyaasuu, Zawudiitu and Tafarii for further scrutiny. Now too, they are facing difficulties to make the illness of their leader public. They tried to hush everything up. But his failing to appear on important conferences exposed what they did not want. They lightly told of his illness, and they added that his absence had not even affect the running of the state for they had laid down a strong system. That sends doubt about their sincerity. They only want to cover up the panic they are feeling underneath. No one can deny that Mallas will be missed by his totalitarian system and those who use him, let alone by his death, even by longer absence than the present. Read more…

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Labsa Maree Dubartoota Oromo

Adoolessa 23, 2012

Nuuti dubartoonni Oromo guuyyaa har’aa Adooleessa 13, 2012, magalaa Minnesotatti wal geenyee, rakkinoota hawaasummaa, dinagdee, siyaasaa fi aadaa dubartoota Oromoo duubatti hambisan irratti mariyannee hubannoo gaarii argannee murtiilee barbaachisoo ta’anis dabarfannee jirra. Read more…

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Ethiopia: The Endless Violence against Oromo Nationals

Fear of Torture

HRLHA Appeal and Urgent Action

July 2012

An end to the years of harassments and intimidations through arbitrary arrests, indefinite detentions, kidnappings and disappearances, etc. not yet in sight, many Oromo nationals in Oromia Regional State have been arrested and detained in this month of July 2012.

According to HRLHA correspondents in the Country, the major target areas of this most recent government-sponsored violence include the Capital, Addis Ababa, Dambi Dollo of Anfillo District in Western Oromia, Dire Dawa in Eastern Oromia, and Moyal of Borana Zone in Southern Oromia. Although it has been difficult to identify everyone by their names, HRLHA correspondents have confirmed that a lot of Oromos have been arrested and detained in the Capital City of Addis Ababa during the first two weeks of this month of July. Among them was Mr. Hunduma Bantii, an employee with Save the Children (NGO), who was picked up from his office on July 12, 2012 and taken to an unknown destination. Read more…

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