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East Africa debates what happens to southern Somalia if al Shabab is routed

McClatchy Newspapers

August 14, 2012, NAIROBI, KENYA (Kansas City) — A long-awaited assault on the southern Somali port of Kismayo that Western governments hope will end the influence of al Qaida’s branch in Somalia has been delayed over last-minute negotiations on how to divide the spoils and avoid more civil war should the city fall.

In a struggle between neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia, representatives from East African countries have been meeting this week with representatives from different Somali factions to discuss carving out yet another semiautonomous region in Somalia if Kismayo is captured.

Last October, Kenya sent troops across its border with Somalia to root out fighters aligned with al Shabab, the Somalia affiliate of al Qaida. In June, Kenya’s prime minister promised that his country’s forces would take Kismayo by this month, ahead of Somalia’s transition to a new federal government next week. Read more…

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The Meles Mystery: Has Anyone Seen Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Zenawi?

By Graham Peebles

He is 5.5′ tall and weighs 170 lbs. He might have lost weight since his disappearance. He is wearing black jacket and white shirt in tie.  Drives black Cadillac. If you have seen this person, please inform the nearest media station.

August 14, 2012 (Eurasia Review) – To many Ethiopians the sudden disappearance of Prime Minister Zenawi is a source of joy and excited expectation, for his die-hard supporters apprehension no doubt and concern for their leader. Is he dead they ask, or perhaps critically ill, has he run away, finally overwhelmed by guilt and shame at the way he and his ministerial cronies have treated the people of Ethiopia, since they took power from the communist Derg twenty one years ago. Or is he recovering from illness peacefully on some isolated retreat.

The Prime Minister has not been seen since his last outing at the G20 summit, in Mexico on 19th June, where he looked a wee shadow of his usual Italian suited self. Such prolonged absence is unusual for a man who revels in performing his supporting part upon the international stage of political propaganda. He has failed to appear at a series of high-profile events since June, including the opening of the African Union summit in Addis Ababa in July. Read more…

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Achi buutee miila Bakhar Waaree – Walaloo

Binta Dirree iraa | Hagayya 14,2012

Du’ee hin awwaalamnee Jiraatee hin mul’annee
Eessa seene dhiirroo Mootichi Wayyaanee?
Ni xawaafee laata halkan keessa ka’ee
Miila Bakhar Waaree achi buutee ta’ee?
Hayyu-duree biyyaa nama biyyaan deemu
Bakka inní jiru beekuu feena namuu
Yeroodhaaf taatullee dubbiin tuni nu dhibdee
Hangam ooltee bultuus numa baati booddee
Akkaataa itti jiru ummata dhoysanii
Inni muuza hin taanee maali adabsanii
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