Ethiopia: Muslim leaders consider general strike

July 14, 2012

(Qeerroo , Finfinnee, 14 July 2012) The tension between the ruling Woyanne junta in Ethiopia and the Muslim community turned violent once again when Federal police opened fire on unarmed civilians  in Addis Ababa.

According to Qeerroo Bilisummaa reporter, the Woyanne Federal police forcibly  entered Awolia Mosque and arrested some individuals. Following that arrest, people came out to  the streets facing live bullets.

According to our sources Muslim leaders are appealing to the worshipers to take shelter. Finfinnee is partially thrown into chaos and darkness when power blackout hit the capital and a burst of gunfire at mosques broke the silence of the night. Police have used teargas and many people have been admitted to hospitals.

Millions of Ethiopian Muslims have been peacefully demanding for nearly one year that the government remove the un-elected Majlis (governing council) as well as stop the state-sponsored imposition of a new Lebanon-imported religion called Ahbash

According to different media sources, the the Federal police opened fire when the worshipers tried to reach the Awolia Mosque in Merkato that was blocked off this morning. Federal Police is being overpowered by the large crowed and started to retreat.

Muslim leaders are discussing whether to call a general strike over the weekend.