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ONLF Statement On-Called Ethiopian Human Rights Commission

Sept 22, 2012 (Ogaden Online) – Assuming a virtue it has not: the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s attempt to divert attention from the violation of Human rights in Ethiopia and cover-up the truthSeptember 21, 2012

Shakespeare once said, “Assume a virtue, if you have it not.” The announcement by the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) that it will visit prisons in Ethiopia is tantamount to Shakespearean ‘assumption of virtue’ by the Ethiopian regime

intended to divert attention from the horrible condition of the hundreds of thousands of people detained under dubious and politically motivated reasons rotting in its jails,  and to pre-emptively control the damage the expected damning revelations the  Swedish Journalists, Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson, will cause for the regime.  In addition, the release of smuggled film footages showing torturers boasting about how they torture prisoners  in Ogaden, and interviews of victims aired on Swedish TV this week, has created disarray in the Ethiopian establishment. Thus, to lessen the negative impact and fallout, the regime ordered the EHRC to visit selected prisons to ‘investigate’ prisoner’s conditions and produce a cooked-up report that will give a new lease to the habitual lies that the Ethiopian regime employs to deny the human rights abuse they commit throughout Ethiopia. Read more…

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Ethiopia bans Swedish state television: report

Sept 22, 2012 (The Local) – The website of Swedish state broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) has been blocked in Ethiopia amid claims that the reason is their reporting of the case of journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye.

According to sources contacted by SVT, the website has been down in the country since early on Saturday morning.

Persson and Schibbye were recently released from Ethiopian prison and SVT is among the news media which have reported on claims that evidence was falsified to secure their convictions on terror charges. Read more…

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Ethiopia: How PM Hailemariam Desalegn Defines Mult-party System

September 22, 2012 (VOA News) – Hailemariam Desalegn is Ethiopia’s second leader since the EPRDF came to power in 1991.  At 47, he is considered part of a new breed not associated with the guerrilla war that ousted the pro-Soviet military dictatorship led by Mengistu Hailemariam.

In early 2010, there was no hint that he might soon be named foreign minister and deputy prime minister, nor that the untimely death of longtime prime minister Meles Zenawi would thrust him to the pinnacle of power.

Sitting in his spacious office at EPRDF headquarters next door to parliament,  Hailemariam expressed annoyance at western portrayals of Ethiopia as a one-party state.  He noted that in a diverse nation made up of many ethnic and language groups, even the ruling front is made up of several parties. Read more…

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Ethiopia woman lived modern day slavery at hands of Dubai couple

(Dessin Rémi Malingrëy pour Libération)

September 22, 2012, ADDIS ABABA (bikymasr): Women’s rights groups in France successfully rescued an Ethiopian woman who had been living in modern day slavery by a Dubai couple vacationing in Paris, Trust Law reported.

According to the Committee Against Modern Slavery and the Women’s Association United, the woman was rescued after hotel workers contacted the two groups, who in turn alerted French police of the situation facing the young woman.

According to women’s groups in Ethiopia, who spoke to of the woman’s situation, she faced physical and verbal abuse by the Dubai couple at the Paris hotel.

“After this, police investigated and found gross violations at the hands of the couple and have removed the woman from the situation, which can be summed up as slavery,” a women’s group representative confirmed to on Saturday in Addis Ababa. Read more…

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Mannu Gobbasira Sharamawo, Sidama Remix

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Four Somali journalists die in two days of attacks in Mogadishu

Sept 22, 2012, NAIROBI, Kenya (MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS) — Four Somali journalists have been killed in the last two days in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, in what appears to be a campaign of assassination by unknown assailants.

Three were killed Thursday evening when two men blew themselves up at a popular hangout for journalists and political activists known as The Village. Six other journalists were wounded in the attack. Fourteen people in all died in the blast.

On Friday, a radio journalist was gunned down at a Mogadishu intersection.

The killings bring to 10 the number of local journalists who’ve died this year in what Tom Rhodes of the Committee to Protect Journalists called “the deadliest year for Somali journalists since this conflict began” more than 20 years ago.

Rhodes singled out militia groups and members of the previous Somali government as possible suspects in the attacks. Read more…

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ETHIOPIA: IOM Airlifts 915 Ethiopian Migrants from Yemen

ADDIS ABABA, September 21, 2012 (CISA) -An IOM-charter flight carrying 275 stranded Ethiopian migrants from Yemen to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa arrived on Tuesday September 25.

The flight, which was funded by a donation from the Netherlands, follows two other Dutch-funded charters on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 last week carrying another 551 migrants. A third charter, carrying 89 medical cases and victims of trafficking, funded by the USA, left Yemen earlier this month.

The returnees represent less than a quarter of some 4,000 near destitute Ethiopians currently living in the open in and around Yemen’s north-western town of Haradh. All of them became stranded there after trying and failing to cross into Saudi Arabia in search of jobs. Read more…

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Taammanaa Bitimaa irraa   | Fulbaana 22, 2012            

Dubbiftoota mandhee tanaa jaalatamoo fi kabajamoo, durseen dhaamsa nagaa gara keessanitti dabarsa! Barreeffama kana kutaa shanaffaa keessatti kunoo akkana jedhameeti ture: “Kanaaf, isa hafeef kutaa jahaffaa irratti walitti dachaana. Isa keessatti haalli ammaan tana biyyii fi uummanni keenya keessatti argamu, maal maal faa fakkaata? Haala kana keessaa daran of-cimsineetoo bawuuf, maal maal faa gochuu qabna. Maal maal faatu ergama dhalawwan Oromooti. Maal maal faatummoo ergama isaanii miti. Eenyu eenyu faa waliin uummanni fi sabni Oromoo tumsa qabsoo ijaarrachuu qaba, kanneen jedhaman tokko tokkoon tarreeffamanii xiinxalamu. Egaa, WAAQNI fi Ayyaanni Oromoo mee achiin nu haa gawu!” Amma Waaqa asiin nu gayeef, “hoqubaa!” jechaa gara dubbii bulfannee saniitti ceena.  Read more…

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