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Susan Rice, a US diplomat who loves dictators

By Ephrem Madebo | Sept 14, 2012

Fifteen days ago when the death of PM Meles Zenawi became official, US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, twitted the following: “Prime Minister Meles leaves behind an indelible legacy of major contributions to Ethiopia, Africa, and the world”.  When I read her tweets, for a brief moment I thought I and Susan Rice were living in a different planet. I am a United States citizen, and I don’t appreciate when my tax money pays the salary of my ambassador to the UN who accolades a vicious dictator whose name is closely linked to genocide, torture, and corruption.  I know our speeches are protected by the first Amendment and we have the right to speak our mind.  But, madam Ambassador, how do you feel  if I make a public statement saying that the authors of  “Jim Crow”  leave behind an indelible legacy of major contributions to America’s south, especially, to American blacks?  We know southern elites benefited from Jim Crow laws in the same fashion Meles Zenawi’s ethnic comrades benefited from his exclusive political and exploitative economic policies. And this is what you called “Major contribution” to Ethiopia.  Madam Ambassador, all I can say is SHAME ON YOU! Read more…

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Changing rainfall boosts number of Ethiopians in need of food aid

By Pawlos Belete

In this 2009 file photo, Ethiopian farmers collect wheat in their field in Abay, north of Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa. REUTERS/Barry Malone

Sept 14, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (AlertNet) – Millions of Ethiopians face severe food shortages as a result of the failure of crucial seasonal rains, a problem increasingly linked to climate change.

The Ethiopian government announced last month that 3.7 million of its citizens will require humanitarian assistance between August and December of this year, up from 3.2 million in January. The 16 percent increase follows the failure of the Belg rains, which normally fall between February and May and are essential to the country’s secondary harvest.

The lack of rainfall is being blamed on climate change, with experts saying it is leading to erratic rain patterns and disruption to normal seasonal changes.

Mohamed Ahmed, a farmer in his early 40s, is one of the millions dealing with the consequences of the rainfall changes. He feeds his family of seven by farming a one-hectare (2.5 acre) plot inherited from his father in the village of Doba in the east of the country, 325 km (203 miles) from the capital, Addis Ababa. Read more…

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Swedish journalists tell of Ethiopia prison ordeal, say terror trial was a ‘sham’

Sept 14, 2012, STOCKHOLM (AP) — Back home after being imprisoned in Ethiopia for more than a year, two Swedish journalists on Friday dismissed their trial on terror charges as a “sham,” saying they accepted 11-year prison terms to improve their chances of being released.

Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson also said in a news conference that their apology on Ethiopian TV in connection with their release last week was not sincere.

“At that time we were still prisoners, and it was part of the process” of being freed, Schibbye said. “I did not mean it.” Read more…

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IMF Urges Ethiopia to Slow Nile Dam Project to Protect Economy

By William Davison – Sep 14, 2012

(Bloomberg) – Ethiopia should slow the construction of Africa’s largest hydropower plant to avoid the dam and other projects starving the rest of the economy of funds, the International Monetary Fund said.

The government began work on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, situated on the Blue Nile River near the Sudanese border, in April last year. The 80 billion-birr ($4.5 billion) project that will generate 6,000 megawatts, partly for export to the region, is scheduled to be completed in 2018.

“I think there’s a need to rethink some of those projects a little bit to make sure that they don’t absorb all domestic financing just for that project,” IMF country representative Jan Mikkelsen told reporters yesterday. “If you suck in all domestic financing to just a few projects that money will be used for this and not for normal trade and normal business.” Read more…

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Seife Nebelbal Radio Program, Interview with OLF Chairman, Daud Ibsa

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