Afar: No Training Camps were targeted and our struggle continues, says ARDUF

Press Release of Afar Revolutionary DemocraticUnity Front (ARDUF)  | March 29, 2012

ARDUF does not have any training camps in the neighbouring State of Eritrea to be targeted. It does not receive any military training and support from it. Similarly, ARDUF leaders do not stay in luxurious five star hotels in the capital city of neighbouring country to answer email correspondences it receives. It is true our organization is little -known. It is also true that our organization small. Simply it operates only in Afar territory and among its own people, the Afars. So our training camps were not targeted on 15/03/2012 in places called Galacbiyyi, Ramood and Ginxi as they simply do not exist.

But our forces engaged the TPLF led Ethiopian dictatorial regime forces on Saturday 17th March 2012, and carried out a series of a well coordinated attacks on TPLF Ethiopian forces in Siibu localities of zone 4 of Afar region, while they were sleeping in their mobile tents in the night at 3:00am, at least 6 soldiers were killed and many others were wounded.

On Tuesday 20th March 2012, the gallant fighter of ARDUF conducted further attack against TPLF oppressor forces at a place called Qado Qali areas of zone 1 of Afar region at around 5:00am. In this war at least 8 Ethiopian soldiers were killed and unconfirmed numbers were wounded and some military equipment, notably AK-47 rifles and a large quantity of ammunition were seized.

On Thursday 22nd March 2012, Special Commandos of ARDUF conducted a surprising attack on PLF Ethiopian oppressor forces, while they were attempting to cross the River of Sidiica Dara, in the district of Teeru zone 4 of Afar region. In this bloody fighting, the enemy lost 12 and dozens of them were seriously injured. After heavy fighting that lasted more than 5 hours 13 TPLF shocked personnel surrounded to our gallant forces, among them 9 untrained young Afar speaking child soldiers who were forced by TPLF regime to go to fight the invading Eritrean forces. The young untrained Afar child soldiers expressed their disappointment for their involvement against their own people, and they said that “we were not informed that we are going to fight UGUUGUMO/ARDUF”.

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