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Ethiopian Ruling Party Confirms Hailemariam as Meles’s Successor

By William Daviso

September 15, 2012 (Bloomberg) — Ethiopia’s ruling party confirmed acting Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn as the successor to the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.

Meles, who led Ethiopia for 21 years and who oversaw one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, died on Aug. 20 from an infection contracted while he was recovering from an undisclosed illness. Hailemariam, Meles’s deputy in the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front and a former foreign minister, took over in an acting capacity the next day.

“Out of three candidates, Hailemariam has got the unanimous vote of council members and will serve as chairman of EPRDF and Demeke Mekonen will serve as well as deputy chairperson of EPRDF,” Communications Minister Bereket Simon said in the capital, Addis Ababa. “Whoever’s elected as chair and deputy chair of party will automatically be the nominees for the premiership and deputy premiership. So both Mr. Hailemariam and Mr. Demeke will represent the party and be candidates and be presented to parliament for approval when it starts its formal session in early October.” Read more…

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Ethiopia Muslims condemn anti-Prophet film, call for calm in Islamic world

Ethiopia Muslim students condemn anti-Islam “film” but call for calm in Islamic world.

Sept 15, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (bikyamasr): A group of Muslim students in Ethiopia have lashed out at the anti-Islam “film” clip that has sparked widespread protests across the Islamic world, calling it an “attack on Islam” and demanded that action be taken against the producers of the film in the United States.

However, they told that “violence is not an appropriate response” to the anger the film created.

“We are Muslims and we feel insulted and threatened by this stupid film that was promoted by radical Christians,” one of the group, Mohamed, told on Saturday. “But at the same time, we are also Muslims and must follow the path of the Prophet in promoting a different perspective.” Read more…

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By : Tsegaye Hailu | September 15, 2012

In his New Year (2005 EC) message to Tigreayan People, President of Tigray Region, Abay Woldu warned Tigreayans that TPLF will not accept the new attempt of some TPLF leadership for “unholy” reconciliation with those who were swept away from the front by the renewal program. The Prime Minister post is reserved for Tigreans, he said. Abay Woldu is now chairman of TPLF.

“The offspring of a snake is a snake too”. This is originally one of a lovely Swahili proverb. It is just a biological fact in nature. A snake replaces a snake, not something different. As the old generation of snake dies out a new generation of snake exists and functions in ecological world. Therefore, as the old generations of snakes bites and inject deadly venom, the offspring supplies the same physiology too. Snakes gives snakes generation after generations in the process of reproduction. Well said the Swahili speakers, but we the Oromo people are so rich in proverbs but we can see another day for give me just for today. My intention is not to deal with proverbs or animal biology but i want to take the facts of this proverb to the current situations in Ethiopian empire, specially with the the internal struggle for power with in dictatorial regime ruling party EPRDF.

As we all know, it has been more than a month since the horrible and bloody dictator who massacred thousands of innocent people of horn of Africa most of them are Oromos, Meles Zenawi passed away. But after the death of autocrat Zenawi, the EPRDF killer regime is busy in finding the successor of dead Meles. Therefore, Ethiopia is a state with out head of state for the time being. The EPRDF executive council members in their closed-door meeting on Tuesday 4, Sept 2012, disagreed on the election procedures for the appointment of new leader. The further delay of naming party chief and prime minster of the state shows clearly the war behind the closed door of EPRDF between Zenawi’s spoiled political children. Read more…

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Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa  | Fulbaana 15, 2012

Dubbiftoota mandhee tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, durseen nagaa fi nageenya isiniif hawwa! Barreeffama kana kutaa isa afraffaa keessatti kunoo akkana jedhamee ture: “Ammammoo daddhabbii karaa ijaarsa sabaa kanaatiin, ABO-tiin muldhatantu kanaa gaditti tarreeffamanii xiinxalamu. Kutaan inni kun dheeratee akka yeroo keessan hin dhuunfanneef, achumaanillee akka isin hin nuffisiifneef jecha: “haa bultu dubbiin” jedhamaatii nagaa fi nageenyaan mee naaf bubbulaa!”

Erga nagaa fi nageenyaan naaf bubbultanii, ilaa amma akkuma jedhame sanitti itti-fufama. Garuu, otoon daddhabbiiwwan jedhaman san hin dhiyeessinan waan barreeffama kana kutaa lammaffaa keessatti jedhamen isin yaadachiisuu fedha. Ilaamee innis kunooti: “Daddhabbiiwwan oggaa san turanii fi gariin kan hamma harraattillee jiran xiinxaluun, namoota keenya tokko tokko mufachiisuu dandaya. Garuu, erga qabsoo irra jiraannee, wanneen akkanaa dhiyeessuun abaluu faa gammachiisuuf yookaan mufachiisuuf otoo hin taane, waan qobsaawotaa fi sabboontota Oromoo irraa eegamu.

 Kunoo, amma armaan gaditti daddhabbiiwwan jedhaman sun tokko tokkoon tarreeffamanii xiinxalamu. Read more…

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