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An Open letter to the Embassy of the United States in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Corruption appears to have reared its head at the American Embassy in Addis Ababa

By Yosef Yacob, PhD | September 18, 2012

For prospective foreign students and visitors, aside from the time and resources it takes to apply, the primary impediment to securing a student of visitor visa is often establishing their intent to return to their home country at the conclusion of their visit or study.

While consular officers have essentially unfettered discretion in determining eligibility for a visa, this can be done by showing the interviewing consular officer evidence of compelling ties to the home country, such as family, property, employment, etc.

However, with a high volume of visa applicants, this is often a difficult proposition, as an interview for a nonimmigrant visa can often last only a few minutes with very few questions from the interviewing officer. Read more…

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Ethiopia to swear in new prime minister, a hand-picked successor to Meles Zenawi, on Friday

Sept 18, 2012, ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP)— Ethiopia’s new prime minister is to be sworn into office on Friday.

Hailemariam Desalegn is the hand-picked successor of former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died Aug. 20 after ruling Ethiopia for more than two decades. Hailemariam is a former deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister under Meles.

Hailemariam’s ascension to prime minister has been delayed for at least a month after an emergency meeting of parliament was canceled last month.

Shimeles Kemal, communications state minister, said Tuesday that Hailemariam will take the oath Friday morning. Read more…

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Qeerroo | Fulbaana 18, 2012

Qeerroon Oromoo Biyya keessatti Injifannoon galmeesisaa jiru, fira gammaachiisuu qofaa osoo hin taane, hegaree diinaaf akeekkachiisa ol aanaa dhaamaafii jira. Wayyaaneen har’a gaaffiin Ummatoota isa yaaddeessuu irraa Bulchiinsa siyaasaa gama tokkotti sassaabbachaa kan jiru fakkaata. Wayyaaneen qormaata keessa isaa fi qabsoo Ummatootaa isa mudachaa jiru irraa , Biyyatti humna waraanaan Bulchuuf , labsa dabarsuuf arraba irra kan isa ga’e fakkaata .

Wayyaanee Ihaadeeg siyaasa isaa akka gaariitti fixate jira. Sababaa gara garaan Ummata sossobuun dhumateera. Toftaan umurii dheeraffannaa isaas akkasuma waan xumurame fakkaata. Wayyaaneen har’a umurii dheerechuu fi dhiisuun isaa harka ummatoota Qabsoo gaggeessanii keessa jira. Kana jechun, Ummatoonni jabaatanii , Irree isaanii wayyaanee irratti kaafnaan , wayyaaneen fincila Ummatootaa qofaan harka kennun dirqama isaatii. Yoo Ummatoonni laafatanis, umurii dheerachuun waan hin hafneedha jechuudha.

Maarree Qeerroo fi Ummata  Oromoo maaltu  isa eeggataan ? gaaffii jabduu taati jechuudha.


Sochiin hawaasa keenyaa akka baayyina keenyaa, cichoominni keenya akka seenaa keenyaa ta’uu baatuus, tarkaanfiileen waggoota 3n kana keessa fudhatamaa jiran , akeeka hegaree qabsoo keenya , firaafis diinaafis kan akeekudha. Sochiileen gama kanaan jiran hundi gilgaalamanii , bu’aan argamsiisan ilaalamee , waan eegalametti fufun filmaata biraa hin qabaatu. Read more…

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Fresh blood for the Horn of Africa, but can new leaders fix old problems?

You wait ages for a new leader in the Horn of Africa, and then two of them come along at once. SIMON ALLISON reports on Ethiopia’s new prime minister and Somalia’s new president, and the daunting challenges faced by both.

Sept 18, 2012 (Daily Maverick) – The Horn of Africa is a generally known as a region where leaders can settle down and make themselves comfortable in power. Look at Eritrea, where Isaias Afewerki has been president for nearly two decades and in charge for even longer. Or Djibouti, where Ismail Omar Guelleh assumed office in 1999 from his president-for-life uncle and looks all set to continue the family tradition. Then there’s Ethiopia – before his death, Meles Zenawi was one of Africa’s longest-serving heads of state. Somalia is the exception, its chaos throwing up new leaders regularly in Mogadishu, while Somaliland has been lauded for its regular elections that have resulted in a change of government. Read more…

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