Ethiopia: The Leeches of Tigray

Dawit Fanta | June 15, 2012

Don’t you ever be surprised how and why the Tigrian minorities rise to economic dominance in Ethiopia in this short period of time??? How these Leeches connived to fasten themselves on our body to suck our blood to death?

Let’s see below some of their racketeering tactics:

1. Insider Trading: In Ethiopia all key governmental positions are occupied by the Tigrians; which means any policy or information particularly related to business reaches to the Tigrian racketeers before the crowd gets it so they adjust everything in advance to suit to the new condition. For example, two years ago when the government devaluated the currency the racketeers had a prior knowledge then they netted millions from insider trading. In every government auction they have foreknowledge as against the rest who would get it on newspaper which is too late. After all, inside information equals “money” in a modern market economy and it is a great power in the hands of people who are the most cohesive and organized criminal group like the Tigrian racketeers. Eventually insider information is illegal both from moral and law perspective.

2. Dual Set of Ethics:These Tigrian racketeers practice a dual set of ethics:

a. An altruistic set of ethics for themselves and;
b. A predatory one for the rest of Ethiopian people.

For example, they don’t compete with one another to exploit the rest Ethiopian people. They don’t interfere with monopolies controlled by other Tigrian racketeer and barred from underbidding fellow Tigrian racketeer. They are always to cooperate with one another so as “not to lose the money of Tigray.”

3. Team Strategy: Before we go to how they act in team, let’s see the psychological set up of the Tigrian racketeers and the Non-Tigrian. The Non-Tigrian have been conditioned to think that everyone must be judged on his or her merits and that it would be immoral to be biased for his own race. The Tigrian racketeers, on the other hand, have been conditioned from early time of TPLF to think in terms of the good of their group. Keeping this fact in mind, what they are doing is “Insolvency and then Takeover” tactic. For example, if they need to monopolize certain business sector they allocate a calculated sum of money to under bid the price of item which certainly makes the Non-Tigrian competitor unable to fight with irrational low price then put the competitor company into insolvency and finally buy the company itself with giveaway price and apply “the abuse of dominance” once they control the sector.

In general, a cohesive and powerful team effort, dual set of ethics along with insider information consistently amasses collective power to the Tigrian racketeers over a scattered and individualistic Non-Tigrian. However, as a universal truth, no one ever negotiate successfully from weakness, but from strength. It is our primary target to be strong. Awakening to the truth will make us strong. We are now in the middle of life-or-death struggle; if we fail in this aspect, the future of our people, the continuity of our race and the stability of our country will be at stake. While having respect for those Tigrian who act innocently, I must oppose the Tigrian racketeers who leeched our people.