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Doowwii Haasaa Adddaa ROP Hololoota Araaraa Afarfamaa Jiranirratti Ummata Hubachiisuuf

Oromo Press | July 27, 2012

Raadiyoon Oromo Press (ROP), doowwii haasaa addaa isiniif qabaattee dhiyattee jirti. Doowwiin haasaa kuni yeroo ammaatti araara Pirofeessar Efireem Isaaqiin geggeeffamuuf jira jedhamee daayaasporaa Kaaba Ameerikaa keessatti hololamaa jirurratti xiinxala gadifagoofi walabaa dhiyeessa. Read more…

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“The Right to Speak Loudly”

Essays on Law and Human Rights

By W. J. Basil Fernando

July 27, 2012 ( “We desperately need cross-cultural discussions on the rule of law and human rights. Much of the discourse is dominated by the West, as is the language of justice, which is associated with several centuries of struggle there. As a result, many of the problems faced by people in Asia are beyond the comprehension of those who are used to this discourse. Persons from the Western tradition struggle to understand how a police may so readily resort to torture as his means for routine criminal investigation, or how he may spend more time making a living on the side than dealing with his official duties. They cannot easily accept that a prosecutor may belong to a powerless agency, or that a complete buffoon may sit as Chief Justice and make a mockery of the very institution he represents. An enlightened discourse on the rule of law and human rights will develop only when we break down the language barriers involved to understand the actual daily experiences of people throughout Asia.”

Strengthening Advocacy Work by Training Activists

The Oromo people have a nice saying : “Harreen wal dhiitti malee ilkaan wal hin cabsitu.” Mr. Seye Abraha may still want to replace Meles and continue Revolutionary Democracy. Thanks to the International Crisis Group (ICG) they have broken the language barriers on their popular report of September 4, 2009. Now, the TPLF elites can no more deceive the international community by speaking the jargons of liberal democracy. Revolutionary democracy is clearly designed by the TPLF for Tigrayan hegemony and domination. Can they sustain it any more? It depends on our commitment and dedication to dismantle this brutal fascist regime. Read more…

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Friday,July 27,2012 Grand Anwar Mosque Symbolic Silent Protest

(Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 27 Adoolessa 2012) Diddaa ummataa kan torbee tokkoon dura magaalaa guddittii Oromiyaa;Finfinnee keessatti eegale, karaa hordoftoota amantaa Musiliimaa itti fufe. Read more…

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Oromia: Fierce clash in Moyale, Borana, several die,injured

By T and Derese Tariku

July 27, 2012, Negele Borena (De Birhan Media) – The town of Moyale has fallen under the control of an unknown militia forces who attacked the town yesterday. The militia burned down the police station and the Customs Office. Over 50 people have reportedly died and hundreds have been taken to Yabello and Negele hospitals. A Commander of Oromia Special Police who was sent to reinforce the town as well as four local police were killed. The Ethiopian military stationed at ‘Shawa Ber’ , 2 Km from the town, conspicuously watches as the town is being burned down.

There are sources stating the cause of the clash as being ethnic between the Borena and Begri as usual while others say it was political take over. Somali and Oromo ethnic tribes have always attempted to take hold of the town, source adds. Witness are reporting that they have heard religious chants by those who were marching to the City’s main Bus Station. Read more…

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Waamicha Tokkumaa Barattoota Oromoo Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Adoolessa 27, 2012

Sabni Oromoo saba gaanfa Afrikaa irraa saba guddaa ta’uun isaa eenyuufi iyyuu ifaadha. Sabni kun hanga yeroo humni koloneefataa fi garboomfataa mootumaa habashaa aadaa fi sirna inni ittiin bulaa ture harkatti rukutee bituu eegaleetti saba sirnai diimokiraata’aa ta’ee sirna gadaan bulu, aadaa fi safuu ittiin jiraatu kan qabu, akkasumas mirga wal-qixxummaattin kan jiraatu ture. Haa ta’uu malee bittaa mootumoota habashaatiin waggoota 100 oliif hanga harr’aatti haccuuccaa fi dararrii guddaa jala jiraachaa jira. Haccuuccaa kana jalaa of baasuufis yeroo garaa garaatti qabsoo gurguddaa gochaa ture; ammas itti jira. Kun ta’uus, qabsoon kun galma ga’ee sabni Oromoos furmaata argatee yerooni itti bu’aa qabsoo isaatii argachuu danda’u amma iyyuu abjuu ta’ee mulaata raawwii dhabe jira. Yeroo ammaa kanatti immoo caalaatti kan saba guddaa kanaaf salphina guddaa ta’aa dhufe diina isaa alaan dararamuu irra darbee wal-dhabdee, tokkummaa dhabuu fi diina walitti ta’uu qabsaa’oota Oromoo bakka hundumaatti socha’an keessatti uumamee furmaata dhabeedha. Kanaafu akka Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromoo Jarmaniitti (TBOJ) qaamolee dhimmi isaa ilaalatu maraaf haalli salphina nuti fidee uumata addunyaa biratti boquu keenya lafa ilaalchisee bittaa diinaa isaa baroota dheeraaf jalatti bitamaa ture jala ammas darbinee akka jiraannu nu godhe kana of irraa cabsinee rakkoo nu giduutti dhalatee mo’icha nu dhabsiise kana cabsinee furmaata argamsiisuuf waamicha dabarsina. Read more…

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Oromo – Seife Nebelbal Radio Program, July 27, 2012

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Yemen: Imprisoned Oromo-Ethiopian Refugees Thrown on Sana’a Streets

By Ahlam Mohsen

No longer prisoners, these Oromo-Ethiopian refugees now live on the streets with no food, water, blankets or mattresses

July 27, 2012, (Yemen Times) – African refugees and asylum seekers demonstrated outside the Human Rights Ministry in Hadda on Monday morning, protesting excessive force used by Yemeni security forces to remove them from the country’s immigration prison the previous evening. 

According to the former prisoners, security forces forcibly removed them from the prison. 

Security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets, the former prisoners said, throwing tear gas canisters into cells to disorient them, before dragging them out and beating them with steel rods. 

Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali refugees who were in the prison now live on the streets. Read more…

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