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Ethiopia inflation stays high in July

Aug 7, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s annual inflation rate remained stubbornly high at 20 percent in July, data showed on Tuesday, though the pace of increase in food prices slowed marginally.

Surges in global oil prices and poor harvests have driven inflation into double digits in several African countries in the past year.

The International Monetary Fund says that is the biggest challenge facing policymakers in the Horn of Africa country, which has however registered one of the highest economic growth rates in the world for the last few years.

Officials expect gross domestic product growth of 11 percent for 2011/2012, which ended in June, according to government figures, thanks to rising agricultural output, the seventh consecutive fiscal year of growth.

The year-on-year inflation rate eased in July from 20.9 percent in June, Ethiopia’s statistics office said.

Food inflation dropped to 20.7 percent from 21.5 percent and non-food inflation to 19 percent from 19.8 percent.

Month-on-month prices were flat for the third consecutive month.

High coffee earnings in the past few years have boosted the economy of Africa’s biggest coffee producer, as have rising gold, oil seed and livestock exports.

Ethiopia is also the world’s fourth-largest sesame exporter after China, India and Myanmar.


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Is Meles a Vegetable? Ethiopian Dictator Goes MIA



Aug 7, 2012 (Counter Punch) – Long time Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi, missing in action for almost 2 months now, is reported to be in a coma leaving the Obama White House’s Crisis Team for Africa scrambling to find a replacement. Officially, Ethiopian “Prime Minister” Meles Zenawi has taken “sick leave” and “getting better”, end of story.

In reality the situation in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa finds the CIA media handlers floating the idea that with Meles Zenawi “sick” a “Transitional Government” will hold power until national “elections” scheduled for 2015 are held.

Numerically as well as in equipment inventory the Ethiopian army is the largest best equipped in Africa. The CIA has been paying the Ethiopian army’s salaries directly for some time now, as they have done in South Sudan since 2009. Read more…

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Foreign mining companies quitting exploration in Ethiopia

Aug 7, 2012 (TefaNews) – The number of foreign mining and explorationcompanies that cut and pack their investment in Ethiopia are growing in recent months citing different reasons.

Companies like Maxus and ZPEG, that were working on oil and gas explorations in the Ogden region have pulled entirely out of the country following the killing of dozens of its workers during a raid by the rebel group operating in the area. 

Last year the Malaysian Company Petronas quits its oil exploration activity in Ethiopia after spending over $350m.

BHP, one of the leading potash producer companies in the world, recently abandons its potash project in the Afar region after investing over $80m on exploration works.  Sources closer to the company cited higher exploration costs, security threats, unfavorable honey-coated investmentpolicies together with the unmatched competition they would met from the well advanced, world-class Colluli Potash deposit in neighboring Eritrea as the main reasons for the quit. Read more…

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Somalia: Exploring A Way Out

Authors: Dr. Osman Farah Abdulkadir, Dr. Abdurahaman Abdullahi (Baadiyow), Dr. Yusuf Nur, Mr. Abdurahman Wandati and Mr. H. A. Dirie, Ibrahim Sh. Ahmed Mohamed, Ibrahim Abikar Noor and Abdirizak Mahboub.

Aug 7, 2012

1.1. Understanding the Problem

Somalia is for many students and researchers of state development, the best example of total state failure in contemporary society. This is not just a case of labeling and misapplication of development lingua. Indeed, there is not much of an academic debate going on the accuracy of this notion. For many, the violent conflicts, especially in central and Southern Somalia, the appalling humanitarian situation resulting from the breakdown of public service delivery, the illegal activities of alleged terrorist groups within Somalia as well as the involvement of neighbouring states in Somalia, are the prominent features of an underdeveloped state. The current Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is facing serious challenges in administering the parts of the country under its control. Communities have not been reconciled with one another and bad blood fuels the conflicts. Economically, there is a high level of unemployment, extremely low levels of human development and an overdependence on remittances (Menkhaus, 2010).  Read more…

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Athletics: Ethiopia’s Magiso out of Games

Magiso of Ethiopia wins the women’s 800 meters race at the Diamond League New York Grand Prix athletics meet (BRENDAN MCDERMID, REUTERS / June 9, 2012)

Aug 7, 2012, LONDON (Reuters) – Ethiopia’s Fantu Magiso, one of the favorites for the Olympic women’s 800 meters title, has been withdrawn from the Games, team officials said on Monday.

“Magiso won’t be running in this Olympics after injuring her leg here during training,” Ethiopian Federation technical manager Dube Jilo told reporters.

Magiso was the only female 800m runner in Ethiopia’s team and was highly tipped to win the gold after beating Kenya’s Olympic champion Pamela Jelimo in the Rome Diamond League meeting in June and having another impressive win at the New York Diamond League.

On a more positive note, Ethiopia’s Tirunesh Dibaba has confirmed she will race in the 5,000 meters as she attempts to repeat her double from 2008. Read more…

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Duula Daa’imman Baqataa Oromoo Gubuu irratti Xiyyeeffate

Hagayyaa 7, 2012

Oromoon dhibedee cunqursitoota sirna Habashaa jalaa bakkoottan itti baqatu keessaa takka biyya ollaa isaatti argamtu tan yeroo ammaa SomaliLand ofiin jettuu fi ummanni naannoo Hargeisa jedhee waamuu dha. Garuu biyya Oromoon miidhaa isaarraa hafuura itti baafatuu fi tan hawaasni addunyaa ilaalchaa fi tika kennuuf osoo hin tahin, biyya Itophiyaa waliin wal tahuudhaan miidhaa adda addaa baqataa Oromoo irratti geggeessaa jirtu taateetu beekkamti.

Gochaalee gara-jabeenyaa kan ammaan dura bifa qindaawe kanaan geggeeffaman keessaa nama Oromoo kan lafoota qonnaatti kuulii hojjatanii jiraatan, yeroo kaffaltiirratti waldhabanfaa, summii nyaachisanii fixaniiru, kan rasaasaan rukutanii ajjeesan herrega hin qabu, kana malees kan akkaan nama laalessu warra/maatii tokko ilmaan isaanii lamaa waliin 2010 keessa mana (dasee) duubaan itti cufuudhaan gubanii fixaniiru. Oromoo arrabsuun, xiqqeessuu fi akka hawaasni Soomalii ija diinummaatiin ilaalu gochuun hojii dhaabbataa biyya tana keessatti geggeeffamaa turee fi jiruudha. Wanni ajaa’ibaa gochaa farra ilma-namaa taate tun yeroo hojjetamtu maqumaafillee inni badii hojjatu bakka seeraatti dhihaatee kan gaafatamu hin turre. Read more…

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London 2012: Women’s 3000m Steeplechase

Final Official | August 7, 2012

Rk Bib Athlete Mark Record  
1 2902 Russian FederationZARIPOVA Yuliya 9:06.72 PB  
2 3069 TunisiaGHRIBI Habiba 9:08.37 NR  
3 1699 EthiopiaASSEFA Sofia 9:09.84    
Read more…

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