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Gaaffiifi Deebii: Obbo Lubee Birruu Alarraa Garee Waltajjii Marii Oromoo Akkamitti Laala?

Oromo Press | August 3, 2012

Sagantaa isa har’aa keessatti, ROP waa’ee Waltajii Marii ilaalchisee gaaffiifi deebii Obbo Lubee Birruu Wajjin ta’e isiniif dhiyeessa. Obbo Lubee Birruu, bara 1965 irraa eegalee mooraa Qabsoo Oromoo keessaa hirmaata Read more…

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Tirunesh Dibaba defends Olympic 10,000m title

Aug 3, 2012 LONDON (Reuters) – Ethiopian’s Tirunesh Dibaba produced a devastating final lap to win the women’s 10,000 metres gold on Friday as athletics, accompanied by 80,000 screaming fans and an amazing atmosphere, belatedly joined the Olympic party.

Dibaba has barely run since winning the 5,000 and 10,000 double in Beijing but was roared home by the remarkable crowd, who, despite seeing home hope Jo Pavey down the field, recognised a special performance when they saw it. Read more…

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Ethiopia and Eritrea: Rising Tensions Amid New Opportunities for Engagement

Although tensions between Ethiopia and its former province remain tense, Eritrea’s improving financial situation and the growing weakness of al-Shabaab in the region may provide opportunities for engagement between the two countries, or so argue Chatham House analysts.

By Jason Mosley for Chatham House

In the desert of Southern Eritrea

Aug 3, 2012 (ISN ETH Zurich) — Eritrea has seized on a selective reading of the report to call for the lifting of UN imposed sanctions, a call already rebuffed by the Monitoring Group’s Coordinator. The diplomatic fallout is likely to continue as Ethiopia and its allies push for continued (or tightened) sanctions on Eritrea.

It is a sensitive time in the Horn of Africa. Tensions are rising along the region’s main political and security fault-line between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia’s government has taken an increasingly bellicose tone towards its former province, perhaps signaling an increased willingness to push more actively for regime change in Eritrea. This would have major but uncertain security consequences across the region. Read more…

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African distance queens eye gold at Olympics 2012

Distance queens Vivian Cheruiyot (R) of Kenya and Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba.(REUTERS)

Aug 3, 2012 (SABC) – The big men of the shot put open 10 days of athletics action at the London Olympics this morning, with the more slender frames of the East African distance runners closing out the day in the much-anticipated women’s 10 000 metres final.

Distance queens Vivian Cheruiyot of Kenya and Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba will go head-to-head for the second gold medal in athletics in what is expected to be a thrilling final at the Olympic Stadium.

Dibaba won the 5 000-10 000m double at the Beijing Olympics before taking a couple of years off, but looked back at her best when her fearsome finish drove her to the fastest time of the year in Oregon in June.

Cheruiyot matched Dibaba’s double at the world championships last year and she and Sally Kipyego, who is also running both races in London, are gunning for Kenya’s first Olympic gold medal in the event. Read more…

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The 2012 Gumii Gaayoo (the National Assembly) of Borana Oromo to Start on August 4

Aug 3, 2012 (Gadaa) – According to information received by, the 2012 Borana Oromo Gumii Gaayoo (the National Assembly) will start on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Read more…

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Please help finding Legesse Beke Geda

My name is Yodit and I am living in Dallas Texas. I am looking for my brother Legesse Beke Geda. If anyone knows about him, please let me know. We lost his contact for long time. We don’t know where he’s. My phone #214-723-2517. Thank you for your help. He graduated from Red River College D214 – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3H 0J9
Phone: 204-632-2143
Fax: 204-632-5269
www: or

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Seife Nebelbal Radio Program, Aug 3, 2012, interview with Prof. Ephrem Isaac

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London Olympics 2012: Many Countries Represented by Oromia-Ethiopian Origins

By Caalaa Ganamoo | August 3, 2012

Oromia has produced thousands of young men and women athletes who dominate Olympic events and beyond. These young men and women leave memories behind themselves at every Olympics that every media outlet writes at least once in every four years. Abebe Bikila left a living historical temptation for the world. To write about marathon, one has to begin with Abebe Bikila. For the last 40 years, his name is at the front page of Olympic presses. Darartu Tulu is one of the great Oromo young women whose name is unforgettable in every athletics competition.

There are dozens of Oromo young runners represent Ethiopia today, not Oromia. More than ten countries in the world are sharing also the represention by young Oromo refugee athletes today in London. Read more…

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Ethiopia: If Meles goes too…

The reported ill health of Ethiopia’s big man is jangling the nerves

Aug 4, 2012, Nairobi (The Economist)  – MELES ZENAWI, Ethiopia’s usually dynamic prime minister, has not been seen in public since mid-June. Regularly invited to grand gatherings such as those of the G8 and G20, he has often been deemed “the voice of Africa”. But he was notably absent earlier this month from a summit of the African Union in his own capital, Addis Ababa. His government added to the uncertainty by first denying that he was critically ill in a hospital in Belgium, then announcing that he was away on sick leave. When a weekly newspaper was about to publish an article on his health, the authorities stopped the presses.

What if Mr Meles goes for good? After 21 years at the helm, his sudden incapacity has forced the succession issue trickily into the open. For the moment it is not even clear whether his deputy, Hailemariam Desalegn, who is also foreign minister, is temporarily in charge. A former defence minister, Seeye Abraha, now a critic, says that Mr Meles, his college classmate, has created a system that is dangerously reliant on him. “He will be leaving very big boots that cannot be filled by anyone else.” Read more…

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