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Outage: We apologize for Ayyaantuu was down for 3 hours

Sept 10, 2012 was down at about 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (USA), because there was anonymous hacker’s attack at the hosting company. It was resolved after 2 hours.

GoDaddy Web outage takes out small-business sites

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands and possibly millions of websites hosted by were down Monday, causing trouble for the mainly small businesses that rely on the service.

A Twitter feed that claims to be affiliated with the “Anonymous” hacker group says it was behind the outage, but this couldn’t be confirmed. Another Twitter account, known to be associated with Anonymous, suggested the first one was just taking advantage of an outage it had nothing to do with.

GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said the company was still investigating the cause and working to restore service. Read more…

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Somalia’s new parliament to elect president

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Somalia’s new parliament is due to vote for a new president of the country’s fledgling government, a move that members of the international community say is a key step toward the country’s transition from a war-torn failed state to a nation with an effective government.

While Somalia has had transitional administrations since 2004, it has not had a functioning central government since 1991, when warlords overthrew a longtime dictator and turned on each other, plunging the impoverished nation into chaos.

Augustine Mahiga, the U.N. special representative for Somalia, implored parliamentarians to think of the good of their country and vote with a clear conscience on Monday.

The U.N.-backed process of electing the country’s next government has been criticized for corruption and threats of violence.

The International Crisis Group think tank has said the current political process has been as undemocratic as the Transitional Federal Government structure it seeks to replace, “with unprecedented levels of political interference, corruption and intimidation.” Read more…

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Ethiopia pardons two jailed Swedish journalists -govt source

ADDIS ABABA, Sept 10 (Reuters) -Ethiopia has pardoned two Swedish journalists jailed for assisting an outlawed rebel group and the pair will be released soon, a government source said on Monday.

Reporter Martin Schibbye and photographer Johan Persson were arrested In July, 2011, after entering the country from neighbouring Somalia with fighters from the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) rebel group. Read more…

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