Ethiopia: Agency shuts down 10 NGOs


October 27, 2012 (The Reporter, Pro-Government media) — The Charities and Societies Agency (CSoA) shut down ten NGOs and cautioned 476 organizations that it said were found operating in breach of charities and societies proclamation. The Islamic Religion Research Center (IRRC) and Awelia School are among the organizations whose registration was revoked by the agency.

Assefa Tesfaye, the agency’s public relations head, told journalists at a press conference held on Thursday that though IRRC and Awelia School were licensed to engage in charitable activities, they had strayed from their mandate and were involved in religious activities while explaining the reason behind their closure. 

The remaining eight NGOs were shut down for various reasons, namely for violating the provisions of the proclamation. However, financial irregularities prompted the closure of most of the NGOs, Assefa said.

Seventeen other NGOs are currently under investigation, according to the public relation head.

The agency prefers taking corrective steps prior to revoking licences and it had given advices to most of the affected NGOs before taking the final measure, Assefa said.

“We have continued efforts aimed at ensuring that the organizations abide by the law,” Assefa said. “In line with this the agency has sent warning letters to 476 organizations,” he added.

Close to three thousand NGOs have been licenced by the agency to date.

–The Reporter