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Ethiopia: 37 officers promoted to Major General & Brigadier General

September 11, 2012

The TPLF regime’s technocrats are still working hard on political maneuvers.

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The Ogaden Peace Talks: Public Relations Stunt or Genuine Initiative?

Jawar Mohammed | September 11, 2012

(Gulele Post) – It is reported that the Ethiopian government has held another round of peace talks with the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) in Nairobi. First announced by the Ethiopian government, the news is confirmed by the rebel group, which has listed the key procedural points on which preliminary agreement has been reached.  This was followed by another announcement that the Swedish journalists sentenced to 11 years after they were caught in Ogaden have been pardoned. This is an interesting development, but might not necessarily be a game changer for the conflict.

Why now?

The negotiation, which is being mediated by Kenya, has been going on for about a year according to sources taking part in the process. Read more…

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Ethiopia Post-Meles and the Oromo Agenda

by Magarsa Mukhtar

September 11, 2012 (Gulele Post) — No dictator rules for a lifetime. Not in the new millennium. With the wave of domestic anti-government sentiments and the rapid trends of change across the region, Meles Zenawi’s days as prime minister of Ethiopia were always numbered.

Zenawi was fortunate to get a dignified exit from politics and this world, a luxury many of his African counterparts didn’t enjoy. However, his “untimely demise” has opened a new can of worms for his successors. As the state-run ETV replays a scene of government officials’ casting votes, the social web is awash with rumors of power struggle.

Now that the ruthless dictator is gone, is there a cause for celebration for Oromos?

Celebration alludes to some sort of victory and that is certainly not the case. Yes, Meles’ departure provides more leeway for the Oromos to flex their muscles against an extremely repressive political elite but it seems like the head of the snake falling off hasn’t quite led to its death. Read more…

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Ethiopia’s ONLF claims military carried out massacre of women, children

Ethiopia’s ONLF rebel group accuses military of massacre.

Sept 11, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (bikyamasr): Ethiopia’s rebel Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has accused the Ethiopian military of committing a massacre against predominantly women and children in the Wardher region on September 6.

At least 13 people have been confirmed dead.

The ONLF said in a statement that the killings targeted family members of ONLF rebels, including the Guuleed family.

“All the victims were collected from different parts of the region including Danood, Qorile and other areas in Wardher region, and brought to Miir-denbas and summarily executed,” Ogaden Online reported.

The ONLF statement said that one of the victims was critically wounded by the military and left on the ground to die. Another 15 civilians are reportedly missing.

One eyewitness told that family members of the victims are currently holed up in their homes for fear that they will also be attacked and killed. Read more…

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Hassan Sheikh Mohamud: Somalia’s new president profiled

Sept 11, 2012 (BBC) – Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s dogged determination not to give up on Somalia despite years of conflict, warlordism, piracy and Islamist insurgency has finally paid off.

The peace activist and educational campaigner remained in Somalia throughout the 21-year civil war unlike many other Somali intellectuals.

He defeated former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in a run-off with a convincing majority of Somali MPs.

Both men hail from the Hawiye clan – one of the country’s main groups based in the capital, Mogadishu. But, unlike his predecessor, clan – which influences all walks of life in Somalia – was not the driving force behind Mr Mohamud’s victory. Read more…

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Kora 37ffaa Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromoo Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Munshin | Fulbaana 8, 2012

Nuti Baratooti Oromoo biyya Jarmanii qubsumaan magaalaalee Jarmanii bakka adda addaa jiraanu guyyaa har`aa, Fulbaana 08.09.2012 magaalaa Munshintitti walitti dhufnee ogaa kora 37ffaa kana geggeessinu gammachuu gudaatu nutti dhagahama. Sababiin isaas TBOJ ijaarsottan Oromoo biyya ambaatti sagalee Oromoo alagaa biratti dhageesisuuf of-ijaaran kanneen hangafaa keessa isa tokko waan taaneefi. Sababiin ijaaramuu keenyaa gabrummaa fi hacuuccaa ummata Oromoo irratti humnaan fe`amee jiru dura dhaabbachuuf tahuun mara keenya biratti hubatamaa dha. Ammas haga Oromoon mirga humnaan sarbame mara deefatee abbaa biyyummaa mirkaneeffatutti ijaarsa keenyaa, TBOJn jabeessinee  qabsoon karaa bifa kanaa fi haala adda addaan itti fufna jenna.

Baroottan kurnan-lamaan darban kana yoo of-duuba deebinee ilaalle TBOJs akkuma dhaabolee siyaasa Qabsoo Bilsummaa Oromoo (QBO) biroo rakkoo karaa qaama biraa itti dhufu irraan kan kahe hedduu mudatee laaffachaa akkasumas foxoqiinsi  illee TBOJ  akka mudate nu mara biraa dhakataa miti. Read more…

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Ethiopia in bottom five of Internet survey

September 11, 2012 (The Web Index) – Ethiopia is among the bottom five countries in a new report published by the World Wide Web Foundation’s Web Index listing.

The study ranked a total of 61 countries on the number of individuals online as well as the amount of useful online content available to web users.

It also took into account the economic, political and social impact the Internet has had on countries.

For Ethiopia, this is minimal, at best, the report suggested.

In the capital, Addis Ababa, Internet cafe owner Jamal told that as more and more Ethiopians look to English for their source of information, including local news, “the traditional outlets have yet to find a place in this market. Newspapers still struggle to have adequate websites that are fun and unique for people to get interested in.” Read more…

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Gadaa: An Oromo Democracy and the Symbol of Oromo Civilization

By Anga’a Dhugumaa     |  September 11, 2012


In this section, I will attempt to give a summary of the Gadaa System as revised by Makoo Bilii about five hundred years ago.


Gadaa is an Oromo social, political and economic order. It is a symbol of Oromo unity, and love among the Oromos. It is a democratic system of government that symbolizes Oromo civilization. Gadaa governs the beliefs of the Oromos. It controls the religion (Qaalluu) institution, too.


The Oromo people grouped themselves into five parties. These parties are: RoobaleeDuulooBirmajiiMichilleeand Horata. They are named after a phenomenon or whatever occurred during the governance of one particular party. For example, Roobalee was named after rain. The fact that it rained heavily is indicated by the phrase “theRoobalee and its bountiful rain” (Yaa Roobalee ya roobashii)Duuloo was named after preparation for war. The fact that the Oromos prepared a big war is indicated by the phrase “Duuloo and the preparation of war” (Duuloo qophessa duulaa)Birmajii was named after happy festival and dance. The Oromos had happy time and phrased this as “Birmajii and its happy dances” (Ya Birmajii ya sirbashii)Michillee was named after war victory. Oromos had great victory over their enemy and showed this by the phrase “Michillee the best friend of war” (Ya Michillee nichuu duulaa)Horata is remembered and was named after years of excellent cattle breeding. These good years were phrased as “Horata and the feeling” (Ya Horata maal godhataa). The names of the five Gadaa parties are indicated in the below figure as supplementary to the above description. Read more…

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