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The editorial board of Ayyaantuu News Online believes in the free flow of information which is the core objective of an independent media. Some people think that we have all the resources needed to meet their hunger for reliable, accurate and timely information. We understand their honest concern but we are operating under many constraints and we cannot meet the demands of everybody. Even though we are not too worried about criticism of some of our readers, we would like to present some of our critics and compliments in the form of comments to some of our news.

Bulbulaa said, “It’s not a matter of who can read or not. Our language is an official language of Oromia.You should have translated and quoted the resources of the news. Therefore, I hope you would not continue in this forms again.”

Jiruu Barii wrote, “One of the best columnist and syndicated writer, Moti Biyya, was using Amharic to teach about Oromia and the Oromo people. For those of you who are advancing hate, you better read a book called: “You Can’t Fix a Stupid”!

Instead of being thankful of what they are doing, you are trying to accuse them. Shame on these ignorant people!”

Ayyaantuu News Online, please keep up the good work of providing us with timely information from various sources. You are doing great and never get discouraged by people of small thinking. An IT engineer has told me that you are one of the most widely read online news since you cover one of the most troubled regions in the world, the Horn of Africa in general, and Oromia/Ethiopia in particular.

A lot has been said about ignorance and I don’t want to repeat them here.

Jiruu Barii, one of the readers of Ayyaantuu News Online and”

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An Evil Empire Built on Sand is Crumbling

The true God we believe in, the Almighty Waqa/Allah, has started to show us Gandhi’s Truth Force. I sincerely and honestly beg the children of Oromo to focus on the big picture. We have many capable and influential Oromos and stop undermining and disrespecting one another. I don’t blame some Oromos because they have succumbed to slavery and they always think that the Abyssinians are superior to Oromos.

The most powerful force is overcoming inferiority. Don’t you recognize that God created you as a complete human being? Strengthen Oromummaa, listen to one another, form Organizational Structures in all Oromo Communities world-wide according to the following General Management Principles and guidelines: Read more…

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EID Mubarak to our Muslim sisters and brothers – OCO, ULFO

Dear our Muslim sisters and brothers,

The Oromo Community Organization (OCO) of the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area would like to extend its congratulation to you all for celebrating the 1433rd Eid Al Fitr, the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.
Also, OCO expresses its heartfelt wishes to all Muslims the day of Eid to be a wonderful one. Furthermore, OCO believes you will celebrate the Eid holiday with blessings and joy.
Once again, EID MUBARAK! Read more…

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Amazing Ethiopian Muslims demonstration after Eid solat on august 19/2012

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