ONLF: Ethiopian Regime Trained Assassins Kill Kenyan Civilians in Garissa

July 13, 2014

onlflogoONLF Press Release
Ethiopian Regime Trained Assassins Kill Kenyan Civilians in Garissa

The Ethiopian security has assassinated three Kenyan civilians and gravely wounded another one in Garissa, Kenya during the last week of June and the first week of July. The latest victim, Mr. Asad Yusuf was shot and killed in the evening of July 9, 2014. He was a Kenyan Somali civilian and was killed because he was assisting refugee from the Ogaden. He was a businessman and had a large family. A week ago another young man was also killed for the same reason and two weeks ago one man was killed and another wounded. Read more…

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Ethiopia: ONLF burns An Ethiopian Army Vehicle , Commander Abdullahi Yassin Says

Commander Abdullahi Yassin

Commander Abdullahi Yassin

July 12, 2014 (Suna Times) — The Ogaden National Liberation Army’s commander told Qorahay Media that his army burned an Ethiopian military truck, which soldiers were on board in an ambush between Denod and Qorille on Thursday.

Abdullahi Yassin said that the fighting between the Ethiopian soldiers,and the Ogaden Army occurs every time, everywhere in the Ogaden region, and that the number of Liyu Police was reduced in the fight,and now work as guides and interpreters as they know the terrain and the Somali language as well as pointing fingers to individuals that suspected of their family members in the military service of the ONLA. Read more…

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ONLF steps up attack on Ethiopian Troops in Ogaden

ONLF-XOOGAGC-300x199July 10, 2014 (OgadenToday Press)-  Ethiopian Ogaden’n region Rebel Group, ONLF fighting for self-determination of Ogaden Region in eastern Ethiopia steps up the attack on government Troops,  a source confirmed to OgadenToday Press.

A source close to regional administration confirmed to OgadenToday Press that almost 150 pro Ethiopian military militia under the command of Regional administration has been killed in the attacks.

Locals see ONLF has gained some control despite the government repeatedly airs local TV, ESTV that ONLF Ogaden National Liberation Front has been weakened, a move that ONLF officials consider as a propaganda. Read more…

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ONLF Kills 100 Ethiopian Soldiers , ONLF Information secretary

ONLF fighters in an unknown location in Ogaden region

ONLF fighters in an unknown location in Ogaden region

July 4, 2014 (Waagacusub Media) –Over the last three months ,fighters from Ogaden National Liberation Army waged enormous attacks against Ethiopian Security forces which inflicted heavy casualties on Ethiopian and Liyu Police militia.

Ogaden National Liberation Front(ONLF)claims it has killed a large number of Ethiopian and Liyu Police militia on Tuesday, Somalia Media reported.

A telephone interview with an ONLF Information Secretary,said that a multifront offensive has been launched by the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA), the group’s army wing July 2, 2014 and still continues.

“We have killed more than 100 Ethiopian soldiers ,and its allied militia of Liyu Police (Hawarin) at Kebri Dahar and Godey,” Hussein Nour told Waagacusub Media.Mr.Nour said there is minimum ONLF casualty,but gave no other details.

The Information Secretary added that the Ogaden National Liberation Army burned 4 Ethiopian military trucks,which Ethiopian soldiers were on board in an ambush in Kebri Dahar outskirt. Read more…

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Kenya Police arrest An Ethiopian Assailant

By Ahmed Abdi | July 1, 2014

Idiris Ali Qoys, An Ethiopian who conducted several assassination missions in Kenya remain hiding and in the run

Idiris Ali Qoys, An Ethiopian who conducted several assassination missions in Kenya remain hiding and in the run

Kenya Police detained and transferred an Ethiopian assailant to Kenyan prison of Kilimani on Monday less than a month after an Ogadeni taxi driver,Abdirashid Ali Bashir, in Garissa city was injured by Ethiopian contractors armed with pistols that immediately identifies as Deeq Mohammoud Doys and Idiris Ali Qoys, the Ogaden news online (Ogaden24.com) reported.

Deeq was arrested while he was in a hospital in Nairobi at Hurlingham where he has been hospitalizing . According to eyewitnesses the assailants were five men in number that the Police immediately identified both their names and faces after they had arrested Deeq, who had been accidentally injured and left the scene by his fellow Ethiopian assailants that got panic.

While Kenyan police arrested one of the perpetrators, Deeq, Mr. Qoys who is believed to behind several assassination missions in Kenya remain hiding and on the run .

The assailant was eventually transferred to Garrissa city, where he will face on gang and charges of cross border criminal activities. Read more…

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Ethiopian Security Forces Arrest Dozens of Civilians in Degahbur

By Ahmed Abdi | June 26, 2014

ogadensEthiopian Security Forces arrested dozens of civilians in Dehehbur, about 135 kilometers southeast of the regional Capital city of Jigjiga on Wednesday, following after ONLF insurgency killed 10 Ethiopian Security forces and regional administrators on Monday. Local sources said that the Ethiopian-appointed regional President Abdi Mohamoud Omar better known as Abdi Iley ordered the arrest and killing of anyone suspected of aiding ONLF in part of security swoop.

Abdi Iley reappointed infamous Omar Gamble as the Police commissioner immediately after the administration had been sustained heavy assaults by the ONLF in a bid to strike the town residents with an iron fist. Read more…

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Somalia: Al-Shabaab militants reject the reports that ONLF aiding its fighters in Bakool Province and labeled ONLF “un-islamic”

By Ahmed Abdi | June 7, 2014


Somalia’s Islamist militia Al-Shabaab denied that its fighters associated with ONLF Liberation Army (ONLA) and labeled ONLF “un-Islamic”, this follows after the governor of Somalia’s Bakool Province, Mohammed Abdi Tool, told VOA’s Somali service that he had evidence that fighters from ONLF fought alongside Al-Shabaab in Bakool regions.

“It is a blatant lie, these guys (SFG) never ashamed of telling lies, it is bespeak that ONLF’s denial and they (ONLF) would not decline if they took part in the fight,” said Sheik Abdi-Aziz Abu Mus’ab, Al-shabab’s Spokesperson on Friday.

“We have no relationship with the ONLF, which we regard as un-Islamic as long as it is not fighting a cause of religious ideology, and it’s banned from the territory under our control,” added Abuu Mus’ab. Read more…

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Reports of ONLF Aiding Al-Shabab Rebels Are Baseless, ONLF Spokesperson

By Ahmed Abdi | June 5, 2014

onlf-flagThe Al-Qaeda-linked group of Al-Shabab and the Ogaden National Army (ONLA) fought against the Somali National Army and the African Union Forces in Bakool region in recent week’s fierce battle that killed more than 40 people,according to Bakool Governor, Mohammed Abdi Tool.

The governor said the ONLF which is an armed militia that fight against Ethiopia crossed into Somalia and helped the militant group in an Aato district near the Somalia border. “We have credible information about ONLF’s involvement in the fight last week”, Mr.Tool said.

The Al-Shabaab carried out a deadly attack on army bases in Aato Village last week. The joint forces of Somalia and Ethiopia then launched a massive operation on several towns where the militants were hiding. Read more…

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Land grabbing and forced evictions in the Ogaden

Ismail Mohamed Ismail | June 2, 2014

Amin1Gambella, a province located in western Ethiopia is currently host to Africa’s largest fire sale.  Millions of hectares of Ethiopia’s most productive agricultural lands are being transferred to foreign investors at basement prices. Transfer of land has been accompanied by the displacement of hundreds of thousands of native Gambellans –  the vast majority of which are forcibly relocated in to settlement camps under the pretext of the government’s infamous Villagisation Program; a program whose alleged purpose is to provide relocated masses with basic resources, infrastructure and government support.[i]Instead, communities whose livelihoods once consisted of small-scale subsistence farming are now forced to depend on food aid and government hand-outs. Any opposition to land acquisitions is met with intimidation, often in the form of imprisonment, beatings and torture. Read more…

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Ethiopia: Why do Somali People of Ogadenia State Demand for Independence from Ethiopia?

By Ahmed Abdi | May 21, 2014

Ogadenia“Injustice in the end produces independence.” whoever coined this phrase is right.As Ogadenia state is bleeding because of demanding Independence from Ethiopian occupation.

Ethiopia does not provide a quality education, proper health care for all, and Ethiopia does not respect for human rights and the rule of law in the Ogadenia state.Moreover, Somali people in Ogadenia state are second-citizens in their soil, there have never been equality and justice in Ogadenia state.

The BBC’s Elizabeth Blunt, who had a rare access to the region reported: Read more…

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Somaliland :An Ogadeni,23,Endured hours of beating before disappearance and stoning in Hargeisa

By Ahmed Abdi | April 28, 2014

01Hargeisa , Somaliland  – A 23-year-old young man was apprehended in South Hargeisa district of Jama wayne on April 26, 2014 after allegedly accused of being a member of Ogaden National Liberation Front or  ONLF sympathizer by the security of Somaliland Administration.

The young man, Mohammed Sheik Ahmed aka Mo’alin Biliq was on two weeks visit on his  mother’s uncle who hails from that area.

“They ( the Security police)  started beating him with clubs. When he fell down and the people in the area congregated, the security officer leading the assailants shouted that this man was a terrorist from the Ogaden and started throwing stones at him”, said  Mr. Ahmed’s family,who declined to be named for their security concerns. Read more…

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Ethiopia detains bloggers and journalist

Security forces arrest six bloggers and a journalist in latest crackdown on opposition voices.

ogadenApril 26, 2014 (Al Jazeera) — The Ethiopian government has arrested six independent bloggers and a journalist in what human rights group Amnesty International has called a “suffocating grip on freedom of expression”.

Six members of independent blogger and activist group ‘Zone 9’ and a prominent Ethiopian journalist were arrested on Friday in the capital Addis Ababa.

All six bloggers were arrested at night by armed security forces and taken from their homes to the Federal Police Crime Investigation Sector ‘Maikelawi’, where political prisoners are alleged to be held in pre-trial, and sometimes arbitrary detention. Read more…

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U.S,UK Plus EU and United Nations Finally Recognize the Rights of Somali People in Ogaden Region

By Ahmed Abdi | April 22, 2014

The Plea of  Somali Ogaden victimsThe U.S House of Representatives and the government of United Kingdom plus EU Parliament and United Nations have recently stepped up a campaign to help Somalis from Ogaden region to realize that their voice has been heard by the International Community after decades of virtually silent.

As UK’s government recently released a report indicating allegations of abuses by the Liyu Police or “Special Police”,which London expressed its concerns,United States House of Representatives and EU Parliament have both sent strong messages to Addis Ababa,which was meant to open the Somali religion of Ogaden to the humanitarian agencies and International media to have free access to avoid further humanitarian crisis. Read more…

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Ogaden To Dadaab In Search of Peace

ogaden-dadaabBy Graham Peebles 

Counter Currents | March 29, 2014

Meeting the victims

It was dark when I arrived at Wilson Airport, Nairobi for the 7am United Nations charter flight to Dadaab. I was in Kenya to meet refugees from the Ogaden region of Ethiopia and record their stories. Accounts of false imprisonment, murder, rape, torture at the hands of the ERPRDF government: stories, which would prove deeply distressing. Read more…

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By Muktar M. Omer

Template denials

March 17, 2014 (WardheerNews) – The Ethiopian Government, through its foreign ministry,  responded to Martin Plaut’s article“Silence and Pain: Ethiopia’s human rights record in the Ogaden” with the usual feigned shock and template denial that has long characterized the regime’s political personality. It is the established behavior of aggressive and autocratic regimes to discount well-founded reports of human right violations as propaganda constructs of the ‘enemy’. The response from the Foreign Ministry was thus nothing more than a well memorized and rehearsed Ethiopian way of disregarding documented depravities committed by the regime. As usual, the tenor of the regime’s reaction is blame apportionment, not done on the basis of reasoned assessment of the evidences presented, but prompted by the urge to bear out its political prejudice and cover-up.

This is a regime whose character has the potential to confuse even Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, former Reagan foreign policy advisor, who made a distinction between “authoritarian” and “totalitarian” regimes. In her essay “Dictatorship and Double Standards,” she describes authoritarian dictators as “pragmatic rulers who care about their power and wealth and are indifferent toward ideological issues, even if they pay lip service to some big cause”; while, in contrast, totalitarian leaders are “selfless fanatics who believe in their ideology and are ready to put everything at stake for their ideals”. Read more…

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The Violence in the Ogaden Rages On: Ethiopian Persecution, Threats and Kidnapping


February 28, 2014 (Counter Punch) — Hidden and isolated from the world the armed conflict raging in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia goes unnoticed. The killing and raping of innocent civilians at the hands of the military and their paramilitary partners in crime the Liyu police, the false arrests, torture and imprisonment remain largely hidden and unreported. The international media, human rights groups and most aid organisations (including the International Red Cross) have been banned from the region by the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) since 2007. Read more…

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