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Sidama Speak – Effective Alliance Now to break TPLF Yoke

Sidama people are to speed up the fight for Freedom and Independence from the TPLF/EPRDF government through effective alliance with its oppressed neighbours.

From Sidama people, Hawassa.   20 Aug 2012

Looking into the past and present successive Abyssinian governments’ relationships with Sidama and other Ethiopian peoples:

  • It has been the history of annexation, colonisation, subjugation, massacre and economic exploitations of Sidama and other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia.
  • The Abyssinians had nothing to offer 100 years ago and have nothing to offer today to the people under their rules.
  • They simply keep sucking the bloods of other Ethiopians from the early time of the Empire to date.
  • They are all secretive, dishonest, corrupt, backward dictators and despot.
  • The current and previous Abyssinian governments are incapable of working towards any form of democratic values and culture in Ethiopia. This statement can be supported by looking into their current and past atrocities and genocides committed by Abyssinians to date in Ethiopia. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Africom Refutes Claims of Meddling in Ethiopian Politics

U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs

August 20, 2012, Stuttgart, Germany  (U.S. Africa Command) — Allegations that General Carter F. Ham, Commander of United States Africa Command, influenced Ethiopian politics in any way are false. The mission of U.S. Africa Command is to work with African nations to strengthen their defense capabilities in order to deter and defeat transnational threats and to provide a security environment conducive to good governance and development. Command leaders and staff members do not meddle in the domestic affairs of African nations.


Is Ethiopia on the Verge of Crumbling? Africom Commander persuaded TPLF to appoint Hailemariam Dessalgn as prime minister

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Ethiopia kills 16 South Sudan gunmen: Officials

Ethiopian troops have killed 16 South Sudanese gunmen from a rebel group led by a traditional healer wanted for attacks in his home country, officials said Monday

Aug 20, 2012 (AFP) – “They were asked to surrender their guns…. They refused and started fighting with our forces,” Omot Odeng Olol, the president of the western Ethiopian region of Gambella, told AFP about the clash, which took place last Wednesday.

The rebel group was led by a traditional healer who claims to use magic to cure the sick and sought to control the road leading into South Sudan, said Omot. It is not an organised group and does not have a name, he added.

Several deadly clashes have erupted in Gambella in recent months, although Omot said last week’s incident was not connected to the previous attacks. Read more…

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Cheetahs, Hippos and Saving Ethiopia

By Alemayehu G Mariam

August 20, 2012, George Ayittey, one of the foremost African public global intellectuals, metaphorically suggests that Africa’s destiny will be determined by the promise of the “Cheetah Generation” or the paralysis of the “Hippo Generation”. As he explains,

The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young African graduates and professionals, who look at African issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective. They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the ‘restless generation’ but they are Africa’s new hope. They brook no nonsense about corruption, inefficiency, ineptitude, incompetence, or buffoonery. They understand and stress transparency, accountability, human rights, and good governance. They also know that many of their current leaders are hopelessly corrupt and that their governments are contumaciously dysfunctional and commit flagitious human rights violations. The Cheetahs do not look for excuses for government failure by wailing over the legacies of the slave trade, Western colonialism, imperialism, the World Bank or an unjust international economic system. To the Cheetahs, this ‘colonialism-imperialism’ paradigm, in which every African problem is analyzed, is obsolete and kaput. Unencumbered by the old shibboleths, Cheetahs can analyze issues with remarkable clarity and objectivity. The outlook and perspectives of the Cheetahs are refreshingly different from those of many African leaders, intellectuals, or elites, whose mental faculties are so foggy and their reasoning or logic so befuddled that they cannot distinguish between right and wrong. They blame everybody else for Africa’s problems except themselves. Read more…

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 Aug 20, 2012

Walgahii Oromoo kan bara 2012 gaafa Fulbaana 22, 2012 magaalaa London, UK keessatti geggeeffamu irratti akka qooda fudhattaniif kabajaan isin afeerra. Walgahiin kun haala siyaasaa yeroo ammaa biyya impaayera Itiyoophiyaa keessatti geggeeffamaa jiru, keessattuu kan Oromiyaa fi sarbamuu mirga dhala namaa irratti xiyyeeffata. Beektotni siyaasaa fi oggeeyyiin mirga dhala namaa haasawaa godhanii gorsa isinnif kennu. Akkasumas, yeroon maree bal’aan waan jiruuf yaada keessan kennitanii mariihachuuf carraa guddoo qabdu.

Bakka: The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA

Guyyaa: Fulbaana 22, 2012

Yeroo: 10:00 WD (am) – 6:00 WB (pm)

Koree Qindeessituu


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Qeerroon London keessatti alaabaa Oromoon Olompiika miidhagsan!

(Oromocentre, Melbourne, 20 Hagayya 2012) Qeerroon Oromoo biyya abbaa isaanii keessaa dhiibamanii jireenya godaansaa keessatti argaman qabsoo oromoo fi mallattoo qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo kan ta’e, Alaabaa ABOtiin ayyaanaa fi sirna Olompiika baranaa miidhagsuun isaanii beekame. Read more…

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