Ethiopia’s dictator gives warning to parents

Feb 13 (Ethiopian Review) – As the revolution clock is ticking in Ethiopia, the Meles regime is acting and behaving like any other dictatorship — intensify its repressive measures. This week, the ruling party’s security agents have started to gather parents and give them stern warnings to prevent their children from participating in any anti-government activities.Two days ago, prominent Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega was taken to the Federal Police Headquarters where he was warned not to write any thing that may incite uprising.

The regime has tried to once again to force Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) off the air. But ESAT came back online in 23 hours on a more secure satellite. and all other independent news web sites remain blocked in Ethiopia.

During the past few day, eyewitnesses at Woreda 23 told Ethiopian Review that officials from the Woreda police and Kebele 11 summoned some parents to the police station and threatened them that they will be sorry if their children participate in any protest. The Woyanne security agents warned the parents that Ethiopia is not Egypt and that there is a serious consequence for any one who engages in anti-government activities.

It’s true that Ethiopia is not Egypt because although Mubarak is a dictator he is not the enemy of the people of Egypt and the army is a national army. In Ethiopia the Meles regime is an anti-Ethiopia entity and his ruling junta is a gang of blood thirsty thugs who have been committing atrocities though out the country for the past 20 years while receiving billions of dollars in assistance and loans from the U.S. and EU.

No matter how savage and barbaric Woyannes are, they cannot stop the people of Ethiopia from asserting their freedom.