Ethiopia: Meles in Brussels for Brain Tumour

June 10, 2012

According to trusted embassy information, Meles Zenawi suffers from a brain tumor which requires a frequent medical checkup. He visits Brussels at least once every three months for medical reasons.

Moreover, Meles is epileptic since he was a child. His classmates at the then General Wingate High School, witness that Meles suffered from epilepsy as they personally helped him to wake up.

According to Wikileaks from American Embassy some years ago, the US Department of State’s documents (a lot of which are classified, secret or nonfor) contain merciless accounts of Meles Zenawi’s behavior and rule and the deteriorating condition of his health. There are at least 1395 cables originating from Addis Ababa in the release.

Only two months ago Meles’s secret medical visit to Brussels for medical reasons disclosed and the disclosure caused a furor in the embassy ranks that it ended up costing the career of a Pilipino cook working for the mission and the job of an Ethiopian maid working at the ambassador’s residence.

Meles stays at the ambassador’s residence which has recently been rebuilt with state of the art interior designs at a cost of 360,000 Euro.

It has been rumored that Meles would relinquish his grip on power in 2015 election; however his party is already waging a subtle propaganda campaign to build a populist support of some sort to set him up yet for another term at the prime minister ship.