ESAT Radio confirms the death of Meles Zenawi citing International Crisis Group

July 30, 2012 (ESAT) –  just reported in its tonight news that Ethiopian Prime Minsiter Meles Zenawi has died at 57. The Radio cited its sources from an international organisation  and the diplomatic community. reported on July 22, 2012 under the title The dead body of Meles Zenawi will be aired by the regime in the coming days, that Meles was gone long time ago, but the Ethiopian government still maintains his existence.
Meles’ puppet Ambassador to USA, Ato Girma Birru, in his interview on Sunday tried to convince his audience that Meles would be returned to his office as soon as possible, but the news coming from general public in Ethiopia indicates that Meles is governing the country from his coffin as his predecessor, Emperor Menilik. Ato Birru said that he personally paid a visit to Meles Zenawi at his hospital with members of the Ethiopian Embassy in Brussels last week. They did not say whether he was alive or dead.