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Oromia: Weellisaa Kadir Martuu maa’ikalaawwiitti hiraarfamaa jira;ilmaan Oromoo ukkaamfaman hedduunis maa’ikalaawwii dhiphisanii jiran

Kadir behind the bar

(Qeerroo, Finfinnee, 18 Hagayya 2012) Yeroo dheeraaf eessa buuteen isaa dhabamee kan jiru, Artisitiin Oromoo beekamaa fi jaalatamaa Kadir Martuu mana hidhaa Maa’ikalaawwii keessatti hiraarfamaa akka jiru saaxilame.

Oduu mana hiraarsaa Maa’ikalaawwii keessaa Qeerroo dhaqqabe akka saaxilutti,wallisaa beekkamaa Artiistii Oromoo Kadir Martuu lukkeelee fi basaasota Wayyaanee Biyyaa Sudaan keessa jiraataniin qabamee mana hidhaa Sudanittii darbatamee ture.

Artisitiin kun yeroo dheeraaf erga ergaramaa tureen booda basaasota Wayyaaneetti kennamee akka hiraarsaa saaxilamu godhame.

Akka Seera baqattummaa addunyaatti namni dahannaa siyaasaa gaafate tokko fedhii isaa malee gara biyya irraa baqateetti deebifamuu hin qabu. Read more…

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Is Ethiopia on the Verge of Crumbling? Africom Commander persuaded TPLF to appoint Hailemariam Dessalgn as prime minister

August 18, 2012General Carter F. Ham, head of the U.S. Africa Command has persuaded the ruling party in Ethiopia, the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to appoint Hailemariam Dessalegn as prime minister until the next fake election, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources. The TPLF junta has been resisting Hailemariam’s appointment fearing that power may slip from their hands… This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.


Tigreans in Seattle reject “A TIGREANS ONLY” meeting organized by TPLF Read more…

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Why Somali Ogaden People wants Self-Determination from Ethiopia?

(Ogaden Community protesting EU for Self-Determination June 2012) Why Somali Ogaden People wants Self-Determination from Ethiopia?

Aug 18, 2012 (Ogadentoday Press)- The Ogaden region is located in the eastern part of Ethiopia, its shares borders with Somalia, Kenya, and Djibouti, the region is populated by ethnic Somali people, Sunni Muslims, Ogaden Region was occupied by Ethiopia in the early 19Th Century after serous accords between, British, Italy and Ethiopian Kingdoms. Ogaden is a like, the Kashmir and Palestine conflict which exists almost a century. Read more…

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In Somalia, presidential election with few voters

Some 17,000 African Union troops, Ethiopian soldiers and government forces have made territorial gains in Somalia (AFP)

Aug 18, 2012, MOGADISHU, Somalia (Huffington Post)  — Somali leaders are on the verge of naming a new parliament that is supposed to elect a president by Monday, but it’s hard to find any ordinary Somalis excited by the political changes: They don’t have the right to vote.

Monday marks the end of eight years of rule by a U.N.-backed leadership structure known as the Transitional Federal Government. Somali leaders this weekend are finalizing the names on a new 275-member parliament, whose members are supposed to vote in a new president. About 24 candidates are running for president. The president will then choose a prime minister.

Many of the candidates for president – including current President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and the parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden – already serve in a government that has been hammered by corruption allegations. Read more…

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Gen. Samora Yenus gravely ill; left Ethiopia for medical treatment

August 18, 2012

General Samora Yenus (born as Mohamed Yenus), who is currently one of the power wrestlers within TPLF, has suddenly fallen ill and left the country for medical treatment.  He was born in Axum, 18 kilometers west of Adwa, from Eritrean mother and Tigrean father.  Adwa, a birth place of Meles Zenawi and Patriarch Abune Paulos, is a relatively large town, what would be a key border trading town, if the border was open with Eritrea.

We are sorry for those who cannot read Amharic, but since it is very important for us to know what is going on within this group, we posted this article here. You need to have either Windows 7 or later or Windows XP with Amharic font installed.

የቀድሞው ጠቅላይ ሚንስትር መለስ ዜናዊ በምን ሁኔታ ላይ እንደሚገኙ አይታወቅም። ጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ ይዘውት የነበረውን የጠቅላይ ጦር አዝዥነትን ሚና በማን ኃላፊነት ላይ ሊወድቅ እንደሚችል ግልጽ አልነበረም። ይህንን ክፍተት ለመሙላት ከጠቅላይ ሚንስትሩ ቀጥሎ የጦር አዛዥነቱን ሚና ጄነራል ሳሞራ የኑስ ተክቶ ይሰራል፤ ተብሎ ግምት ሲሰጥ ቢቆይም…አሁን ግን ሳሞራ የኑስም በድንገተኛ ህመም ስራቸውን ያቆሙ መሆኑን ለማወቅ ችለናል። ይልቁንም በትላንትናው ምሽት ህመማቸው ስለጠና፤ ለህክምና ወደውጭ አገር ለቀው ወጥተዋል። Read more…

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