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The Oromo People Should Intensify the Struggle without Being Distracted Misinformation

Oromo Liberation Front (OLF)

PRESS RELEASE, August 1, 2012

A group calling itself ‘Oromo Dialogue Forum’ has for the last two months been spreading isinformation to undermine the Oromo people’s confidence and trust in the struggle and on this organization. It is to be recalled as well that we have been patiently watching and periodically informing our people egarding series of movements under the cover of Oromo Liberation Struggle targeting emasculation of the OLF activities. As the current group’s activity is also a continuation of the past we are compelled to bring it to the attention of our people again.  Read more…

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Ethiopia diplomat jailed in UK for cannabis smuggling

Amelework Wondemagegne, Tigrean origin

Aug 2, 2012, LONDON (AFP) — A court in London on Thursday jailed an Ethiopian diplomat for trying to smuggle a large stash of cannabis through London’s Heathrow Airport.

Amelework Wondemagegne, an official at the Ethiopian embassy in Washington, had tried to claim diplomatic immunity when she was caught at the airport in April with 56 kilograms (123 pounds) of cannabis.

But Isleworth Crown Court in west London jailed her for 33 months after she admitted one count of drug smuggling.

The court had found that the 36-year-old was not entitled to immunity. Read more…

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Makiyaa Abdullahi | Hagayya 02, 2012

Lafeen abbaa keetii iyyitee si yaamtii
Garaa dachii keessaa dhaamsa dabarsitii

Tokkummaa tokkummaa jetteeti iyyitii
Harka walqabadhaa yaa ilmaan koo jettii

Mallasaan fonqoluus Wayyaaneen nijirtii
Hiddi hin buqqaanee Sirni Wayyaaneetii

Tokkumma uumtanii waliigaltan malee
Carraan isin tartii arraas akka kalee

Duunee hafne je’aa diina keessan cabsaa
Irree gamtteefamteen daangaa kabajchiisaa
Read more…

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The Victory Lap: 20 Years Later

Elana Meyer looks back at Derartu Tulu in the women’s 10,000m Olympic final 20 years ago. Photo: NYRR Media

Ethiopia’s Derartu Tulu made Olympic history that night.

From: NYRR Media | Aug 2, 2012

Twenty years ago on a hot night in Barcelona, two women circled the track in Montjuic Stadium on an Olympic victory lap that, in many ways, still goes on.

On August 7, 1992, in the women’s 10,000 meters, Ethiopia’s Derartu Tulu broke from the pack midway through the race to take the lead. Only South Africa’s Elana Meyer gave chase, and soon took over the lead. Lap after lap, Tulu hung on Meyer’s shoulder; at the bell, the young Ethiopian took off to win the gold medal in 31:06.02. Meyer took silver, in 31:11.75.

Together, they had just made history: Tulu, only 20 years old, was the first black African woman to win an Olympic gold medal; Meyer, 25, was the first South African to win an individual medal in her nation’s return to the Olympic family after being excluded since 1960 over its apartheid system.

But it was what happened next that struck an emotional chord around the globe. As Tulu turned back toward the track after an impromptu celebration with Ethiopian coaches and fans along the boards of the stadium, Meyer ran up to kiss her once on each cheek in congratulations. As they began their lap of honor, Tulu reached over to grab Meyer’s hand and they raised their arms in a spine-tingling moment of united triumph. Read more…

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Tribe, land and politics – Africa’s toxic mix

By Peter Greste,  an award-winning foreign correspondent based in East Africa

Clashes between the Borana and Garre on the Ethiopian side of Moyale has killed at least 18 people

Aug 2, 2012 (Aljazeera) – A wiser journalist that I once knew gave me a piece of advice, saying: “Beware of simple explanations for complex problems.”

It is a bit of wisdom that has proved profoundly true for the crisis that emerged on the Kenya-Ethiopia border over the past week.

On Friday, fighting between two ethnic groups – the Borana and the Garre – erupted on the Ethiopian side of Moyale, a town that straddles the frontier.

The brief but savage battle killed at least 18 people, and wounded a dozen more (the fact that so many more people died than were injured points to the ferocity of the fighting). More than 30,000 people fled over the border to take shelter in Kenya.

The obvious and easy explanation is that it was a battle over land. The two tribes have competing claims over a stretch of territory in Ethiopia’s arid southeast corner, and an ongoing drought has added pressure to the already scarce grazing land. Read more…

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One Spy for Every Person – Exiled Ethiopian Satirist Abebe Tolla

By Cathal Sheerin | August 2, 2012

Abebe Tolla, (better known as Abé Tokichaw) was a newspaper satirist for Feteh newspaper in Ethiopia. He fled the country in November 2011, fearing imprisonment in retaliation for his critical news commentaries. Ethiopia is one of the repressive states in the world: the government uses very broad anti-terrorism legislation to clamp down on the free press and on any kind of dissent. It has imprisoned numerous journalists for highly questionable terror-related offences that – in other countries – would not even be regarded as crimes. In the face of this threat, many Ethiopian journalists have gone into exile. I was able to provide Abebe Tolla with some assistance after his flight to exile, and he recently told the me about his experience. What follows are his own words.

In Ethiopia nowadays, journalists – especially those working for the free press – work in constant fear. Nobody knows how long he’ll stay in his job because the government can charge you with being a terrorist any time it likes.

Whenever anyone is arrested under anti-terrorism law now, people [automatically] ask: “Was he/she a journalist?” To be a journalist in Ethiopia is to risk your life.

But I don’t really describe myself as a journalist; I am best known as a columnist. Most of my writings are about the problems faced by the lower social classes and the bad governance of my country. I write because I want things to change.

I still don’t fully understand why I was targeted.

It started in May, 2011, when a government security agent was assigned to follow me and [monitor] my activities related to Feteh newspaper. Read more…

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