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Human Rights

South Sudan: Immediate Action Needed to Rescue The Youngest Country from Collapse

HRLHA FineHRLHA Urgent Action and Appeal

January 6, 2014

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) expresses its deep concern about the safety of civilians in South Sudan who have been trapped in the conflict zone between the government troops and the opposition group militia- led by former Vice president Riek Machar- since mid- December 2013. The original conflict broke out between President Salva Kiir’s SPLA government forces and rebels loyal to former vice president Riek Machar around the strategically located town of Bor on December 15, 2013; it quickly spread out from Bor to the north to Unity State and south to the Central Equatoria State where the capital city, Juba is located. Read more…

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HORN OF AFRICA: Humanitarian Situation Deteriorates as New Year comes and goes

HRLHA FineDecember 28, 2013

HRLHA’s 2014 New Year Message

Dear friends,

Time does seem to pass ever more quickly. Has it really been a year since the HRLHA office last shared its thoughts on the occasion of the 2013 New Year? The fact is our attention is totally consumed by the job we are doing. For those who are languishing in prisons simply because they hold different political views from those of the ruling party of Ethiopia, for those Ethiopians and others who escaped from fear of persecution and are in refugee camps or live on the streets of the countries they took asylum in looking for their daily slice of bread, even a minute is too long. Soon we all will be joining together to welcome a new year with another new hope to do better. We must recognize the fact that doing better doesn’t happen simply because we wish it to be true. Rather, first we need to take our time and assess this year’s achievements or losses and compare them against the promises we made as this year began. In short, it is a time for “self-analysis”. Read more…

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.”Holy War ” The bloodthirsty tyrant in human history, Menelik II of Ethiopia ! .

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Mourning the Departure of Freedom Icon and African Hero Nelson Mandela While Celebrating His Achievements

HRLHA FinePress Release, December 9, 2013 

We, the Board of Directors and Staff members of the Human Rights League of Horn of Africa (HRLHA), would like to express that we are deeply saddened by the passing away of our African hero and freedom icon Mr. Nelson Mandela, also known as Madiba especially among his funs and lovers. It is everyone’s belief that this icon of freedom, although he is peacefully departing, has left behind an everlasting legacies of hope for the better future, perseverance in the struggle for equality, justice and dignity for all human beings as well as forgiveness. We could say that not only the South Africans but also the rest of African and other global communities are better off because of his priceless sacrifices, democratic achievements, spirits of hope, forgiveness, peace, harmony, and overall human dignity. HRLHA believes that those of us at all ages and generations who are staying behind are expected to take lessons from his legacies and carry on the torch of freedom that this freedom icon has ignited from where he has left it, and make Africa a much better place where political differences are settled through roundtable discussions, negotiations, and reconciliations, and policies are framed based on respect for human rights. Read more…

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Simbirtu Radio: Oromo Journalist Usman Bayu Flees Oromia due to threats of persecution and imprisonment in Ethiopia.

Muddee/December 03, 2013 |

UsmanBayuOTVJournalistUsman Bayu Tatago used to work for the Oromian Radio and TV organization (ORTVO) as a journalist. He worked as a producer and anchor of many entertainment programs. The government security personnel and ORTVO authorities were not happy with his programs, because of they focused on revitalization of the Oromo culture and history. Usman received a series of warnings, investigation, harassment and imprisonment by Ethiopian security men.

For more information click

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Gochaa suukkanneesaan biyya Yamanittii baqattoota Oromoo irra gahaa jira.

Beware: Disturbing pictures are attached below. 

Yaman | Onkoloolessa 31, 2013

Gochaan suukanneesaan baqattoota Oromoo daangaa biya Yaman keessatti akka irratti raawwatamaa jiru ibsame. Gochaan gara jabinaan dhala Oromoo irratti raawwatamaa jiru kun ilmaan Oromoo mootummaa gabroomfaataa fi nama-nyaataa Wayyaanee jalaa baqatanii lubbuu isaanii baraarfachuuf gara biyya Yaman yeroo seenan ta’uun beekameera. Lammiin Oromoo marti akka beekuuf jedhamee odeeffannoon dabre akka ibsutti, “abbootiin garaa kanneen naatoo tokko ilmaan Oromoof hin qabne biyya Yaman keessatti maadheffatanii keessattuu handaara galaana Aden irrattii ilmaan Oromoo fixaa jiru,” jechuudhaan sagalee miidhaa hamaa Oromoo irra gayaa jiru beeksisan. Madheen Aden, Yaman keessa jiru kun caasaa isaa magaaloota keessa diriirfachuun ilmaan Oromoo dinagdeen shaarafataa akka jirus madden oduu kanaa saaxilaniiru. Madheen kun kan bu’uureffaame naannawa bara 2005 akka lakkoofsa awroppaattii yoo ta’u, hammeenyi kun ilma namaa kan ija keessaa baasu, kan qaamaa hir’uu godhu, dhiira qaama salaa kolaasu, shamarran immoo baatii tokko ykn sanaa ol halkaanii-guyyaa sagaagalummaa irratti raawwachuudhaan hojiin ala gochaa jiru. Jarreen kun alagaa wajiin ta’uun ergama diinaa bakkaan ga’uuf akka tattaafataa jiranis maddi oduu kun dabalee ifa godhee jira. Read more…

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“Chaltu as Helen,” and Oromophobia

By: Laalo Guduru | Onkoloolessa/October 31, 2013

Two remarkable Oromo episodes dominated the Ethiopian diaspora blogosphere and social media over the last few months: the episode of Jawar Mohammed and the Tesfaye Gebre-ab phenomenon. Here, I will only focus on Tesfaye Gebre-ab.

Lest Tesfaye’s newest book, the YeSidetegnaw Mastawesha, see the light of the day, the most vicious campaign of mediaeval inquisitorial proportion was launched against Tesfaye, ironically utilizing the most modern instrument, the Internet. If truth to be told, the purpose of the campaign was not so much as to attack Tesfaye, as to combat a heresy of talking in open about the trials and tribulation the Oromos endured in the hands of the successive Ethiopian governments. Thus, a retrograde movement was born to kill a book from being published in this the 21st century. The would-be publisher was pressured, threatened and cajoled not to publish the book. In turn, succumbing to pressure, the publisher tried to pressurize Tesfaye to at least expunge one section, Chaltu as Helen, from the book. Rumor has it that Tesfaye was as mad as hell for being asked this. He found this to be degrading. Rather than taking a single leaf of the book to appease these backward chauvinist gangs, who were trying to use the ax of censorship to silence him at this day and age, he preferred forfeiting any monetary value he may have procured out of it. Read more…

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Baqattoota Oromoo baayyinni isaanii 26 ta’an waraana mootummaa Keeniyaatiin qabaman.

Nairoobi, Keeniyaa | Onkoloolessa 29, 2013.

Baqattooti Oromoo baayyinaan 26 ta’an bakka mana jireenyaa qubatanii jirani keessaa hulaa manaa/balbala irratti cabsuudhan kaan bansiisuun waraanni Keeniyaa qabamuun beekame. Waraanni Keeniyaa halkan mana jala buluun Onkoloolessa gaafa 26, 2013 ganama barii sa’atii 06:20 tti baka maatiin ciisutti gaaffii tokko malee ulee fi dhiitichaan mana keessaa gadi guuruun konkolaataa pataroolii lamaan fuudhamanii mana hidhaa Poolisaa naannoo Eslii Baangaanii jedhamutti guyyaa tokkoof kan hidha yoo ta’u, baqattooti Oromoo kunneen ragaa baqataa seerummaa maandeta UNHCR qabaachuu agarsiisanillee humni keenyaa kun fudhachuu diduudhaan weeyrara guddaa ganda baqattootni Oromoo baay’inaan qubatan kanatti godhanin baqattoota Oromoo qaban guyyaa tokkoof mana hidhaa kanatti nyaataa fi bishaan malee olchaun darara turuun hubatameera. Miidhaa qaamaa guyyaa tokko irraa gahaa oolanii gara galgalaa erga baqattoonni kun UN fi NGO jiranitti iyyataniin booda baqattoota kana suuraa fi ashaaraa hedduu kaasuudhan Onkol. 30tti mana murtii farra-shororkeessummaa olaanaa Keeniyatti akka dhiheessitan jechuun harkaa baasuun beekameera. Read more…

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Are Oromos Singled Out and Disproportionately Tortured in Ethiopia?

torture4_OromoOctober 21, 2013 (Oromo Press) — You may ask people in Oromia, what is the language most widely spoken in Ethiopia’s prisons? Who are the ethnic groups singled out and subjected to extreme torture in Ethiopia’s notorious torture facilities? The answers to both questions are Afan Oromo (the Oromo language), and Oromo people respectively. People have pointed to this time and again to the point that torture and political imprisonments are almost becoming synonymous with one ethnicity in Ethiopia, the Oromo people.

Human Rights Watch just released a riveting account of torture in Maekelawi (comparable to Auschwitz of the Nazi era  and Gitmo of the post-9/11 period). The conditions Oromo political prisoners, including school children, who have barely come of age, face in Maekelawi and Kaliti and other facilities of torture is similar to those faced by the Jewish community during the Holocaust. The comparison to Gitmo might be a little far-fetched since Oromo detainees are innocent and unarmed civilians who get thrown into torture prisons in most cases for no other valid reasons than their default belonging in a nationality group that is different, politicized and competing with the nationality group that controls the levers of power through totalitarian parties known as the Tigire Peoples Liberation Front/ The Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Torture in the heart of Addis, even as leaders gather in gleaming AU building

hrwLaetitia Bader

October 21, 2013 (HRW) — Many journalists and diplomats who attend events in Addis Ababa’s gleaming new African Union building are probably unaware that it rests on the site of one of Ethiopia’s most notorious prisons. While that prison was torn down in 2007, its legacy of torture and abuse continues today at the heart of the capital.

Over the past year, I have spoken to dozens of people who were held in a detention centre called Maekelawi in central Addis. They described dire conditions and a range of abusive interrogation methods to extract information and confessions. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Political Detainees Tortured

Police Abuse Journalists, Opponents to Extract Confessions


Ethiopian riot police crackdown on riots

Ethiopian riot police crackdown on riots

October 18, 2013, Nairobi (Human Rights Watch) – Ethiopian authorities have subjected political detainees to torture and other ill-treatment at the main detention center in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian government should take urgent steps to curb illegal practices in the Federal Police Crime Investigation Sector, known as Maekelawi, impartially investigate allegations of abuse, and hold those responsible to account.

The 70-page report, “‘They Want a Confession’: Torture and Ill-Treatment in Ethiopia’s Maekelawi Police Station,” documents serious human rights abuses, unlawful interrogation tactics, and poor detention conditions in Maekelawi since 2010. Those detained in Maekelawi include scores of opposition politicians, journalists, protest organizers, and alleged supporters of ethnic insurgencies. Human Rights Watch interviewed more than 35 former Maekelawi detainees and their relatives who described how officials had denied their basic needs, tortured, and otherwise mistreated them to extract information and confessions, and refused them access to legal counsel and their relatives. Read more…

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Libya: Thousands of Refugees in Life-Threatening

HRLHA FineHRLHA Urgent Action

September 24, 2013

For Immediate Release

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) has learnt through its correspondents that hundreds of thousands of refugees in Libya, most of whom were from the Horn of African countries such as Ethiopian and Eritrea, are in a very dangerous situation after they were evicted from their original refugee camps in Benghazi, Libya where they stayed for the past three years. The eviction took place following the infiltration and assault of the refugees by who were described as workers of the Libyan Red Crescent on the 13th of September, 2013. The assault included beating and stabbings by knives. Those who broke out of the shelters to run away from the assaults were met with Libyan armed forces that were stationed around the camps prior to the starting of the assault. Then, the refugees were forced out of the camp on allegations that they attempted to instigate disturbances in the city, and taken to remote area known as Alshatti. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review to Nineteenth session of the UPR Working Group of The Human Rights Council




Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review
Nineteenth session of the UPR Working Group of
The Human Rights Council
May-April 2014 Geneva, Switzerland
Submitted: September 2013

The Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA) is a non-political organization which attempts to challenge human rights abuses suffered by the peoples of various nations and nationalities in the Horn of Africa. The HRLHA aims at defending fundamental human rights including freedoms of thought and expression, and raising the awareness of individuals about their own basic human rights and that of others. It focuses on the observances as well as the due processes of law and promotes the growth and development of free and vigorous civil societies. The HRLHA holds the Special Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council. Read more…

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Facebook billionaire Zuckerberg’s “Internet as a human right” faces policy barriers

The most-restrictive countries are China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Iran, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Burma and Pakistan.

Mark_Zuckerberg_Pic_1-400x300Aug 23, 2013 (National Constitution Center) — Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is leading a drive to give almost everyone in the world access to the Internet. But such a lofty goal comes with questions abroad and in the United States that could impair the initiative.

Mark Zuckerberg. Creative Commons: Silverisdead

Zuckerberg spoke with CNN this week about his project, which represents a $1 billion effort on his part to bring the Internet to countries and people who don’t have it.

“They’re going to use it to decide what kind of government they want, get access to healthcare for the first time ever, connect with family hundreds of miles away that they haven’t seen in decades.” Read more…

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